Melissa Benoist Wiki: Everything To Know About The ‘Supergirl’ Actress

Melissa Benoist is a renowned Hollywood actress and singer. Here are interesting facts that you may not know about her including her net worth. Find out here.


Melissa Benoist is widely known as a talented singer and actor. The actress became famous after she participated in the drama series ‘supergirl ’in CBS/CW series. Thereafter she was widely recognized for acting in a Fox musical comedy-drama television series known as Glee. She played the role of Marley Rose, which portrayed her well.

Melissa Benoist’s Early Life

Melissa Benoist was born on 4 October in 1988. Benoist grew up in Littleton, Colorado in the United States of America. She grew up acting as well as singing in her rural town. Her parents were Jim and Julie Benoist. She has two elder sisters, Jessica and Kristina Benoist. Later on, after some years, Benoist’s father remarried thereby, having five half-siblings joining Benoist’s family. The actress studied at Arapahoe high school in Centennial where she graduated in 2007. She later joined Marymount College in New York City and graduated in 2011. From there on, Miss Benoist started her career path.

Benoist’s Career Path

Benoist who is currently 30 years old started her career in 2008 while she was 20 years old. Benoist landed her first film called ‘Tennessee’ in 2010. The actress starred in one episode of ‘criminal intent.’ Benoist continued making her career path bright by participating in TV series such as ‘Special Victims Unit,’ ‘Blue Bloods,’ ‘The Good Wife,’ among others. Her breakthrough came when she landed a role in a comedy-drama series ‘Glee’ in 2014. She starred as Marley Rose in the 4th and 5th season of the musical comedy-drama series ‘glee’. Mellissa Benoist is also a singer. She auditioned in ‘Glee’ with songs such as fidelity king of anything among others. Consequently, in the same year, she also landed another role in an Oscar-nominated film called ‘whiplash’. She played the part of Laurel where she captured her fans well by portraying her quirky and charming personality. She also appeared in a film called ‘The Longest Ride’ where she starred as Marcia. In 2015, Melissa Benoist landed another role in the CBS/CW drama series ‘supergirl’. This was the breakthrough in her career. Melissa Benoist became worldwide known as she starred as Kara Danvers on ’Supergirl’. She was nicknamed as the CBS/CW ‘super girl.’ Andrew Kreisberg was an executive producer on ‘Warner Bros’ production. He produced ‘supergirl,’ ‘arrow’, ‘flash,’ and ‘DCs legend of tomorrow.’ He was fired after being accused by multiple female and male employees for sexual harassment for several years. Andrew Kreisberg denied the allegations. He has been fired by Warner Bros production after a thorough investigation. His departure has affected those series but they will be back on air in a few weeks as Melissa Benoist claims.

Benoist’s Private Life

Melissa Benoist married her Glee co-star Blake Jenner after they had dated for a while. The two co-starred in Glee film. Despite both being in other relationships, they started flirting with each other as they acted together. A month later, they made their first announcement about their relationship. The wedding was glamorous and was held in 2015 the same year after they met. Their marriage hit a rocky path since Melissa Benoist filed for divorce the following year in December 2016. Well, no one knows what really took place for the couple to break it off, but their union seemed so promising. Some sources claim that the actress is currently dating her co-star in Super Girl, Chuck Wood. However, neither of them has spoken of their commitment to each other yet.

Benoist‘s Body Measurements

Melissa Benoist is 5 feet and 8 inches long. She weighs 55kg. She has a curvaceous body that makes her look sexy and elegant. She has long light brown hair with blue eyes.

The Actress’ Net Worth

Melissa Benoist, being an actress and a singer, she has starred in many films. She is estimated to have a net worth of $3 million. Benoist has made her career greater by starring in TV series Glee and super girl. She has also taken part in TV movies such as Whiplash, Tennessee, Longest Ride, and Band of Robbers. Melissa Benoist has appeared in some TV series episodes such as Criminal Intent, Law and Order, Blue Bloods, Good Wife, Homeland, Arrow and Special Victims Unit. All these have made her net worth to rise. She continues to land other roles such as Low Riders. Low Rider is a drama concerning a father and son. The son meets a white girl called Lorelai (Melissa Benoist) who is a photographer. They fall in love in the lowriders life. In this drama, we get to see the lowriders live through Melissa Benoist eyes. Their romance life will not last long due to Lorelai’s behavior. This movie will increase her net worth. Melissa Benoist with her multiple professions will enable her to increase her net worth in a massive way. Melissa Benoist is an amazing actress and singer. Despite being born in a rural setting in Colorado, she has made her career grow. Benoist started building her career at a young age and she has done a marvelous job at it. She has starred in many drama films, TV series and movies such as Super Girl, Arrow, Homeland, Glee, The Good Wife to mention but a few. Benoist got married to her co-star Blake Jenner but it did not work out as hoped. Her net worth has multiplied and continues to multiply as she lands more film jobs. As you can see, she is progressing well in both her career and life in general.