Who Is Drew Bledsoe? Net Worth, Quarterback, Dallas Cowboys, Patriots & Facts To Know

Drew Bledsoe is a former American Football Quarterback, who played for 14 NFL seasons. Find out about his net worth, Dallas Cowboys, Patriots and other facts.

Who is Drew Bledsoe?

Drew Bledsoe was born in 1972. He is a former American Football Quarterback, who played for 14 seasons in the National Football League (NFL). He shot to fame as the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots from years 1993 to 2001. After that, unfortunately he got wounded and he lost his job to Tom Brady. Bledsoe has also played quite well for the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills. Bledsoe managed to improve the fortunes of the Patriots who were facing hard times by his first overall pick in the 1993 NFL Draft. With him in their team, the Patriots managed to end a seven-season postseason drought and also qualified for the playoffs four times. The Patriots also made a Super Bowl appearance under Bledsoe’s tenure as a starting quarterback. From then, there was no looking back and Bledsoe was named to the 1995 Pro Bowl in his second season with the team. He was the youngest quarterback to get selected in the NFL’s all-star game at the time. Unfortunately, his golden period came to an end when after a period of declining success and Patriots missing the playoffs twice consecutively. He suffered a near-fatal injury in 2001 and had to be replaced by starter Tom Brady. Later, in spite of getting medical clearance, Bledsoe could not regain his starting position. The reason was that Tom Brady not only had success with the team but also helped the team get their first Super Bowl win. Bledsoe replaced Brady again in the AFC Championship game and led the Patriots to victory thereby securing their berth in the Super Bowl. Later, Bledsoe retired and was inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame in 2011 owing to his accomplishments in New England.

His net worth

Drew Bledsoe officially retired from the NFL in 2007 and was honored as the 30th greatest quarterback in modern NFL. Bledsoe today has a net worth of $48 million. Due to his large net worth, he lives a lavish life.

Interesting facts about the quarterback

There are some more engaging and less known facts about Drew Bledsoe: * Bledsoe owns a winery Bledsoe was always interested in wines and hence after his retirement from professional football, he decided to pursue his second career in wines. He partnered with his friend, Chris Figgins and started a vineyard called ‘DoubleBack’. Their investments paid off almost too soon and their wine company started showing profits. Bledsoe soon branched out and created his own brand called ‘Bledsoe Family Wine’. * Drew Bledsoe is blessed with three sons and a daugther. He and his wife Maura have three sons and a daughter. He coaches his sons, Stuart, John and Henry in football and is a part of their high school football teams. He coaches them as offensive coordinator at Summit High School in Oregon. Bledsoe’s daughter’s name is Healy. His son John was a walk-on player on the Washington State football team in 2017. * Drew Bledsoe played College Ball at Washington State. Bledsoe played for the Washington State Cougars from 1990 to 1992. He got this job in his freshman year and continued to play till the end of his junior year. He left the school a year later after being considered the top quarterback of his draft class. He finished his final year with Washington State with 3,246 yards and 20 touchdowns and they finished with a 9-3 record, ranked No. 12 in the country. * New England Patriots drafted him in 1993. During the 1990s, Bledsoe was considered the face of the Patriots franchise. Bledsoe was drafted first overall in the 1993 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots. But he had success only in his early seasons. In the second season, the Patriots made a playoff appearance but lost in the wild card round. His Patriots career ended soon and in turmoil when he disagreed with his coach Bill Belichick about sticking with Tom Brady for the playoffs. Bledsoe would later make one final playoff appearance in the 2001 AFC Championship Game against the Pittsburgh Steelers when he replaced an injured Tom Brady. * His Career Stats have been quite impressive. His detailed Career Stats for his teams, NE, BUF and DAL have been listed in various sports websites online. * Bledsoe never gave up. He knew that his career in football would end someday and he did not want to turn up suddenly one day with nothing else to do. He had always planned his second career six years before his retirement from football. His biggest fear was finishing football and having nothing else to do. Today, this winery business is doing great and gave his life a new meaning. He also works for several philanthropic organizations apart from his own business.

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