Chris Matthews Wiki: Net Worth, Author, TV Show & Facts To Know

Chris Matthews is popular beyond the US and he is a political commentator as well as an author. Here are facts about him, including his net worth.

Political commentator Chris Matthews

There is probably no any other political commentator in America as popular like Chris Matthews. At least, none with so many achievements in life! Matthews is also a talk show host and an author who has written as couple of politically motivated books. Some people say is Chris Matthews would not have become any of his professionals; he would probably be a senator. Most of those people who love watching him tune to “Hardball with Chris Matthews” on MSNBC. He also played part in creating the movie, “State of Play.” The 72-year-old Matthews was born in Philadelphia. His father’s name is Herb Matthews and he worked as a court reporter while his mother is called Mary Teresa and she was a housewife. Matthews’s father was a Protestant while his mother was Catholic. Matthews himself followed the roots of his mother and to date he is a staunch Roman Catholic. He has a mixture of English, Irish and Scottish roots. Matthews attended a college and a university before studying politics at Harvard University.

Facts about the author

He hosts the TV show, Hardball With Chris Matthews

Matthews hosts the show TV show which is normally broadcasted on MSNBC. “Hardball with Chris Matthews usually air form 7 PM ET. The TV show was created form a book that Matthews authored in 1988. Matthews’s show used to air at America’s Talking before going to CNBC. It was moved from CNBC to MSNBC. In the TV show which is talking-head like cable news kind of show, the host, Chris Matthews advances on opinions on a variety of topics while focusing on the current political state in America. Matthews engages a panel of guests consisting some of the well-known political analysts, and sometimes, politicians like senators. The show also gives awards to prominent politicians. The most popular politicians to get the awards are Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama.

He is an acclaimed political author

Matthews has written a couple of books that every aspiring politician would want to read. Among his bestselling books are “Kennedy & Nixon,” and “American.” “Kennedy & Nixon” speaks about president John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. They were greatest friends who dreamed of being the greatest young leaders in the country, but then they became enemies. Matthews manages to narrate in the book how their rivalry changed both of them and the country. The Matthews shows the difference between the charismatic Kennedy and the super talented Nixon who each one had an impact during his tenure. New York Times described the other book, “American: Beyond our Grandest Notions” as one of the Best-Selling fiercely independent book. In the book, Matthews describes the American people citing that they are unified by their independence, freedom, and love. He adds that Americans are just like anybody on earth and are united by distinct ideas about themselves rather than their languages and ethnicity. Chris Matthews presents an image of a country that is part of the world armed with one weapon, unity of people eager to prevail. The books are part of the contributors to his net worth.

He admires Obama

In 2013, Matthews described Obama as the perfect American again. In 2008, Matthews had praised Obama after he won the election. Matthews said that Obama’s speech had sent a “thrill” up his leg and in 2013 while discussing gun control among other things, he said that Obama was a true American while on his show that has helped him collect a considerable net worth. According to Matthews, Obama was a perfect American, not speaking on the TV show’s behalf but on his own behalf as an American citizen. Matthews stated that Obama went to school, never broke any law and did everything the way he was supposed to. Matthews added that there were no records of Obama getting a speeding ticket and that that the former president always did everything right.

Matthews apologized for Bill Cosby Pill

In 2016, a video surfaced of Chris Matthews joking about “Bill Cosby pill,” and the world didn’t take it lightly. Matthews joked before interviewing Hillary Clinton who was a presidential candidate back then competing against the current President Donald Trump. Matthews said that he was sorry for making a terrible comment. He was speaking to New York Magazine’s The Cut who had acquired Matthews video and published it. In the video, Matthews asks about using waters which perhaps were reserved for Hillary Clinton. He then asks where the Bill Cosby pill he came with was. Multiple women had complained about Cosby drugging them before assaulting them.

He didn’t appear for press briefing after the apology

After he apologized, Matthews was scheduled to make a press conference. It’s at the time that some of the staffers were accusing him of being a sexist and being very abusive. Matthews’ joke somehow woke his past mistake that he wanted to be forgotten. The press wanted him to address the allegations facing him. But he quietly skipped the press briefing.

Matthews’ net worth

Matthews has a net worth of $16 million. Much of his net worth is from his books while the rest is his annual salary form his TV host job and the movie, “State of Play.”

The first month of 2018 is almost over, but people have probably not forgotten about Matthews’ 1999 sexual harassment case. Some new outlets leaked the story in December last year. Probably Matthews is still trying to bury the story.