Hayoung Choi Wiki: Everything To Know About Ki Hong Lee’s Wife

Hayoung Choi is most famous for being the wife of Ki Hong Lee. However, there is much more to her. Learn more about her here!

Hayoung Choi and Ki Hong Lee

Hayoung Choi is best-known for being the wife of Ki Hong Lee. The couple had their wedding recently, and they look happy as can be. Many people know much more about Ki Hong Lee because he has made his own fame by being an actor. He began by working with Wang Fu, a production company. After leaving Wang Fu, Lee went on to work on bigger projects. Some of Lee’s most famous works are “The Maze Runner” and “Wish Upon.” He plays Minho in all of the Maze Runner movies, and he plays Ryan Hiu in “Wish Upon” which was released in 2017.

Hayoung Choi became Ki Hong Lee’s wife in 2015

Hayoung Choi and Ki Hong Lee became man and wife on March 7, 2015. Their wedding was beautiful, as was the couple. Below is a picture from Hayoung Choi’s Instagram account showing a picture from the couple’s wedding. The couple has a long history together, as they were dating for about four years before they got married. Many of the couple’s friends and family members attended their wedding, including much of the cast of “The Maze Runner.” As of 2018, the couple is still married, and it seems like they love being husband and wife together. Currently, there are no rumors about them having marital problems, so there is no reason to think that they will break up anytime soon. We wish Choi and Lee all the best in their relationship!

Hayoung Choi is an actress

Hayoung Choi is an actress like her husband. So far, she has only acted in short films. Strangely enough, all of the short films she has acted in were all produced in 2013. The three shorts Hayoung Choi has acted in are “This Is How We Never Met,” “To Those Nights,” and “She Has a Boyfriend.” In most of these shorts, she takes on small roles. So far, Choi has not yet won any awards for her acting. She is also not currently working on any known acting projects, and it is unknown if she will work in acting again in the future.

Hayoung Choi is a singer

Hayoung Choi is a member of the band Mixnine, a Kpop band. A YouTube video for one of Mixnine’s songs is featured above. It should be noted that this song is not in English.

Hayoun Choi is active on social media

Hayoung Choi has an active public Instagram page. Any one of her fans, or fans of her husband, can follow her on social media. On her Instagram page, Choi often posts pictures and videos of her with her husband Ki Hong Lee, family, friends, and sometimes, with her snacks. All of her photos are just as beautiful as she is. A link to her Instagram page is below.

Ha young Choi (@hayochoi) • Instagram photos and videos
41.6k Followers, 230 Following, 766 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Ha young Choi (@hayochoi)Source: Ha young Choi (@hayochoi) • Instagram photos and videos

Hayoung Choi shares an impressive net worth with Ki Hong Lee

Right now, Hayoung Choi’s personal net worth is unknown. However, Ki Hong Lee’s net worth is public knowledge. As of 2018, he is estimated to have a net worth of about $4 million. We expect that the couple shares most of this money, so Lee’s net worth may as well be Choi’s net worth too.