Who Is Randy Moss? Wide Receiver, Net Worth, ‘Super Bowl Ring’ & Facts To Know

One of the NFL’s greatest wide receivers of all time is Randy Moss, let’s get to know this prized NFL player as well as his overall net worth.

In the Beginning there was Randy Moss

Randy Moss was born on February 13, 1977 and was drafted into the NFL in 1998. Throughout his 14 season career, Moss has gained respect and honor as one of the greatest wide receivers of the NFL’s history setting many undefeated records. Though he’s earned no Super Bowl rings, Moss gain the first ballot into the NFL Hall of Fame on February 3, 2018 bringing his career to a brand new height. Randy Moss will remain a legend in the world of football, forever.

Setting Stats from the Start

What seemed like a life written in the stars for Hall of Fame football player Randy Moss, was no more then hard work and determination. He began his football career in high school playing several positions including wide receiver, and would later go on to set new records with his stats. In 2018 he received a ballot to enter National Football League Hall of Fame. Moss was a natural born athlete right from the start, an athlete who succeeded in many sports including basketball, baseball, and track and field. In high school, he was awarded the Kennedy Award as the West Virginia Football Player of the Year and after that he was honored by Parade Magazine by being named one of the All-American high school football players, something awarded to only the best of the best in their sport. Being the multi-talented athlete that he is, Moss would earn the West Virginia Player of the Year award in basketball in 1993 and 1994. While deciding which college to attend he first considered Notre Dame, but he was forced to change his mind after disciplinary action made him ineligible to attend. He was accepted at Marshall University but left when he was drafted into the NFL in 1998 to professionally play for the Minnesota Vikings.

Hall of Fame Class: Wide Receiver

His career had yet to begin but it was already filled with legal controversies but most managed to hold his head up high as he entered the NFL. He wore the number 18 during the training season prior to his first big game with the Minnesota Vikings but his jersey number was later changed to 84. He would play for the Vikings for six years, during that time setting new stats and new heights in his career. In 2000, Randy Moss earned the position of MVP candidate with the Minnesota Vikings though his career with them would soon come to and end. Randy Moss’ He was traded to the Oakland Raiders where he was given a jersey with the number 18 stitched to the back. Due to inner turmoil with the team and personal issues, Randy Moss did not have a lasting career with the Oakland Raiders, either. In 2007, Moss went on to play for the New England Patriots for the next three years of his career. Randy Moss played for the New England Patriots for three years until he would play one season for the Tennessee Titans. In August 2011, Randy Moss retired from football though he came out of retirement just long enough to play one final round of football with the San Francisco 49ers before finalizing his retirement. As wide receiver, Randy Moss left behind a legacy filled with stats that have not been challenged by an new football player.

Randy Moss: Fun Facts, Net Worth, & More

Randy Moss has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Libby Offutt, and the couple share four children. Of his four children, one of his sons played high school football and later went on to play college football. Randy Moss’ other son plays college basketball taking after his father’s talents. Since his retirement, Moss has been involved in football as assistant coach and spends much of his time participating in the charitable organizations that he has passions for. Randy Moss works as a sports analyst for ESPN.

10 Fun Facts about Randy Moss:

10. Randy Moss stands at a height of 6″4″. 9. Randy Moss is in a relationship with Libby Offutt. 8. Randy Moss was honored as the West Virginia Football Player of the Year in 1994. 7. Randy Moss spent 3 days in jail and was later expelled from DuPont. Randy Moss later completed his education at Cabell Alternative School. 6. Randy Moss has a net worth of $62M. 5. Randy Moss’ full name is Randy Gene Moss. 4. Randy Moss is an Aquarius. 3. Randy Moss has four children. 2. Randy Moss weighs 210 lbs. 1. Randy Moss is one of the most prized wide receivers in the NFL.

Fans Love Randy Moss on Instagram

Though he never won a Super Bowl ring throughout his career, Randy Moss’ fan base is strong and those fans take great pride in the accomplishments of their favorite football player. From the purchasing of the many jerseys he’s won throughout his career, to creating fan pages on social sites like Instagram; fans go to great lengths to show their gratitude to Randy Moss for his participation in the NFL. Fans of Randy Moss share the highlights of his career on the many Instagram pages available for viewing. Randy Moss has entertained fans in his career and took them to new heights when they watched him play and now he gets to train the next generation of football players as then take on the league and set new records. With his recent Hall of Fame nomination, Randy Moss is reaching new levels in his career and will continue to receive the respect he has earned throughout his lifetime and the fans will continue documenting all of his new life events on Instagram.