5 Things to Know About Dan Stevens And His Wife, Susie Hariet

Attractive. Talented. In love. People pretty much agree that Dan Stevens and wife Susie Hariet are the perfect couples. Let’s take a closer look.

Happily Married Heartthrob Dan Stevens and wife Susie Hariet

Let’s just start with the obvious. A bonus fact, really. Dan Stevens and wife Susie Hariet are pretty much the perfect couple. They’re both insanely talented. They light up the red carpet. They have a combined net worth that has eight figures They’re cute together. They have three beautiful children. The Downton Abbey, Beauty and the Beast and FX show Legion star, and his redhead wife, are also intensely private. They are photographed together on the red carpet and in public, but Dan Stevens (almost) never shares photos of their children or private life on social media. HIs wife, Susie Hariet, isn’t active on social media at all. There’s something adorable about that, isn’t there? Let’s take a quick look at what makes Dan Stevens and wife Susie Hariet so freaking awesome. Shall we?

1. They Met While Working in the Same Town

Dan Stevens and wife Susie Hariet met back in 2006 when they were each working in theater in the town of Sheffield. Dan Stevens was doing a play called “The Romans in Britain” at a theater called The Crucible. His future wife was performing in a musical in the same town. The Downton Abbey dreamboat has been quoted as saying the love between he and Susie was “pretty much instant. While Susie Hariet has left the acting industry, she has stayed busy. She is known as an incredible jazz singer and currently works as a singing teacher and coach.

2. She’s South African and Older Than Him

Susie Hariet, Beauty and the Beast star Dan Stevens’ wife, is a native of South Africa. While it’s unclear when she arrived in England, we know she met Dan Stevens in 2006. That would be the Dan Stevens who is almost seven(!) years younger than his wife. She was born in late December 1975, while Dan Stevens came into the world in October 1982. A seven-year age gap means almost nothing these days, but still, you rarely see a Hollywood leading man so much younger than his wife. She certainly doesn’t look almost 42 … but that ride on the bitter bus can wait.

3. They Have a Net Worth in the Eight Figures

With leading roles in Downton Abbey, Beauty and the Beast and the FX show Legion, in addition to his stage acting career, Dan Stevens has accumulated a net worth of more than $13 million. The net worth of his wife, Susie Hariet, is unknown because the redhead keeps her private life just that – private. She’s not on social media, she doesn’t give many interviews and her children are almost never in the public eye. Given those facts, the net worth of the Stevens family is calculated based on Dan Stevens’ earnings alone. Needless to say, with everything Dan Stevens has in the hopper and everything that will undoubtedly come his way into the future, the family’s net worth will only continue to rise.

4. They Live in Brooklyn

As if Brooklyn you really need another reason to be searching the Brooklyn apartment listings, residents of the borough may just run into Dan Stevens, wife Susie Hariet and their children on the street. That’s right. Dan Stevens and his family lived in London until 2012, but have called Brooklyn Heights home since the spring of 2013. Dan Stevens fell in love with Brooklyn when he was doing a six-month run of the Broadway play “The Heiress” and made it his family’s permanent home after the show ended. Interestingly, Dan Stevens first came to New York in 2005 and starred in the Broadway show “As You Like It” with an actress named Rebecca Hall … who would later become godmother to the oldest Stevens’ child? In an interview with the New Yorker, Dan Stevens recalled how he crashed on a friend’s couch in Brooklyn to avoid paying rent while doing that play. In the same New Yorker interview, Dan Stevens mentions that the poet Walt Whitman was one of the major inspirations for his love of Brooklyn. The Stevens family doesn’t just hunker down in Brooklyn, though. Susie Hariet is a native of South Africa, and Dan Stevens, his wife and children seem to spend a whole lot of time in her country, too.

5. Susie Hariet Isn’t Just an Actress

Dan Stevens met his wife, Susie Hariet, when they were both working as actors in the English town of Sheffield. They both have experience on the stage and screen. Susie Hariet has three movie credits: Worth (2007), The Dark Room (2010) and Forget Me Not (2010). If you need a recap of Dan Stevens’ on-screen accomplishments, you’re on your own. However, Susie Hariet’s credentials didn’t stop when she left the acting world. She is an accomplished jazz singer, which isn’t a stretch when considering that she was working in a musical when she met now-husband Dan Stevens. She is currently also working to pass on her talents by working as a singing teacher and coach. Susie Hariet also didn’t just fall into show business. Her mother was an actress and Dan Stevens’ wife has credited her mother for inspiring her on her career path.