Jerry Solomon Wiki: Everything To Know About Nancy Kerrigan’s Husband

Intrigued by the husband of former skater Nancy Kerrigan? Here is all that you need to know about the big-time sports manager Jerry Solomon.

Who is Jerry Solomon? Get to know Nancy Kerrigan’s husband

Former figure skater Nancy Kerrigan married her long-time manager and big-time sports agent, Jerry Solomon. Kerrigan had recently participated in the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ program and had everyone impressed with her gracefulness just as she used to do in the ice rink during her skating days. Her husband, Jerry Solomon is her biggest supporter. Jerry Solomon started his career as a sports agent. Solomon was the marketing president of ProServ and he represented Kerrigan. It was Solomon who helped her secure her $3 million worth of endorsement deals with big brands like Reebok, Revlon and Campbell’s soups while she was at the peak of her ice-skating career. Solomon currently is the president and CEO of Stargames LLC which is a sports management, marketing and entertainment company founded in the year 1994. Throughout his career, Solomon has had some interesting athletes as his clients including, World No. 1 ranked tennis legend, Ivan Lendl, five-time Olympic medalist Shannon Mille, three-time Olympic gold medalist in volleyball Karch Kiraly and Nancy Kerrigan among many others. Solomon has produced a number of events being the CEO of a sports management company like King of the Beach Invitational, Queen of the Beach Invitational, Scottish Grasscourt Championships, NetJets Showdown, BNP Paribas Showdown/New York and Tennis Night in America. Solomon has also produced some events for his wife such as Nancy Kerrigan & Friends, Tribute to American Skating, Halloween on Ice, One Enchanted Evening, An Evening of Country on Ice, A Holiday Celebration on Ice, Footloose on Ice, and Nancy Kerrigan Golf Classic. Solomon has also been a television producer. He has been the producer of TV shows like Spike!, Countdown to Sports Series, Ivan Lendl: Return of a Champion, Colors of Winter, World of Tennis, Nancy Kerrigan’s World of Skating, Dreams on Ice, and Halloween on Ice: Behind the Screams. Solomon has even authored a book entitled An Insiders Guide to Managing Sporting Events. He is the adjunct professor at The University of New Hampshire and UCLA Anderson School of Management. He has also served in executive positions at different sporting events. Solomon’s skills in the sports management business are considered to be one of the best. Jerry Solomon was married twice before he married Nancy Kerrigan. Kerrigan married Jerry Solomon in 1995, a year after she retired from competitive skating. Solomon has a son named Clay from his second marriage. He was married to Kathy Solomon before Nancy Kerrigan. Kathy Solomon served as a onetime tournament manager in Solomon’s previous company, ProServ. Jerry Solomon had graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles with a master’s degree in International business from Columbia University. Solomon’s father, Edward Solomon, is a chief executive of the retail chain Shoe-Town Inc., and his mother, Roberta Madison is from Malibu. Kerrigan and Solomon have three children together, two sons Matthew born in 1997 and Brian born in 2005, and a daughter, Nicole born in 2008. Kerrigan had married Solomon when she was just 25 and he was already 41. The age difference had created quite a scandal. Kerrigan was even accused of being a homewrecker as Solomon was married to his second wife while having an affair with Kerrigan. Kerrigan’s mother, Brenda defended her daughter saying, “Is Nancy seeing Jerry? Yes. Was she seeing Jerry while he was still with his wife? Absolutely not. She would not ruin someone’s family.”

Net worth

Jerry Solomon has helped his wife amass an estimated net worth of $8 million in her career. The net worth of Jerry Solomon is still under review.

Some interesting facts about Jerry Solomon

Here are some interesting and lesser known facts about Nancy Kerrigan’s husband, Jerry Solomon: * Nancy Kerrigan and Jerry Solomon suffered 6 miscarriages on their journey to parenthood. Kerrigan almost felt shameful about the fact. They tried desperately to start a family. * While Solomon was still married to Kathy, his second wife, she alleged that Solomon was having an affair and his mistress was Nancy Kerrigan. Their relationship became very scandalous at that time. * Their kids, Nicole and Brian are big gymnasts and often compete in sports. Brian hopes to compete in the Olympics too and her daughter Nicole takes jazz, ballet and tap classes. * Solomon and Kerrigan’s three children skated alongside her on the TV Show, Muscleman’s Apple Sauce Family Skating Tribute. * Solomon, until today, resents Tonya Harding’s attack on Nancy Kerrigan in 1990. Solomon said in an interview, “There is a lingering frustration for us both about the whole episode. Nancy is an athlete who went to two Olympics and earned two medals, a very rare accomplishment in skating. Instead of being remembered for that, she is remembered for this bizarre incident.”

Jerry Solomon today supports his wife, Nancy Kerrigan, in every field. He is the reason she could amass a huge net worth. They are a happy family with three children. Solomon himself is quite an accomplished businessman.