Lesley Manville Wiki: Net Worth, Movie, ‘Phantom Thread’ & Facts To Know

Have you always wanted to know some facts about Lesley Manville such as her movies and net worth? Relax and unwind as this piece treats you to all about her.

Who Is Lesley Manville?

Lesley Manville is a British actress birthed on March 12, 1956, in Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom. She is the daughter of an ex-ballet dancer by the name Jean and Lesley Manville’s father, Ron Manville, was a taxicab driver. Lesley Manville is not the only child of her parents but the eldest of the three daughters born to them. It became obvious to everyone that Lesley Manville has a unique talent that perhaps the world was waiting for when even before she reached the age of 18, Lesley Manville had won the under-18 Sussex champions twice. In fact, Lesley Manville began training as a Soprano singer at the tender age of 8. It was during her teenage years that Lesley Manville started acting. However, Lesley Manville was only featured on TV series and not in movies by then. Her debut TV series appearance was in the work “King Cinder” and due to Lesley Manville’s sterling role in this series, Lesley Manville was invited to the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in the 1970s.

Lesley Manville In Movies

Lesley Manville, in addition to acting in TV series and movies, also performs extensively in the theater. Lesley Manville has up to date, over 25 theatrical appearances to her credit. Lesley Manville made her first appearance in movies in the year 1985 and the title was “Dance with a Stranger” which was directed by Mike Newell. From 1985 onward, Lesley Manville has continued to play different roles in movies. Some of the work Lesley Manville has appeared include Secrets & Lies (1996), All or Nothing (2002), Another Year (2010), Romeo and Juliet (2013), Maleficent (2014), Mr. Turner (2014), and Phantom Thread (2017). In all, Lesley Manville has appeared in over 27 movies. Some of those movies have won Lesley Manville fame, money, and awards. Prominent among them are Secrets & Lies (1996), Another Year (2010), Mr. Turner (2014), Maleficent (2014), and Phantom Thread (2017). Lesley Manville’s performance in Phantom Thread alone has won her 8 different award nominations out of which Lesley Manville has won one, while others are still pending. Do you think Lesley Manville has achieved a lot acting in movies? Maybe you have to check out her TV series career too. From the year 1977 that Lesley Manville started acting in TVs till now, Lesley Manville has featured in over 55 TV series. Some of these are The Gentle Touch (1980), Coronation Street (1982), Performance (1991), Painted Lady (1997), North & South (2004), Mayday (2013), and mum (2016). Lesley Manville was nominated for BAFTA’s awards in 2016 for her role in “Mum” and this great actress, Lesley Manville, has equally won herself a lot of popularity due to the number of features that she alone managed to record in acting. The detail of Lesley Manville awards would be discussed shortly.

Has Lesley Manville Won Any Award?

Definitely. An actress of Lesley Manville’s pedigree cannot but have received very many awards. As a matter of fact, the full descriptions of Lesley Manville’s awards can constitute a piece on its own. Therefore just a few of them and some notable nominations would be mentioned. For her role in movies, Lesley Manville has been nominated for a record time of 21 out of which she won 7. In 2002, Lesley Manville won two awards for her sterling role in “All or Nothing” and these are the Evening Standard British Film Award for Best Actress as well as the London Film Critics Circle Award for Best British Actress of the Year. Similarly, for her role in “Another Year,” Lesley Manville in 2010 won 4 solid awards. These are London Film Critics Circle Award for Best British Actress of the Year; National Board of Review Award for Best Actress; San Diego Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actress, and Santa Barbara International Film Festival Virtuoso Award respectively. “Phantom Thread” which is Lesley Manville’s most recent appearance in movies has won her at least 8 nominations and for those that have been decided, Lesley Manville has been crowned the winner of one which is the London Film Critics’ Circle Award for Supporting Actress of the Year. Currently, Lesley Manville would be waiting for March 4 when the winners of the Oscar 2018 awards would be announced to know if she, Lesley Manville, would be among the lucky winners of this highly-coveted award. Lesley Manville would be hoping to be crowned the Best Supporting Actress in the Oscar 2018 Awards for her role in “Phantom thread” but she’s got very keen contestants in Allison Janney, an American actress, and other too.

What Is Lesley Manville’s Net Worth?

Various sources seem to be giving different figures for Lesley Manville’s net worth but putting all of these figures together and considering the most consistent, we can say that Lesley Manville’s net worth is not less than a million USD. Of course, most of Lesley Manville’s income comes from acting. Perhaps, it is not the number of appearances that dictate net worth after all otherwise, judging by Lesley Manville overwhelming appearances in theaters, movies, and TV series, her net worth should have been more than that.

Lesley Manville’s Relationship?

Lesley Manville has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Gary Oldman who also is an actor. Lesley Manville and Oldman met while they were working at The Royal Court Theater. Unfortunately, just three months after giving birth to their baby, Oldman left Lesley Manville. That was in 1989. Moving on from the divorce, Lesley Manville again got married to Joe Dixon another actor. It is not very clear if Lesley Manville is still in that marriage because she was at a time living with her son, Alfie, in West Sussex.

Final Remarks

Lesley Manville, the Maria Hale in North & South series is no doubt, a prolific movie and theater actress. At age 62, one may be tempted to say that Lesley Manville has just but a few time left for her career. Lesley Manville’s worth is not bad but many would have thought that judging by her numerous film and theater appearances, she should have been commanding more millions of dollars. All the same, a $1 million is no small money. Lesley Manville herself seems to be okay with it.