Who Is Sean Hannity? Wiki, Author, Net Worth, ‘Hannity & Colmes’ & Facts To Know

Get to know more about Sean Hannity who is an author and political commentator. Below are facts about him including his net worth.

Sean Hannity: Author and political commentator and his net worth

Politics wouldn’t be so interesting after elections if it were not for our political commentators. They take it to another level when they share their political opinion against or supporting the sitting government and make it more interesting, with facts and some rib-cracking jokes. Some of the top political commentators at the moment are Sean Hannity who is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump and the Republican Party, and Jimmy Kimmel, who is of course on the other side of the river, an anti-Trump who never tires from mocking Trump and jokingly saying that the president tweets while sitting on his toilet bowl. That’s a story for another day, but for now, all eyes are on these two political commentating giants. Sean Hannity and Jimmy Kimmel have been locking horns for a while now, and we can’t help but laugh and go “Wow!” after every shot thrown. He has had TV shows, books and movies such as “Al Franken: God Spoke”, “Time to Move On”, “Manufacturing Dissent”, “Hannity & Colmes”, and “Hannity’s America.” All we want to know is, who is this Sean Hannity? 56-year-old Sean Hannity is a talk show host, a conservative political commentator, and an author. Hannity hosts “The Sean Hannity Show” and he is never short of his words. Trump would have put him in his cabinet, probably, but he thought well, the guy should just go on with his show and counter all the negative vibes from guys like Kimmel by painting Trump as a good guy but we were never told that. We’re we? Sean Patrick Hannity, or just call him Sean Hannity, and forget the “Patrick” just like everyone else does, was born in New York City, New York, and he is the son of Lilian(Flynn) and Hugh Hannity. Hannity’s mother worked as a stenographer and a corrections officer at a county jail, while Hugh, was a family-court officer. The author has three siblings all older than him. All his grandparents are from Ireland and immigrated to the US. Sean Hannity grew up in Franklin Square, New York and he attended Sacred Heart Seminary in Hempstead, New York where he was at middle school. He then attended St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary high school in Uniondale, New York. Hannity dropped out of New York University and Adelphi University.

Sean Hannity says it’s wrong to mock Melania Trump

Did you hear that Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity engaged in a war of words? Here is the real story. The entire incident began on Monday night when Jimmy Kimmel did what he knows best in every night, he told a joke. However, his joke was a little bit different and uglier. It involved Sean Hannity demeaning the women who suffered brutally on Harvey Weinstein’s hands and that exposed Hannity’s unabashed hypocrisy with his people who criticize Melania Trump when he personally threw shades at Michelle Obama for years. So, why did the joke cause so much uproar? Well. Kimmel played a video of Melania Trump reading a book to children who have visited the White House egg roll. Jimmy Kimmel then repeated the words Trump said in a subtle accent. The commentator then looked at his on-air sidekick, one Guillermo Rodriguez, who is a Latino immigrant and had a heavy Spanish accent then jokingly said that that meant Guillermo would be the first lady of America. Well, that joke rubbed Hannity the wrong way and he took to his Fox News show to call Jimmy Kimmel as an “ass clown” and “despicable disgrace.” Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity took their battle to Twitter, where they fought most of the Friday and the whole night. In the midst of the battle, Sean Hannity might have noticed that Kimmel was carrying the day and he started comparing Kimmel with Harvey Weinstein in several tweets. In one tweet, Hannity wrote that his “tough guy” Jimmy Kimmel, picks on women helping kids and when he is with a young woman, he is a pervert. Hannity then went ahead to say that Jimmy Kimmel was identical to Weinstein and used to kiss Hillary and Obama’s asses for years. He then asked Kimmel if he would want a stranger to ask his daughter to grab their crotch and put their mouth on it. You might be asking yourself, what’s the reasoning behind Hannity’s reasoning for claiming that Kimmel was just like Weinstein. It was perhaps a comedy bit and referenced on one of the episodes in “The Man Show” that was filmed 15 years ago. Kimmel asked women who he approached on the streets of L.A. if they wanted to take a guess on what he had stuffed in his pants, and they were supposed to be part of the comedy as Kimmel noted. By giving it the eye of a lawyer, Hannity’s accusations about Kimmel and comparing him to Harvey is defamatory. Comparing Kimmel’s comedy to Weinstein’s misconduct is an insult to the latter’s countless victims. Over 80 women came forward to report how he sexually abused them.

And Jimmy Kimmel escalated the war with author Jimmy Kimmel

On Thursday, the late-night hosts spoke about Vladimir Putin’s invitation by Donald Trump to The White House as Jimmy Kimmel was responding to Sean Hannity’s attack over a joke he made on Melania Trump. Jimmy Kimmel narrated how he woke up in the morning and did two hours of the morning just like he does every other morning and after opening his computer, he found out that he was at war with his fellow political commentator and author, Sean Hannity and Fox News because there was nothing important happening in the country. The host continued to say that Sean Hannity took an issue with a joke he made on Monday night. He then showed a clip of “Al Franken: God Spoke”, “Time to Move On”, “Manufacturing Dissent”, “Hannity & Colmes”, and “Hannity’s America” host and writer, Sean Hannity where he called him an “ass clown” and “despicable disgrace.” Kimmel then started throwing shots and said that for eight years while Obama was president, Sean Hannity didn’t get an erection and he tried everything including Cialis, Viagra and even looked at pictures of Paul Ryan with his shirt off and went to office Christmas parties with Bill O’Reilly. Kimmel said that now there was a twist. Trump is the president, and Sean Hannity can’t have anything else but erection. He added that Hannity has been having an erection since November 2016 and it’ driving him crazy. Kimmel then said that Hannity was the guy who defended the pedophile, Roy Moore. Hannity dogged his support for the former Alabama judge who was in the race last year. Kimmel said that he might have been an ass clown, a despicable disgrace, but a whole ass circus. Kimmel touched on the matter connecting to the first lady and said that what was more disrespectful was cheating on her with a porn star, referring to the president’s trending story with Stormy Daniels.

Maddow had more viewers that Sean Hannity despite Trump’s tweet

The host of MSNBC, Rachel Maddow had more viewers on a Wednesday night more than Sean Hannity despite getting a boost-up tweet from President Trump. TV Newser reported that Rachel Maddow got over 3.3 million viewers while Hannity got slightly over 3 million. After Hannity’s show began to air on that Wednesday night, Trump asked his followers to watch it. Sean Hannity is an ally of Trump and he has even dined with him at his resort. In his broadcast, the “Al Franken: God Spoke”, “Time to Move On”, “Manufacturing Dissent”, “Hannity & Colmes”, and “Hannity’s America” host and writer attacked Robert Mueller and other so-called ‘deep state crime families’ for trying to take down president Trump. Some days before the show, Trump had renewed his attack on the special counsel investigation into the alleged Russian meddling with the 2016 presidential elections. He was angry about the federal agents raiding his personal lawyer’s office, Mr. Michael Cohen. The agents were acting on search warrants that were sent by the Security Council.

Author Sean Hannity invited Jimmy Kimmel to Fox News

Sean Hannity spoke about his feud with Jimmy Kimmel on his next show and also his apology to Kimmel and invitation to appear on the show. But Hannity threatened to step up his attacks on Kimmel if Kimmel continued to throw shades. In a monologue at the end of his show, Hannity read a statement that Kimmel wrote on Sunday apologizing for the offensive language that he used against Hannity. He then said that it appeared to be more of a forced corporate Disney apology directed towards the LGBTQ community rather than at the First Lady. Hannity then said that at that point, it was only the viewers who would decide where his text was directed at. He thought that everyone should accept apologies because that’s how he was raised and his religion taught him. Hannity said that he couldn’t assume that Kimmel was sincere but from his perspective, he enjoyed a good fight and he had agreed with Jimmy Kimmel that it was time to move on. Hannity also took the opportunity to invite Kimmel to make a guest appearance on his Fox News program. He said that Jimmy seemed focused on politics and seemed sincere when he talked about healthcare and about the country. Hannity, therefore, extended an invitation but on conditions that there wouldn’t be name calling, no referring to their Twitter feud, and no anger. He stated that they would speak about the president, his policies, comedy, healthcare, ending boycotts, political correctness and other serious issues. Following Hannity’s program, Laura Ingraham returned to cable news after taking a week off amid the pressure against her show. The host sprinkled references to the boycott and also spoke about her recent absence from TV at the beginning of her show. She asked “Al Franken: God Spoke”, “Time to Move On”, “Manufacturing Dissent”, “Hannity & Colmes”, and “Hannity’s America” host and writer, Hannity if there was anything knew when she was away and told him that she had not switched her Google alert on her Gmail. Ingraham devoted most of the chunks in her program to what she described as conservative voices which had been wrongfully targeted by a liberal power establishment, some of them being two commentators who had their right to access their Facebook followers limited, and also a Marquette University professor who lost his job just because he posted an article in a blog criticizing same-sex marriage.

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer loves Sean Hannity

He has made appearances on almost every popular news programs but Stormy Daniels’ attorney, Micahel Avenatti has a soft spot for Sean Hannity. Avenatti chatted with Hannity just recently and even stopped to take a snap with one another, according to Media Post. Max Tani from Daily Beast said that Avenatti told him that he liked Hannity and would appear on his show if he had the chance to. Avenatti is believed to have spoken with the ex-White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci. An appearance on the show that Hannity hosts would be significant for the lawyer as he will join fervent Trump supporter who defends the president at all costs and always supports his power and credibility. Avenatti has been serving as Daniels’ lawyer since the porn started claiming that he had been paid off by Michael Cohen, who is Donald Trump’s personal attorney, to shut up and not speak about the alleged affair with Donald Trump. The matter is getting out of hand now and it concluded the war Kimmel and Hannity had about The First Lady.

Sean Hannity devoted his show to attacking Russian investigation

Fox News host, Sean Hannity who is the host and writer of “Al Franken: God Spoke”, “Time to Move On”, “Manufacturing Dissent”, “Hannity & Colmes”, and “Hannity’s America” aired a conspiracy program on Wednesday night that was meant to attack the credibility of Robert Mueller, who is a special counsel and the FBI director, James Comey. The show also featured guests who facilitated the firing of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the one who was standing in the way of Trump firing Mueller. Aside from sharing some graphics showing Mueller and Comey worked with criminals such as mob boss, Whitey Bulger, Hannity had some Trump defenders, Alan Dershowitz and Joseph E. diGenova who was a short-lived stint for Trump’s legal team. DiGenova described Mueller’s team as a “bunch of legal terrorists and said that they were trying to push Trump into a “perjury trap.” He also added that the attorney general, Jeff Sessions should fire Rosenstein which would allow Trump to employ a new deputy attorney general who could either sent Mueller packing or hinder his investigations. The attacks appeared to have been coordinated on the Russian investigations.

Facts to know about the author and his net worth

He promised to be waterboarded for charity

Yes! It’s true that Hannity promised that he would be waterboarded for charity, but for some reason, the host and author has never followed through. He is also a little bit arrogant. Hannity slammed a football into his desk and screamed that that was Khalid Shaikh Mohammed’s head. He said that they should had dunked him into the water to save the American lives.

He warned people against voting for Obama

That’s one of the things Sean Hannity, the writer and host of “Al Franken: God Spoke”, “Time to Move On”, “Manufacturing Dissent”, “Hannity & Colmes”, and “Hannity is America” is proud of. He said that he covered thoroughly when Obama was campaigning in 2008 and went ahead to warn America that he would be a horrible president. He also saw the Donald Trump phenomenon when everybody else couldn’t be able to including his colleagues.

He would get all his info about Clinton from Weekly World News

Hannity loves Hillary Clinton, but not for her to be his president on any given day. He has a source for anti-Clinton information and it is the former editor of the magazine, Weekly World News who used to write Bigfoot and aliens stories frequently. Hannity also said that he has a bizarre fascination with Hillary Clinton’s underwear.

His childhood was fascinating

As a youngster, he always found time to create trouble. He used to sneak cigars in the high school bathroom, hand on the back of cars during winter, and there was a time he was taken home by the police. He has changed a lot, judging by the way he threw shades at Jimmy Kimmel.

The author’s net worth

Sean Hannity has a net worth of over $80 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He has made the net worth from his $36 annual salary and the shows and books that he has worked on before like “Al Franken: God Spoke”, “Time to Move On”, “Manufacturing Dissent”, “Hannity & Colmes”, and “Hannity’s America.”

Wraping up afterr finding out about his net worth

It’s an amazing thing to be a political commentator because either way, you will be famous and Sean Hannity is really famous.