Lira Mercer Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Rick Ross’s Ex Girlfriend

Check out these five fact you NEED to know about Rick Ross’ Ex Girlfriend and Ex-Fiancé Model and Video Vixen Lira Mercer and her Net Worth!

Fact #1: Lira Mercer is a Model and Public Figure

Lira Mercer, also known by her stage name of Lira Galore, is a model and public figure who is best known for being the ex-girlfriend of Rick Ross. She was born August 31st, 1993, making her a Virgo and making her the age of only 24.Lira Mercer was also born in the Lone Star State in Houston, Texas. She is of African-American descent standing a short five foot even and weighing approximately 115 pounds. She also spins time as an Exotic Dancer, Actress, and Model.

Fact #2: Lira and Rick Ross were Engaged

Fans credit for Mercer for breaking Rick Ross’ heart and putting his misery into some of his recent hits such as ‘Apple of My Eye’ from his Album ‘Rather You Than Me.’ Lira and Rick Ross were engaged in 2015 after dating for a very short amount of time. Ross, most likely infatuated by her physique and elegance in her profession of exotic dancing was wooed instantly. The two were engaged by the beginning of the Summer of 2015 after Ross purchased Lira Mercer an eleven carat diamond studded engagement ring worth a whopping $350,000 dollars! The two would part ways before end of the year, officially calling the engagement off. Rick Ross made Lira Mercer his ex-girlfriend when an image of Mercer and current MMG label-mate and friend Meek Mill surfaced on the internet via Instagram. Meek Mill and Lira Mercer were seen hugged up, as they used to be an item in the photo. Ross claimed he did not know about any relationship between Mercer and Meek Mill and Mercer didn’t have much to say about the photo other than the fact that they weren’t together. She was, however a fan interested in taking a photo with Meek Mill. Meek Mill, in fact, states that they were definitely a thing and have experienced one another in the all together. It is still unclear if his label-mate was upfront with him about the prior relationship once Ross announced the engagement, however, Rick Ross got the engagement ring back and he and Meek Mill are still friends and label-mates at the time of this post.

Fact #3: Lira Mercer’s Profitable Instagram

Lira Mercer, or Lira Galore as she is known by through exotic dancing, has an extremely profitable Instagram. Lira Galore has a gargantuan 3.7 Million followers on Instagram. In fact, many believe it is here where Lira meets her love interests and as you can tell from her photos, she often leaves little to the imagination of her followers. Her photos yield responses from big name rappers and regulars Joe Schmoes alike leaving heart eyes and tongue emojis over every picture that she posts. It is believed that she scans the comments for the individuals with the clout to match hers and this usually leads to a private conversation and excursion that soon turns to a photo via TMZ or Media Take Out. This is how she met rappers such as Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Lil Wayne, Drake and others. Aside from dancing, Lira Mercer uses her Instagram to to host sponsors when necessary. We are sure this is increasing her net worth. As long as Lira Galore continues to use her assets in her favor on her Instagram, she can continue to thrive as a model, endorser, video vixen and exotic dancer.

Fact #4: Lira Mercer has Dated Huge Stars

Rick Ross is not the only celebrity Lira Mercer has been tied to. Despite being the controversial ex-girlfriend of Rick Ross, she has still been seen hand-in-hand with stars such as Justin Bieber, Drake and other rappers as well as professional athletes. Most believe Lira Mercer is following a Blac Chyna-esque business model by attaching herself to high-status celebs via the use of her exotic dancing and attractiveness as a Model, Actress and Video Vixen.

Fact 5: Lira Mercer’s Modeling Pumps her Net Worth

Lira Mercer is an attractive woman who’s physique pays the bills. This is why Lira Mercer has chosen to opt-in on plastic surgery. Lira Mercer has confirmed her surgeries including butt implants and lifts and it seems to be working out well for the Instagram star. Surgery is not necessarily a bad thing either, seeing as buzzing rapper Blac Youngsta, the artist behind the ‘Booty Song’ is currently hosting a ‘Buy Me a Booty Blac Youngsta’ challenge on Instagram. The sweepstakes is just how it sounds: The rapper is buying a young woman butt implants if she meets the criteria and wins the contest. If you get bored enough, search the tag via Instagram and take a look at some of the ‘entries’ and ‘essays’ provided for the sweepstakes. There are some respectable candidates. Lira Mercer, however, was too late to the contest as she had successfully had her surgery prior to the Blac Youngsta ‘Buy Me a Booty Youngsta’ sweepstakes. Celebrities, companies, rappers needing promotion with giggly visuals are still calling and DM’ing Lira Mercer. It is estimated that she makes approximately $4000 from her entrepreneurial ventures. At the time of this post, Lira Mercer is also estimated to be worth a measly $150,000 dollars, which is a quarter of how much her engagement ring was that was provided by Rick Ross. However, Lira Mercer is still working and she is still trying to bounce back from her almost successful catch of Rick Ross in becoming his wife. This has left both a sweet and sour taste in the mouths of those in the Hip-Hop community.