Lucky Blue Smith Wiki: Everythig To Know About Stormi Bree’s Boyfriend

Get to know more about Stormi Bree’s boyfriend, Lucky Blue Smith. He is a leading model in the world. Read facts about him below including his net worth.

Who is Lucky Blue Smith?

There is nothing that disturbs a girl’s mind like a guy who she can’t reach. There are a lot of handsome guys in the world, but it seems Justin Bieber-like boys get more attention. One of those guys is Stormi Bree’s boyfriend, Lucky Blue Smith. Smith is really handsome and his signature, the platinum blond bleached hair, makes him even more good looking. Smith’s natural hair is ash blonde. The 19-year-old Smith is not only a model but also a musician. Lucky Blue Smith was scouted when he was just 10 and by the time he was 12, Smith had been signed to an international modeling agency. Born in Spanish Fork, Utah, Smith is the only boy among the four children of Sheridan, who is a former model. Smith’s father is known as Dallon and he is a hobbyist musician who owns a guitar-string company. His three sisters were scouted with Smith in Utah. After he was signed with Next Management, Smith and his entire family moved to Los Angeles where his younger siblings started being homeschooled. Not long after Smith had arrived in LA, he was photographed by Hedi Slimane alongside his siblings and they became an instant hit after appearing on Vogue Homme Japan. Smith’s agent told him to dye his hair platinum blond and from there, his modeling career took off. By 2015, Stormi Bree’s boyfriend has appeared on dozens of magazine covers and fronted various fashion campaigns for renown Tom Ford and Philipp Plein. Smith actually appeared on Lady Gaga’s fashion video for Tom Ford. Lucky Blue Smith is loved from all over the world and, as a result, many magazines from different countries such as France, Spain, America, Ukraine, and Britain have covered him in their editorials.

Smith has written his own book

Described as a mixture of the Rolling Stone, Justin Bieber, and the Beatles by the New York Times, Lucky Blue Smith has brought to his fans a fully illustrated behind-the-scenes experience into his small world through a book. Boasting 3.3 million-plus followers on Instagram and with accolades such as the Male Model of the Year, Smith is the biggest male model in the world right now making a good net worth from his modeling career. Smith’s book which is titled “Stay Golden,” takes his fans through a journey into the heart of his universe and features a collection of his best and personal photographs. “Stay Golden” is a full-color book which will put you right beside Smith as if he is narrating to you his life experiences face to face. You get to know Smith’s stories about life, his passions, inspirations, and also understand the pressure of being a teenager in the current world. Smith allows his fans to access him and reveals everything about him from his style influences to the relationships he has been in. Bree’s boyfriend writes about his fans, family, his modeling career, music and movies, one of them being “Love Everlasting.” Smith also discusses the memories of his childhood and his crazy life on the road. The model doesn’t forget to share his life lessons and offer advice to the readers on how to be happy, healthy and successful. You need to grab “Stay Golden” if you adore Smith.

Facts about Stormi Bree’s boyfriend

Smith is in a band and sings just like Bree

Smith is also a singer like his girlfriend, Bree. Smith and his sisters have a band called the Atomics. His sisters, 23-year-old Daisy Clementine, 21-year-old Pyper America, and Starlie Cheyenne, aged 25, are all part of the band alongside Smith and they are managed by Simon Fuller. Smith and his sisters toured the UK in 2017 and performed in major cities.

Smith’s face is not only on Instagram

Being a successful model like Smith, your face can’t be found on Instagram alone. That’s the actual case for Smith. Bree’s boyfriend has appeared on many magazine covers and dominated the runways around the world. According to BAAZAR, Smith has walked the runway in prestigious cities like Paris, London, Milan, and New York walking for labels such as Bottega Veneta, Fendi, and Roberto Cavalli.

Smith first experienced fans in London

When Smith found out that he was going to London, he tweeted about it asking who lives in London and revealing that he was going there. Smith was with his mother when he went to London and immediately after he landed, around 50 girls were waiting for him at the airport. He thought it was weird since he had not revealed what flight he was taking, but they still found out. Smith felt it bizarre meeting the girls. At the time, he hadn’t met Bree.

Family friend Rob Diamond put Smith in a movie

Lucky Blue Smith is an actor also just like his partner Bree and he landed a role in the movie “Love Everlasting,” courtesy of the director, Rob Diamond, who happened to be their family friend.

Smith’s net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lucky Blue Smith has a net worth of $1 million. Bree has almost half of that.

Smith is really lucky. No wonder his name is Lucky. And he has blue eyes! Not many teenagers have that success and together with his girl, Bree, they make a good couple.