David Benioff’s Wife Wiki: Everything To Know About Amanda Peet

Get to know more about David Benioff’s wife, Amanda Peet, who is an actress. Below are facts about her that you ought to know.

Amanda Peet: David Benioff’s wife

Have you been watching “Brockmire”? You need to if you are a baseball fan. “Brockmire” is an American sitcom that airs on IFC. It stars Hank Azaria and David Benioff’s wife, Amanda Peet, as the main actors. You will have a lot of laughs if you watch the show. “Brockmire” follows the life of Jim Brockmire who happens to be a Major League Baseball announcer and suffers an embarrassment in public after he reacts to the discovery of his wife’s infidelity. Ten years later, Brockmire decides to reclaim his career and love life. You need to catch up with the show. Let’s discuss Amanda Peet. Peet is a 46-year-old actress and writer who has appeared on stage, film and TV. Shortly after completing university, Benioff’s wife began her career in TV commercials before she upgraded to small roles on TV. Peet made her debut 1995. Mrs. Benioff rose to fame and became a household name after she starred in 2000 comedy film, “The Whole Nine Yards.” Amanda Peet has starred mostly in comedy films. The actress and writer was born in New York City just like her husband, David Benioff. Peet’s mother, Penny, was a social worker while her father Charles Peet was a corporate lawyer. Her parents divorced while she was growing up. Her mother comes from a Jewish family while her father is a Quaker. Peet’s grandfathers were also some prestigious people in their lives. From her father’s side, the grandfather was a Roxy Rothafel who was an entrepreneur while her mother’s father was a public official.

She lived in London for a while

Peet moved with her family to London when she was just seven and she was raised under the Quaker traditions before returning to New York four years later. Benioff’s wife attended Friends Seminary which was a Quaker school and after graduating she moved on to Columbia University where she acquired a degree in American history. While in college, she would audition with her teacher Utah Hagen, and after taking her class, she decided to be an actress. Peet has also appeared in movies like “Something’s Gotta Give”, and “A Lot Like Love”. David Benioff and his wife Amanda Peet met on set and dated for a while before they finally tied the knot on September 30, 2006, in New York City. The couple still has much affection towards one another, and hopefully, they won’t follow the Hollywood trend of break ups and divorces. Benioff and his wife Peet have three kids, Frances, Molly, and Henry. The family has a home in Manhattan and Beverly Hills. Peet was Lauren Holly’s maid of honor in her wedding with Francis Greco. She is also a great friend of Sarah Paulson.

Facts about David Benioff’s wife

She has participated in activism

Apart from acting, Peet has taken the lead role in making a world a better place by volunteering. In 2008, she volunteered to be the spokeswoman for ECBT, a non-profit organization funded by well-wishers and the government and advocates childhood vaccination. Peet was concerned by the misfortunes around America about vaccines, especially in Hollywood and so she began working with the group. According to Daily Mail, Peet stated that she felt that parents who didn’t vaccinate their kids were parasites. The comments stirred controversy and she later apologized for using the word parasites but still stood firm on the importance of vaccinating the children.

Maria Menounos asked Peet about her husband’s project

There are times when we are watching E! hosts interviewing celebrities and sometimes it looks awkward what they are actually finding answers for. One of those cases was when Menounos was asking Peet some questions back in 2015. Instead of asking Peet about her then-new HBO series, “Togetherness,” she asked her about Benioff’s project, “Game of Thrones.” Menounos told Peet how she was a huge fan of “Game of Thrones,” and added that’s he had read books and become obsessed with the series. She then started asking Peet about her husband, David Benioff and his going with the TV series. Well, she should have asked Natalie Dormer, Emilia Clarke or Kit Harington who were in the TV series or waited for Benioff himself. It was unfair that Menounos focused on “Game of Thrones” on Peet’s interview.

She injured herself last year while filming

“Brockmire’s” production had to be turned down temporarily after Amanda Peet got injured while she was trying to perform a beer drinking stunt. Peet plays the bartender and she was supposed to hold a can of beer in one hand and poke it open with the other then guzzle it quickly in the scene. However, her timing was off and she ended up injuring her forehead. In an interview, Benioff’s wife revealed that she hadn’t done that stunt for a long time and actually she has shotgunned a beer once in her life. It was an incredible feeling for her, but the accident was uncool. She went to catch the beer and it hit her head hard.

Her net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Amanda Peet has a net worth of $18 million which she has made through acting in movies like “The Whole Nine Yards”, “Something’s Gotta Give”, “A Lot Like Love” and the TV show “Brockmire”.

Ever since Amanda Peet became the leading actress on “Brockmire,” she has had a lot of attention and had the moment to showcase her talent. It seems she won’t be appearing in any movie this year though.