Cathy Konrad Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About James Mangold’s Wife

James Mangold divorced his wife Cathy Konrad in 2014. Here are some 5 facts about the film and television producer, Cathy Konrad.

A brief about James Mangold

James Mangold was born in 1963. He is an American film and television director, producer, and screenwriter. He has directed many films during his career including Cop Land in 1997, Girl interrupted in 1999, Kate & Leopold in 2001, Walk the Line in 2005, 3:10 to Yuma in 2007, Knight and Day in 2010, The Wolverine in 2013, and Logan in 2017. James Mangold produced and directed pilots for television series ‘Men in Trees’ which was aired from 2006 to 2008, ‘NYC 22’ aired from 2011 to 2012, and Vegas which was aired from 2012 to 2013. James Mangold is the son of artists Robert Mangold and Sylvia Plimack Mangold. His mother is Jewish and so he calls himself ‘half-Jewish’. Mangold was raised in New York State’s Hudson River Valley. He graduated from Washingtonville High School was later attended the California Institute of the Arts film/video program. In 1985, Mangold secured his first writer/director deal at Disney. He wrote a television movie and also co-wrote the animated feature ‘Oliver and Company’. He moved to New York a few years later and applied to Columbia University’s film school where he managed to graduate with an MA in film. While he was there, he developed ‘Cop Land’ and ‘Heavy’. Mangold has also worked as a feature writer and director since 1995 when his first feature, ‘Heavy’ won the best directing prize at the Sundance Film Festival. His film, Cop Land starred Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, and Ray Liotta. Mangold’s film, ‘Girl Interrupted’ won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar Award in 1999 for Angelina Jolie. James Mangold co-wrote and directed ‘Walk the Line’ in 2005 with Gill Dennis. ‘Walk the Line’ was a film about the young life of singer-songwriter Johny Cash and his relationship with June Carter Cash. Mangold also served as a producer under his own production banner, ‘Tree Line Film’. Mangold also appeared as an actor in ‘The Sweetest Thing’ as the doctor and love interest to Christina Applegate as well as in his own movie ‘Kate & Leopold’ playing a movie director. Mangold appeared at the San Diego Comic-Con to promote his film, ‘The Wolverine’ in 2013. In June 2011, Mangold was hired, initially just to direct the X-Men movie The Wolverine. Mangold along with the other screenwriters for this film adapted the screenplay based upon Frank Miller and Chris Claremont’s Japanese Wolverine saga and entered production in Japan and Australia in July 2012. He completed photography of the film in November of the same year. As soon as it was released it was a box office success and made a worldwide gross profit of $414,828,246 with a budget of $120 million. Following the box office success of Wolverine and the moderate critical response in response to the film, Mangold signed on to direct and write the sequel, ‘Logan’ in 2017. ‘Logan’ was Mangold and Jackman’s third collaboration together. Logan was a critical and commercial success and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and it was also Mangold’s first Academy Award nomination. In 2017, James got into negotiations with Fox to develop and direct an adaptation of Don Winslow’s upcoming novel, ‘The Force about corrupt NYPD officers’. The film will release by 2019. James Mangold married film producer Cathy Konrad in 1999. They have two sons. The couple announced their divorce in 2014.

His wife Cathy Konrad

Cathy Konrad was born in 1963. She is an American film and television producer who has produced nineteen feature films so far. Her famous films include ‘Walk the Line’, ‘3:10 to Yuma’, ‘Girl Interrupted’, ‘Kids’ and ‘Scream 2’. Konrad has been working exclusively on TV. Her film, ‘Scream 2’ released in 1997, after her film ‘Scream’ was released in 1996, was a huge success. Cathy Konrad signed a deal with Insurgent Media and the first project to be developed under the deal is Cicada 3301 which is an espionage TV thriller based on the real-life global code-breaking phenomenon that has, since 2012, posted puzzles online with the reported aim of recruiting “highly intelligent individuals.” Konrad said, “I have been fortunate in my career to work with partners who share my taste and passion for both genre and character stories,” said Konrad. “While working with the Insurgent team, it has become clear, very quickly, that we share a similar aesthetic and sensibility for storytelling, and that we are in sync with regards to the talent we want to be in business with and support creatively.”

Net worth

The net worth of Cathy Konrad is $16 million and the net worth of James Mangold is $20 million.

5 facts to know about Cathy Konrad

Here are some more interesting facts about producer Cathy Konrad: 1. Cathy Konrad was highest rated for her movie, ‘3:10 to Yuma’ in 2007 and lowest rated for her movie, ‘Teaching Mrs. Tingle’ in 1999. 2. Cathy Konrad co-produced films, ‘Things to do in Denver when you are Dead’ in 1995 and ‘Kids’ in 1995. 3. Cathy Conrad and her husband divorced after 15 years of marriage citing irreconcilable differences. 4. The two worked on several high-profile projects together. Not only was Konrad involved in ‘Walk The Line’ and ‘Knight And Day’, but they paired up for 2002 film ‘The Sweetest Thing’. 5. Konrad has requested joint physical and legal custody of their two sons aged nine and six as well as spousal support.

The two parted ways a few years ago but not much information is available currently regarding their personal lives.