Brooke Simpson Wiki: Everything To Know About ‘The Voice’ Contestant

Brooke Simpson is one of the strongest artists of The Voice. No one denies the glorious talent of the singer. Let’s see her various performances.

Who is Brooke Simpson?

Brook Simpson is a Native American, born in North Carolina and currently lives in Lauderdale, Florida. Her age is 26 years and. The graduate from Lee University is a youth leader at Potential Church and is known as ‘chicken nugget’. Brooke says that her greatest inspiration comes from her parents – Mike and Jimille Mills- who happen to be singers and leaders of the Mills Family Ministries. At the age of 7, her singing talent was discovered and she used to sing with her evangelistic parents. The talented singer from Haliwa-Saponi tribe used to take trips to various churches on weekends at her tender age with parents, and the family would lead praise and worship sessions. For a long time, she performed in her church ministry but it came to a point where wanted to take her talent to the next level.

1. Brooke Simpson and The Voice

Brooke Simpson is an American professional singer whose lovely voice captures many hearts of The Voice viewers. She is part of Team Miley Cyrus in Season 13 of The Voice-the American Singing show. The 2017 Blind Audition winner turned 4 chairs when she performed Demi Lovato’s Stone Cold. Together with Mitchell Lee, they managed to knock out Team Jeniffer. Mitchell Lee marked her debut at the voice with a rendition of a Darius Rucker song. Thanks to her lucky stars she chose Stone Cold for the Blind Audition and all the four couches (Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton) were mesmerized. They praised her and in one remarkable comment, Adam Levine told her, “You are one in a million.” Then, she performed the song ‘You are a big girl now’ and emerged the winner in the Battle Round. In the Knockout Round, she out sang Stephan Marcellus as she took on the song ‘A Natural Woman’. Miley Cyrus chose her in the Knockout Round claiming that Brooke’s voice is great. According to Adam Levine, Brooke was getting better every round and he wondered where the ceiling for this singer was. After her performance on ‘A Natural Woman’, Blake claimed that her voice is unbelievable while Jennifer Hudson was convinced that The Voice was designed for people like Brooke. She advanced to playoffs the following week and still amazed the judges. She is considered the strongest contender on team Miley Cyrus in the 13th season of The Voice, and 39% of readers agree with this. She ranks on the list of the top 12 contestants.

2. How the singer got into Team Miley Cyrus

The first night of the 13th season’s battle rounds, Simpson and Bollman performed ‘You are a Big Girl Now’ song by Bob Dylan. In his comment, Blake pointed out that Brooke gave exactly what was expected of her. Adam Levine referred to Bollman as a mini version of Shakira, while Jennifer was pleased by these girls’ cooperation. Miley Cyrus had a big decision to make but before that, she told the girls that she will be there for them no matter who she chose. 3 judges chose Simpson and Miley Cyrus welcomed Brooke to her team and Bollman was eliminated.

3. Social Media Reactions About The Singer

When Simpson took on ‘A Natural Woman’ and Stephan Marcellus performed ‘Impossible’, the fans didn’t think Marcellus would beat Simpson. Brooke has a force of nature; she was given an A grade while Stephan got a C. During the performance, Brooke started with a foundation of smooth notes and advanced to big notes which at one point were so majestic. According to viewers, Brooke sang her lungs out and inhaled them back quickly to get back on track. As for Stephan, he has a potential but faltered as he tried to show off his notes; no wonder he got eliminated.

4. Brooke Simpson ‘Stone Cold’ performance

This Blind Audition performance left Miley speechless. The first judges to turn around were Miley and Blake. The others- Levine and Hudson -joined them and Brooke earned a turnaround of 4 chairs! Levine went ahead to give Brooke a hug and stated that it smelled like victory. Miley, who was tempted to hug the singer, claimed that she is an invested coach while Adam warned that those who try to copy her should stop as they have to squeeze in the power and soulfulness she portrays. According to Jennifer, Brooke owned Stone Cold while Blake believed that what the singer needed was an opportunity. While vying for Brook Simpson, judge Miley fought hard, affirming that she will be the winner of the season and wanted to do it with Simpson. The playoff round was moved to 13th November with Jennifer and Blake as the team mentors. The top six members of Team Miley Cyrus would take the stage on 14th while Levin’s six on 15th November. When the viewers were asked which one in the Team Miley, would win, 39% chose Brooke Simpson. The rest were voted as follows: Ashland Craft- 19%, Moriah Formica- 15%, Janice Freeman- 15%, Karli Webster- 11%, and Adam Pearce- 2%.

5. Singer Brooke Simpson and ‘ Man’ Man’s Man’s World”

The rehearsal shows that Brooke chose this song all by herself. She is so good at picking songs or perhaps every song seems to suit her. She delivered it on stage with so much passion that towards the end of her performance, it was clear that it was no longer the Man’s Man’sMan’s world but Brooke’s world. This will definitely have a positive effect on her net worth.

So far, Brooke owns the stage like the star she is, killing The Voice with joy and enthusiasm. Miley Cyrus must be proud of coaching this strong artist. There are some things that the four judges agree on: Brooke has a great talent; will be in the grand finale, and her chances of winning are high. Her net worth is still not very clear.