Dave Abrams Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Jennie Garth’s Husband

Get to know more about Jennie Garth’s handsome husband, Dave Abrams who is also an actor. Below are facts about him you need to know.

Dave Abrams: Jennie Garth’s husband

The internet has been excited and trolling Jennie Garth and his husband, Dave Abrams since rumors emerged that she was dating him after Garth divorced her ex-husband, Peter Facinelli in 2012. Garth and her husband Abrams got engaged in 2015 after dating for a few months then did their wedding later on, and fans were already sending their congratulatory messages to the then new couple in Hollywood. It was reported that Abrams was working on that engagement for months trying to figure out ways to make the engagement and he placed it around her birthday to make it memorable. Before it was confirmed that Garth and her husband, Abrams were a pair when they were dating, they were seen out and about going about their business. But many are still trying to figure out who Dave Abrams is. According to the trusted IMDb, Dave Abrams is an actor who has starred in movies such as “The Hike” which was released to the theatres in October 2011. Abrams is still a growing actor and he will star in other bigger movies probably very soon. He has also landed some small roles in TV shows like “The 70s Show” and “2 Broke Girls.” Abrams’ relationship with Garth went public in January 2015, but up to now, it’s not revealed how they met. 36-year-old Abrams was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia and his hobbies include playing golf. In the short time that Jennie Garth and her husband Dave Abrams dated, they went on vacations together. Their first trip was to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a romantic getaway just when their relationship was blossoming. They then went to Santa Barbara, California and then to Tulum, Mexico with Garth’s three kids to bask in the sun.

Facts to know about Jennie Garth’s husband

Jennie Garth would like to have kids with Abrams

In an interview with Touch, Jennie Garth said that after a year and a half with her husband, Dave Abrams, she had babies on the brain. Garth is now 45, and she has three children from her previous marriage, all daughters. Her first born, Luca, is 20 while Lola the second born is 15 and her last born Fiona is 11. According to her, she would be excited to expand her family and she told the magazine that she and Abrams would be happy if they had one child together. She added that they were also happy with the girls they have. Jennie thought that Dave Abrams would be a great father to her kids and he had already become used to being a stepdad to their three amazing daughters. Garth said that Abrams had not been a father before, but he assumed the role of the stepfather to her girls so seamlessly. She stated that she had to give him credit for that because it is a handful and a half. Garth had her children with her first husband, Peter Facinelli who she married in 2001 and divorced him in 2012. Facinelli got engaged to his girlfriend, Jaimie Alexander in March 2015.

He has a beautiful story with his wife

Before “The Hike’s” actor Dane Abrams became the husband of Jennie Garth, there was some dating, and before dating, they were just two strangers or friends who wanted to try something. Their story is a beautiful one and you will be amazed how they started. Jennie Garth’s mother has a friend who asked her if she would mind going on a blind double date with her. The friend was going on a date with her boyfriend who had a buddy known as Dave Abrams, and Garth thought why not. Garth told PEOPLE that she thought it was cool to go on a dating practice. She looked him up online and on Instagram, and he shared a name that looked he was just a male stripper, but she was amazed that he wasn’t actually one. Abrams, on the other hand, assumed that he didn’t stand a chance and thought it would be fruitless even if he gave it a shot, but he still went on the date. The couple took things off on their first night and none of them dared to look back. After the first date, Abrams asked Garth if he could call her and she told him to follow her instead. He wondered if it was on Instagram, but she told him, no, and to just follow him.

It is rumored that he is not living with his wife

Garth was spotted without her wedding ring and it was speculated that she wasn’t living with her husband, Abrams anymore. A source close to the two told Daily Mail that they were giving each other space to work on their relationship. The couple was still together, according to the source, but they were not living under the same roof. The source added that Garth and her husband Abrams love each other, but just like any other marriage it takes much to build a marriage. It was revealed that the actress was focusing on her daughters and her career.

His net worth

Dave Abrams’ net worth is still unrevealed, but his wife, Garth has a net worth of $5 million which she has made starring in several movies and TV shows.

It is probably any guys dream to come from nowhere and marry a celebrity and it is right to say Abrams is a lucky guy!