Georgina Chapman Wiki: 4 Facts To Know About Harvey Weinstein’s Wife

Project Runway All Stars judge Georgina Chapman is known for her as the wife of scandalized Oscar-winning producer Harvey Weinstein and for her Brand Marchesa.

Georgina Chapman is One Amazing Woman

She’s Harvey Weinstein’s Wife…But Not For Long

Georgina Chapman recently announced that she is filing for divorce from her husband Harvey Weinstein after numerous allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct have come to light against Weinstein in 2017. So far 13 women have accused Weinstein of sexual abuse, harassment or misconduct in various forms. Chapman and Weinstein were married in December of 2007, one month after Weinstein proposed. The couple married in a star-studded affair after two years of dating. They have two beautiful children together. Harvey Weinstein is the founder of The Weinstein Company along with Miramax Films and other prominent production companies.

“She doesn’t want to be married to Harvey,” says the source. “She wants a divorce. It’s just not anything that she is rushing.”

Looks like things are officially over for Chapman and Weinstein

She’s Got Her Own Money

Chapman won’t have to worry about being the wife of Harvey Weinstein in order to live a comfortable lifestyle once the ink has dried on her divorce is finalized. While Weinstein’s net worth is reported at somewhere around $300 million, Georgina Chapman alone is said to have a net worth of well over $15 million due to her fashion designs, modeling and due to Chapman being a judge on the hit TV show Project Runway All Stars. While no official details about whether there’s a prenuptial agreement in place between Weinstein and Chapman have been revealed, it’s pretty certain that Chapman will take away a pretty penny once the ink is dry due to Weinstein’s behavior.

She’s a Devoted Mother

Chapman can be seen with her 7-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son often times on the set of her TV show, Project Runway All Stars and on family vacations. Chapman’s Instagram account is riddled with pictures of her being a devoted wife and mother to her children. From riding horses, playing in the showroom of Marchesa and lounging with their mom weekend getaways, Chapman is all about her family. Whether Chapman wears a wedding ring or not, she will remain devoted to her children and their well-being. Weinstein reportedly promised Chapman that they would have a third baby after the initial publication of the New York Times about his alleged sexual misgivings, obviously pulling on Chapman’s devotion to being a mother in hopes of salvaging their marriage. Weinstein was said to be desperate to have his wife by his side through this ordeal. While she initially agreed to the arrangement and to stand by Weinstein’s side, as more allegations were revealed, it proved to be too much for Chapman.

Close friends say that the private Chapman doesn’t plan to do any interviews and wants to protect her children as much as possible. Chapman has recently been seen out and about without her wedding ring as a telling sign that she’s serious about getting a divorce and moving forward for the sake of her son and daughter.

“My heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain because of these unforgivable actions,” Chapman said in a statement to People magazine. “I have chosen to leave my husband. Caring for my young children is my first priority and I ask the media for privacy at this time.”

She’s a Judge on Project Runway

Project Runway All Stars, which debuted in January of 2012, is returning for its 5th season as the wildly successful spin-off show of Project Runway. Chapman serves as a judge alongside Isaac Mizrahi and Alyssa Milano where they judge aspiring designers who anonymously present clothes on the runway. Chapman has been a regular judge on the show which is produced by The Weinstein Company. The show is in season 6 of production and premieres January 2018 on the Lifetime channel with Chapman front and center. While several sources speculate that Chapman got the gig based on her affiliation with production company that created the show, along with her being the wife of Weinstein, nothing has been confirmed.

She’s a Fashion Designer, Former Model and TV Personality

Chapman was born to a well-rounded family in 1976. Chapman’s mother is a journalist and her father is a multi-millionaire. While Chapman is no stranger to money and status, she has also worked diligently to build her own brand and career long before she met and married Weinstein. Chapman began modeling in her 20s and landed several impressive gigs including a Head and Shoulders shampoo ad and other cameos in short films and television shows. With her college friend Karen Craig, Chapman co-created and built a high-end fashion label named “Marchesa” in 2004. The two built the brand which specializes in high-end womenswear into a fashion powerhouse. Dozens of actresses have worn Chapman’s designs to red carpet events worldwide. Her pride in Marchesa isn’t hard to notice. Chapman’s Instagram is filled with photos of the brand’s designs, including its newly released bridal line featuring the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Chapman’s vision in fashion and design is highly acclaimed and received raving reviews during NY Fashion Week in 2017 even in the midst of Weinstein’s sexual allegations.

Chapman continues to model successfully for Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and other major fashion magazines across the world. Her timeless beauty and elegance make Chapman a favorite of the camera both on and off the runway.

Marchesa Is Taking a Hit Due to Scandal

Before being disgraced by scandal and shame, Weinstein as the head of the Weinstein Company was touted during more than 30 Oscar speeches as being the catalyst for dozens of Hollywood careers and big screen success stories. Weinstein and Chapman used this fame and notoriety to launch her fashion label “Marchesa” alongside her partner Karen Craig. Craig and Chapman took this notoriety and used it to build the label into a high fashion line featuring haute couture dresses, jewelry, and bridal wear. Many famous Hollywood actresses that were put onto the big screen by Weinstein also wore Marchesa pieces to red carpets around the world, including Cate Blanchet, Halle Berry, and Emma Watson. The turmoil of recent events has left Marchesa sales rocky with companies canceling deals with the designer left and right. Employees are looking for new jobs leaving many to wonder if the label will see its demise sooner than later. Some critics have suggested that because Chapman is his wife, she should suffer because of his sins while others believe that Weinstein should fall from grace on his own. Due to Weinstein’s sexual scandal, Marchesa is no longer being worn by any prominent actresses. One thing is for certain: whether Weinstein and Chapman end their marriage for good or reconcile when things have calmed down, Chapman has made the right move for now in divorcing Weinstein.