Josh McDaniels’s Wife Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Laura McDaniels

You are about to know more about Josh McDaniels wife, Laura McDaniels. Here are facts about her, including her net worth.

Who is Laura McDaniels?

You must know Josh McDaniels, an NFL coach. He has a wife known as Laura McDaniel. Mrs. McDaniels has managed to stay away from the spotlight and raise the family, as her husband Josh McDaniel is out all the time working. One thing though, Laura McDaniels hasn’t written any known books. People confuse her with Lurlene McDaniel who is an author responsible for over 70 young adult books. Laura McDaniels actually works at Cooley, which has its headquarters in Louisville. There isn’t much information about Mrs. McDaniels, but her work profile can be found on Cooley’s website. You can find her on Facebook though. Forty-year-old Laura McDaniels was born in Parma, Ohio. She was initially known as Laura Michelle Johncock. MacDaniels is the daughter of Ronald and Marie Johncock. She has a brother known as Michael. McDaniels studied at Valley Forge High School and graduated. She studied at the University of Louisville. Laura met her husband, Josh McDaniels, in 2002 at FiberTech where they both used to work at. After two years of dating, Laura and Josh McDaniels got married in Cuyahoga, Ohio and they now have four kids.

Facts to know about Josh McDaniels’s wife

She spends quality time with her children

Laura McDaniels and her husband are proud parents of four children. Their firstborn is 12-year-old Jack, followed by 10-year-old Maddie, Livia who is 6, and Neenah, aged 3. Laura spends more time with the kids than her husband who is mostly outside coaching his team. Mrs. McDaniels stated that her husband focuses on his kids despite the stress caused by his job. She added that his work almost swallowed him up, but whenever he was with their kids, Mr. McDaniels could stop whatever he was doing and talk to them about their school. It wasn’t easy for the coach, but he made an effort to be with his children. Laura McDaniels makes her children understand that their father is working to bring bread home and compensate them by spending quality time with them. Her husband’s job made them move from one city to another. They first moved from Massachusetts to Denver before they moved to St. Louis, Missouri. They then returned to Westwood, Massachusetts after McDaniels returned to New England in 2012. Everybody is wondering where they will move to now that McDaniels is scheduled to join another team.

She attended the Super Bowl 52 in Houston

Laura McDaniels is very supoortive to her husband and his football coaching career. One of the ways Laura has shown her support is attending games to watch his team play. Mrs. McDaniels has been seen many times before at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts watching the Patriots play. However, not many knew that Laura McDaniels went to Houston to watch Patriots clash with the Falcons in the Super Bowl. Mrs. McDaniels was with the rest of her family watching from the stand at NRG Stadium. After the team punished their opponents 34-28, she celebrated with the whole team and her husband. She also follows up on all matches on TV. Sometimes, the positive attitude you see in Josh McDaniels is influenced by his wife and kids back at home.

Peyton Hillis tried to hit on her

Peyton Hillis was playing for Denver before McDaniels joined the team. A story goes that it was in a fundraising function or an organized dinner for the team, that Hillis walked over to Mrs. McDaniels and started to hit on her. Little did Hillis know that he was dipping his pen in someone’s ink. Mr. McDaniels might have known that Hillis had approached his wife, and he became furious. First, he removed Hillis as the feature back and gave Knowshon Moreno the position. In 2009, McDaniels cut ties with Hillis by trading him with Brady Quinn who was playing for the Cleveland Browns. Broncos’s fans assumed that McDaniel despised Hillis for approaching his wife and wondered how personal it was that he gave Hillis away. As a coach, McDaniels was not supposed to mix his personal issues with his profession.

She does charity work and visits breast cancer patients

The Patriots Charitable Foundation helps people and, being part of the team, Laura McDaniels joins the foundation in most of its trips. In 2015, the foundation organized a trip for some of its volunteers to visit and spend time with breast cancer survivors. The spouses of the coaches and players got to know more about the survivors, encouraged them, and gave them a complimentary spa treatment to never forget. It consisted of manicures, massages, as well as nutrition and fitness advice. The event was held at Gillette Stadium. Laura said that she inspired by the event and was motivated to do more. Mrs. McDaniels still interacts with cancer patients to give them hope and also helps in their medical expenses.

Laura McDaniels’ net worth

Laura McDaniels’ net worth is not clear, but she might be worth some thousands if not a few million dollars. Her husband, Josh McDaniels has a net worth of $6 million.

Mrs. McDaniel has been very supportive of her husband, and she has stood with him through thick and thin. She has seen her husband become one of the best coaches in the NFL, posted her joys on Facebook, and she will be seeing more this year.