Stacey Dash Wiki: Movie, Net Worth, ‘Clueless’ And Facts To Know

Stacey Dash is an actress known for the movie ‘Clueless.’ She is now pursuing her dream of becoming a Congresswoman in her home state of California. Learn more about her life including her net worth.

Stacey Dash Wiki: Movie, Net Worth, ‘Clueless’ & Facts To Know

Stacey Dash is a famous American actress who is known all over the world for appearing in the movie ‘Clueless’. She has also acted in movies like ‘Renaissance Man,’ ‘Illegal in Blue,’ ‘Mo’ Money,’ and the famous series ‘Single Ladies.’ All these movies have contributed to her net worth and career as an actress. Dash recently announced that she would be running for Congress in California.

Dash’s Early Life and Education

Dash was born on January 20, 1967, in Bronx, New York. Her birth name is Stacey Lauretta Dash. Her mother is Linda Dash and her stepfather is Cecil Holmes. She has a brother, Darien Dash who is the CEO and founder of ‘DME Interactive Holdings.’ Her cousin is Damon Dash who is the co-founder and former CEO of ‘Roc-A-Fella Records.’ Dash’s nationality is American and she has a mixed ancestry made up of African-American, Bajan, and Mexican. Dash studied at Paramus High School from where she graduated in 1985.

Dash’s Movie Career

Dash’s acting career started in 1982 when she appeared in the movie ‘Farell: For the People.’ The movie aired NBC but it didn’t go well at all. It did, however, open the way for Dash to become an actress. In 1985, Dash got her first major role when she appeared on ‘The Cosby Show’ and later on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ In 1988, Dash appeared in a comedy movie called ‘Moving,’ and in the same year, she acted in the movies ‘Renaissance Man’ and ‘Mo’ Money.’ In 1995, Dash became famous when she appeared in the movie ‘Clueless.’ The teen movie was such a success that a series of the same name was made. Dash also appeared in the ‘Clueless’ series that ran from 1996 to 1999. Dash appeared in other movies like ‘Illegal in Blue,’ ‘Phantom Punch,’ ‘Gang of Roses,’ ‘Dysfunctional Friends,’ ‘Single Ladies,’ ‘Wild about Harry’ and ‘Enemy Territory.’ She also appeared in series like ‘The Game,’ ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,’ ‘The Exes,’ ‘American Dad,’ ‘The Strip’ and ‘Eve.’ From 2014 to 2015, Dash was also a co-host on a talk show called ‘Outnumbered,’ which was featured on Fox News. She worked on Fox News until 2017 and she is known to be a huge supporter of President Donald Trump. Dash currently wants to run for Congress in California. It was confirmed that she wanted to be part of the Congressional Elections of 2018 when she forwarded her papers to run in California’s 44th congressional district. Dash who is a Republican will have a hard time competing with the current Congresswoman who is a Democrat.

Stacey’s Personal Life

Dash has been married and divorced three times; however, she is currently single. In 1999, Dash was married to Brian Lovell with whom she had a daughter, Lola. Dash later got divorced in 2000 after just one year of marriage. In 2005, Dash married James Maby, however, the marriage did not last long and they divorced. In 2007, Dash was married to Emmanuel Xuereb and the two spent three wonderful years together. Emmanuel and Dash’s marriage ended in 2010. She was linked to Jamie Foxx after her last divorce though she’s also dated famous people like Damon Wayans and Christopher Williams. She has a son, Austin with Christopher. Dash is also famous for her sexy figure. She has an hourglass-shaped body whose size is 36-52-37 inches. Dash’s bra cup size is 34B and her weight is right around 100 pounds. Dash’s height is 5 feet and 4 inches.

Facts to Know About Stacey Dash

1. Dash has been known to defend helpless conservatives. She says that conservatives are always blamed for everything, which is not good. 2. Dash wants to go back to the ‘Mad Men’ days where men and women acted like their gender instead of changing and becoming transgender. 3. Dash thinks that Roger Ailes is the best. She admitted this in an interview with ‘The Hollywood Reporter.’ 4. Dash loves ‘Fox News, and her interview with ‘The Hollywood Reporter,’ she said that she loved her work and the time she spent at ‘Fox News.’ 5. Dash compared Jesse Williams to a ‘Hollywood plantation slave’. She said that in his speech after receiving an award at BET, he talked ill of white people. 6. Dash has strong opinions concerning transgender people. She says that she is not comfortable sharing a bathroom with them because they infringe on her private time. 7. Dash has appeared in numerous music videos like Kanye West’s 2005 ‘All Falls Down.’ 8. In 1990, Dash was a guest host on ‘Soul Train,’ which was a music program on television. 9. In 2006, Dash was in the August issue of ‘Playboy.’ 10. ‘The Letters of Marque’ were launched by Dash in 2008. 11. Dash was once a Democrat before she changed and became a Republican. 12. Dash was the oldest cast member in the movie ‘Clueless.’

Stacey’s Net Worth

Dash’s net worth is estimated to be $8.5 million dollars. Her appearances in movies and television series have contributed to a large part of her net worth. Dash has a house in Bronx, New York, which contributes to her net worth. It is reported that Dash’s net worth has grown from $98,500 since 2001. Dash has made some investments, which make her earn $120,000 and contributes to her net worth. Dash is among the few actresses who have managed to build their careers from the ground up. She is pursuing another of her dream to become a Congresswoman. Dash will become a legend when she manages to win the Congress seat. Just be on the lookout for Dash and see how far she goes.