David Tse Wiki: Actor, Net Worth, ‘Spy Game’ And Facts To Know

Get to know more about David Tse who is a British actor. Below are facts about him that perhaps
you never knew including his net worth.

David Tse: ‘Tokyo Trial’ actor

Making it in acting is a long process with many challenges all the way and no one in the acting industry has risen to the top overnight. For some actors, it’s a struggle to get any major role and some actors almost give up. David Tse is one such actor who has tried his best to make it, but despite all the years he has been acting, he hasn’t landed any major role as of yet. David Tse was born in Beijing, but he grew up in Britain. He studied law before he joined Rose Bruford College to study acting. Tse then joined Leicester Haymarket Theatre where he studied directing. The actor became the director of Yellow Earth Theatre where he led the company for 13 years to become the only one funded by UK’s British East Asian touring theatre. Apart from acting, David Tse has directed many plays and films and also written some adaptations for various British plays. The actor has starred in movies like ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’ ‘Spy Game,’ ‘Soursweet’, ‘Annie: Royal Adventure!,’and ‘Tokyo Trial.’ He has made a decent net worth from acting.

Davide Tse called for British-Chinese actors to get major roles

David Tse and other British-Chinese actors and producers asked the stakeholders in the British entertainment industry to welcome more East Asian actors into the spotlight. It was time, they said for them to be allowed to take major roles in both television shows and movies instead of being stereotyped in minor roles. Chinese Arts Space also backed Tse’s sentiments and described the British-Chinese as the underappreciated and underrepresented in the mainstream media. Chinese Arts Space and Moongate Productions were present at the China Changing festival in Southbank Center. The event showcased innovative entertainers from China and also those who were from Britain. Tse helped to stage a performance of a contemporary reimagining of ‘Lady Precious Stream’ with the help of Moongate. He told China Daily that changing the Chinese industry in Britain was tremendously important because it would raise the profile of British-Chinese work. David Tse acknowledged that the stakeholders of the British industry needed to notice the British-Chinese talents in the country. The festival at the Southbank Center was meant to expose the issue of diversity and show the great work done by the British-Chinese artists. David Tse also said that the festival was long overdue and the even was important for them because Southbank Centre attracted a large audience. The actor insisted that there should be more Chinese faces on popular British soaps to change how Chinese and East Asians are perceived as well as break the ‘bamboo ceiling.’ Tse added that when people were encouraged to think internationally and to celebrate the diversity within Britain, that would attract more Chinese faces on the screens and stage.

Facts to know about the actor

His father worked as a waiter in the UK

When they came to the UK from Hong Kong, Tse’s father got a job as a waiter. The actor remembered one day when his father came home with a big tin containing chocolates. Tse was excited as a kid and he had to befriend him so that he could have a bite of them. His mother was strict because Tse had four siblings. He was the youngest among them all which meant he got more favors just because of that, but that doesn’t mean he never got punished.

His father came to the UK because they were poor and he needed a job

Tse revealed in an interview that their family was poor and his father dropped out of school when he was 14 to start working. While working as a fitter, a family friend advised him to find a way to go to the UK, and find a job in any Chinese restaurant in the UK. He found a connection and in the 1960’s he went to the UK and worked as a waiter in several restaurants in Dublin. There was even a time he had the opportunity to serve Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Tse first saw snow when he came to Britain

When Tse and his family arrived in Britain, it was extremely cold and he saw the snow for the first time. He was just six and everything looked new and exciting but everything was so foreign. At the time, he wasn’t a good English speaker because back home, he had been in school for just a term. He was featured in a local newspaper after he was photographed in Herefordshire with another Chinese family. The newspaper headline read that there was a Chinese boy from Hong Kong who didn’t speak English.

His net worth

According to ‘Net Worth Post,’ David Tse has a net worth of $6 million dollars. He has made his net worth from his roles in ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,’ ‘Spy Game,’ ‘Soursweet,’ ‘Annie: Royal Adventure!’ and Tokyo Trial.’

David Tse is not a selfish person. He has tried everything to market his fellow Chinese in the acting industry. That’s one of the reasons that the actor is as lovable as he is.