Brooke Baker: 5 Facts To Know About Ken Baker’s Wife

After having several relationships with many women, Ken Baker finally settled down with his now-wife, Brooke Baker. Here are all the facts you need to know!

Wife Brooke Baker and Ken Baker

In order to learn about Brooke Baker, one must know who Ken Baker is first! Ken Baker was the entertainment corresponder for E! News and has also done notable work with NBC. Only recently did he raise his voice against Harvey Weinstein amid the rape and harassment accusations, only now Baker has found himself part of the accused himself. In late October of this year, Baker was accused of such acts and was let go from his positions at E! News and NBC following an investigation. Baker has also been rumored to have been gay. On top of all of this, Baker also beat a pituitary tumor that went undiagnosed for over a decade. What a crazy life! While there is not much dirt on Brooke Baker on the deep scope of the Internet, there is certainly photographic evidence that tells all about the two, as a couple and individually!

They have a great family life

kenbakernow’s post

Even amid the crazy accusations that Ken Baker and the family have gone through collectively, it is evident that Baker loves his family. While Brooke isn’t pictured here on his Instagram, we can all see that the Baker kids are having a fun time with dad! That’s a #1 priority.

Brooke Baker leads a private life

There is no known social media presence for Mrs. Brooke Baker. She’s definitely off the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram market, including her husband’s for the most part. She leads a very private life and clearly keeps her family matters out of the limelight as much as possible.

An older photo of the couple.

Brooke Baker net worth…?

You can bet that because Brooke has such a private lifestyle, there is also no available net worth to be reported. However, her husband, Ken Baker, apparently has a net worth of $500,000. Other reports claim that his net worth is still under evaluation.

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Brooke’s husband has published books

Ken Baker has published several books in his lifetime, the first being “The Late Bloomer: A Memoir of My Body”. As of late, he has a brand new book out called “The Ken Commandments: My Search For God In Hollywood”. Reviews of the new book have called it ‘uplifting and inspiring’. “Each of Baker’s chapters details either conversations with or observations about the famous people he encounters … Readers seeking a memoir that asks questions about life and God in a candid way will enjoy Baker’s foray into Hollywood’s spiritual side.” -Publishers Weekly

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Brooke remains a loyal wife amid accusations

As mentioned previously, Ken Baker was under a slew of allegations from sexual harassment to possibly being homosexual. While the allegations have caused a financial and emotional grief on Ken Baker and his family, they refuse to allow the family be affected by the rumors that the media has formed against them. There are no reports that the couple has separated amid any harassment or other allegations.