Lorenza Newton Wiki: Age, Photo, Net Worth & Facts About Guillermo Del Toro’s Wife

Lorenza Newton, the wife of the award-winning filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro, has played a huge part in her husband’s life.

Lorenza Newton Isn’t One For The Spotlight

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Not a lot is known about Lorenza Newton or the couple’s two daughters, Mariana and Marisa Del Toro. This may be deliberate on Guillermo Del Toro’s part; his own father was kidnapped in the late 90’s. After his father’s safe return he moved his family to America, with this information there isn’t much shock to finding out that his wife and children are kept out of the public eye.
Lorenza Newton is a wife and mother of two daughters. Lorenza Newton, a film art director and veterinarian doctor, married her husband, Guillermo Del Toro in 1986. The two met and started dating while they both studying Guadalajara School of Sciences. While her exact age is unknown to the public, we can assume that she is around the same age of her husband since they met at school.

Guillermo Del Toro’s Wife Is An Inspiration To Him

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It’s hard to tell how much of an effect Lorenza Newton has played on her husband’s work, but it seems that his latest film, the Golden Globe-nominee, The Shape of Water has her influence. The story of a bond between a woman and an underwater creature must mimic the bond that Lorenza Newton shares with the animals she cares for. Lorenza Newton works as a veterinarian, that makes the presence of many animals or animal-like creatures in Guillermo Del Toro’s films seem touching. Almost like anytime he wrote a story about a woman and a creature it was an ode to caring wife. The promo photo for The Shape of Water makes this bond seem slightly amorous. It is possible that the bond between this film’s main character, Elisa, and the creature is more influenced by Lorenza Newton’s love for her husband rather than the animals that she helps.

The Shape of Water Is Out Now

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The Shape of Water, Guillermo Del Toro’s latest film, is currently out in theaters. Highly regarded as Mexico’s highest-paid film director, Del Toro has a $40 million dollar net worth. The new film, The Shape of Water, is considered by many, both audiences and critics alike, to be a must-see. The film is leading the Golden Globe nominations with an impressive seven nominations, two of which are for Guillermo Del Toro himself. The film takes place in 1962 Baltimore, Maryland and is about a mute woman named Elisa. Elisa works as a cleaning lady in hidden, high-security government laboratory where she discovers a hidden creature which she bonds with – and later must save. It’s almost like a fairytale for those over the age of eighteen.