Michelle Clunie Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Image & Facts About Bryan Singer’s Partner

The Queer as Folk actress Michelle Clunie also happens to be the partner of Bryan Singer. Find out more about her age, net worth, image and other facts.

Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer, the famous director of X-men: Dark Phoenix, was born on was born on September 17, 1965, in New York City, New York, USA. The well-known producer and director was born to parents Nobert Dave and Grace Singer. He has also directed ‘The Usual Suspects’ in 1995 and ‘Superman Returns’ in 2006. Bryan Singer attended the USC Cinema School in the year 1989 and also attended the West Windsor-Plainsboro High School in New Jersey. He is the cousin of actors Gregory Singer, Lori Singer, Marc Singer and Claude Singer. His most favorite movie is the thriller flick ‘Jaws’ released in the year 1975. The film has a famous line said by Chief Martin Brody after which he named his production company as ‘Bad Hat Harry Productions. Hat Harry Productions, is named after a line said by Chief Martin Brody in the film. He is ranked on the 46th position on Premiere Magazine’s 2006 ‘Power 50’ list. Bryan Singer has directed an Oscar-winning performance of Kevin Spacey in ‘The Usual Suspects’ in 1995. Bryan Singer is the father of Dashiell Julius William Clunie-Singer. Dashiell was born on January 5, 2015. Actress and Bryan Singer’s partner Michelle Clunie is the child’s mother. She happens to be best friends with Singer since he was 23 years old. Bryan Singer is openly bisexual. He and Clunie were not involved with each other romantically at the time of the birth of Dashiell but they later planned to raise the child together as co-parents for two years. Singer purchased a home for Clunie when she was seven months pregnant so that she could be close to him.

Michelle Clunie – partner of Bryan Singer

Michelle Clunie has performed in plays, recitals and operas since her childhood. She often performed as a dancer, actress and also as a violinist. She was awarded a scholarship at The Academy of Professional Ballet in her teenage years. When she was 19 years old, she had to sell her violin for $200 in order to move to Los Angeles where she wanted to pursue her acting career. Michelle Clunie is best known for her role as Melanie Marcus in the TV series ‘Queer as Folk’. Melanie Marcus was a smart, activist-minded and determined lesbian attorney in the series. It was the first of its kind critically acclaimed series. Another famous role of ‘Ellen Beals’ on ‘ABC Family’s Make it or Break it’ also won her a lot of accolades. She also played a guest star on MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ as Mrs. Finch. In 1995, Clunie played an Academy Award-winning role in ‘The Usual Suspects’ which followed by a supporting role in ‘Lost & Found which also starred stars David Spade and Martin Sheen. After these award-winning roles she was regularly cast in TV series like ‘The Jeff Foxworthy Show’. She also guest starred on ER, The Tony Danza Show, NCIS and some many more. She appeared in ‘Dean Orions Confessions of a Raging Male Heterosexual’ at the Skylight Theatre in Los Angeles when she was 23 years old. This performance won her the Dramalogue Award for Best Actress. Other highlights of her stage performances are her role as Abby in ‘The Mercy Seat’. This won her the Backstage Readers Best Performance Award. A powerful story ‘US’ is a very modern 21st-century love story set against the Presidential election of 2008 which examines the power struggles in both the bedroom and politics. The story revolves around how people meet, copulate, communicate and also fall in love in the new era of media and technology. Michelle Clunie has a mind of her own and is well-known for always speaking her mind and about whatever she believes in. While she was performing in the five seasons of ‘Queer as Fold, she also became a vocal advocate for Human Rights. Since last 15 years, she has been fighting for Full Equality. She grew up in Portland, Oregon. She played a lesbian in ‘Queer as Folk’ and it was there that she developed the talent and integrity. Clunie was mentored by Beverly Hills Playhouse founder Milton Katselas. She credits him for encouraging her to take risks in life and also for tackling complex characters. She hails from a family of writers wherein her brother is a writer along with her mother’s cousin – Jim Cash who wrote many blockbuster hits in the 80s one of which is Top Gum. She has a dog named Jimi after Jimi Hendrix.

Michelle Clunie net worth

The net worth of Michelle Clunie is $3 million.

Bryan Singer sexual assault

The X-men: Dark Phoenix just got its cast list a few days ago. X-men director, Bryan Singer recently made headlines in April 2014 when he was served with a lawsuit alleging him of sexual assault against Michael Egan in the late 1990s. Egan was 17 years old at that time. In May 2014, another British man who chose to remain anonymous accused Singer and producer Gary Goddard of sexual assault. The first lawsuit was, however, withdrawn in August 2014.