Roseanne Conner Wiki: Net Worth, Fictional Character, TV Show & Facts To Know

When the $0.00 net worth Conner family headed up by matriarch, Roseanne Conner hit the airwaves once again, TV changed forever with the return of this fictional character many had never been introduced to before.

Roseanne Barr – Bio and Net Worth

Love her or hate her, Roseanne is here to stay. Through her many iterations – housewife and mother, comedian, TV sitcom star, writer, producer, author, farmer, candidate, controversial singer – she has been and always will be a polarizing figure to the American public. Her fictional character Roseanne Conner on the eponymous TV show is her best recognized work. Her last name may have changed from Barr to Arnold and back again, until she ultimately decided her first name was enough, and it certainly is. Say her name, and we automatically know who you’re talking about, without even giving away any other details. Roseanne began with humble beginnings, growing up in a working class family, practicing both Judaism and Mormonism in Salt Lake City, Utah. She left for Colorado at the age of 18 and while living there, Roseanne got her start as a stand up comedian, later moving to Los Angeles. She appeared on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman,’ garnering her own appearance on HBO. During this time, Roseanne was initially offered the role of another iconic 80’s American housewife: ‘Married with Children’s’ Peg Bundy. In her comedy act, Roseanne popularized the phrase “domestic goddess”, poking fun at blue collar workers and her every day normal life as a housewife and mom. Ultimately, Roseanne caught the eye of TV execs at the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), to pitch her own television show based off of her act. ‘Roseanne’ premiered on October 21, 1988, catapulting its stars, including John Goodman, into the national spotlight, especially Roseanne herself. Fame and controversy followed however, and both Rosanne the TV show, and Roseanne the person were recognized by contemporaries in the industry, and she was nominated for and she won an Emmy. With intense fame came intense scrutiny, and reports of difficult behavior both on screen and off did nothing to curb Roseannes’ blunt persona – for better or worse. After more than 30 years in the spotlight, Roseanne’s net worth is over $80 million dollars. She has 123,000 followers on Instagram and 593,000 followers on Twitter, where she continues to espouse her unique take and controversial opinions to the world. A new digital age, a new audience, same old Roseanne.

Facts about Roseanne Conner – Blue Collar Fictional Character and Heroine

When the show premiered in 1988, there was nothing like it on TV at the time. Television was populated with rich socialites (‘Dynasty,’ ‘Dallas’) and upper middle class families (‘Family Ties,’ ‘Growing Pains’) with mostly well behaved kids, and woman who either didn’t need to work, or had well paying jobs (‘Designing Women,’ ‘Murphy Brown’) – the aforementioned Peg Bundy was an exception to the rule. Generally speaking, it was the 1950’s “Golden Age of TV” families in the 1980’s. Enter, Roseanne, a fictional character that could’ve walked out of our own lives. The premiere episode ‘Life & Stuff’ – also the original title of the show – introduced us to a TV show consisting of kids that talked back, a messy home, two blue collar working parents, and a loud, opinionated, not size 2 mom (or dad, played by John Goodman, for that matter), and lots of yelling. Roseanne Conner and her family didn’t dress in designer clothes, or eat healthy balanced meals and they even struggled to make ends meet. She was a fictional character not seen on TV before. Throughout its’ first 9 year run on the American Broadcasting Network from 1988-1997, aside from run of the mill family issues – wanting a pet, sibling fights, school problems – Roseanne also featured issues not seen before on TV sitcoms. Oldest daughter Becky dropped out of high school to elope with her boyfriend. Middle daughter Darlene dealt with depression as a teenager, before getting pregnant and dropping out of college to get married. There were gay characters and situations, domestic violence from parents and partners, jail time, menial jobs and folding small businesses. Throughout it all, the Conners, along with their extended family and friends, dealt with all of it through humor and their own brand of love and support. The ninth season took a drastic turn away from the previous ones, focusing on the Conner family after they won the lottery. Dan leaves Roseanne, and her and sister Jackie have many wacky adventures. Oddly enough, it was the most traditional sitcom – like season of the series run. The finale, ‘Into That Good Night’ (Part 2) aired on May 20, 1997, and it revealed the entire ninth season, along with some of the series canon itself, had taken place in the imagination of Roseanne Conner, written after the unexpected death of husband Dan. The finale shocked fans of the show. Other things were revealed, including the fact that Jackie was a lesbian, and that son in-laws Mark and David were actually married to the opposite sister than we had been led to believe originally. This made no sense in the show’s history timeline and many fans chose to “ignore” season 9 and the finale all together, preserving their idea of the show. And then, almost a decade after this controversy, amid a nostalgia for the revival of old TV and movies, Roseanne made a comeback.

The Future of Roseanne – On TV and Off

What do you do when one of your series stars, and one of the most popular TV dads ever, is killed off in the original run of the show? You pretend it was a dream. When the American Broadcasting Company decided to renew Roseanne for the new millennium there was no question on whether or not Dan would be alive. Taking a cue from fans, show finale ‘Into That Good Night’ (Part 2) never happened. Also returning would be Roseanne and Dan’s children, including both Becky’s (the second as an entirely new fictional character), sister Jackie, and various other friends and family. In the interim, Roseanne the comedian, creator of the show, never really stepped out of the spotlight; even running for President at one point. She still doesn’t shy away from stirring up controversy on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. In her mid-sixties, Roseanne is as brash as ever. Twenty years after the first run, the second iteration and season 10 of Roseanne began, premiering to millions of viewers, fans old and new, to see what the Conner’s were up to today. Just like us, it’s ‘Life & Stuff,’ only with more laughter.