Tom Brady Wiki: Patriots, Quarterback, Net Worth & Facts To Know

Tom Brady, the quarterback for New England Patriots for the last 16 seasons, has earned himself a whopping net worth. Read on to know more about his life.

The NFL Star – Tom Brady

Tom Brady needs no introduction for the NFL fans. They are already in awe of this amazing player. He knows how to win hearts of millions on the field with his skills and be a nightmare for the opponents. Tom Brady is touted as the 15th highest paid athlete on the NFL wealthiest player list. The New England Patriots player, Tom Brady was born on August 3, 1977, in San Mateo, California. Tom Brady was a talent who tried his hands on different kinds of sports like football, baseball, and basketball. But his love for football won over other two sports and he finally chooses to stick to football.

Five-time Super Bowl Champion Quarterback

One of the most successful American football players, Tom Brady is 54th highest paid player in the world. He has gained that position with his consistent performances. Tom Brady has earned his position in the history of American football. The New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady is a five-time Super Bowl champion. Charles Haley was the first player to win 5-time Super Bowl Championship, but as a quarterback, Tom Brady is the first player to achieve this feat. The quarterback doesn’t seek for any exterior motivation because he feels what he has inside him is enough to keep him going. Tom Brady always carries his suspension letter that he received in 2016 season games for a controversial penalty. That very old suspension letter is a huge source of motivation for the New England Patriot quarterback. So, now you know how Tom Brady keeps himself motivated in the field to attain a feat that no other quarterback has ever achieved. Even after winning five-time Super Bowl championship, the quarterback still has to prove his mettle. There is a huge hullabaloo about his hand injury and whether Tom Brady will be able to play or not. Speaking on Brady’s hand injury, Coach Doug Marrone said that, it doesn’t matter whether his right hand is injured or not, he has the ability to throw the ball with his left hand as well and he will do a good job with that too. Marrone finds it quite odd that people still question the ability of a five-time Super Bowls champion quarterback.

Net Worth Of Tom Brady

After playing hard for so many years, Tom Brady has earned himself a fortune of $180 million. But, if you take in the net worth of his wife, the famous model Gisele Bundchen, then it is a staggering figure of $540 million. Gisele Bundchen, wife of Tom Brady is a popular and the richest supermodel of the world. Her net worth is $380 million and that includes her modeling assignment and endorsements. Tom Brady’s net worth includes his salary and endorsements of products like Glaceau Smart Water, Movado, Under Armour, Aston Martin, and Ugg Boots.

How They Both Met!

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady met on a blind date. They both were set up by their friends. They were told that both of them were alike in many ways. So, finally, both Gisele and Tom Brady agreed to meet each other. It was love at first sight for Gisele. She once told that the very first moment she looked into his eyes, she knew that this man is the one whom she can trust with all her heart. The couple is blessed with two children, a boy Benjamin Rein and a girl Vivian Lake. Tom Brady is a doting father to both his children. You can get a glimpse of their happy family from their Instagram account. They both have a huge number of followers on Instagram.

Some Unknown Facts

Tom Brady was not that conscious about his diet back then when he started off as he is now. Earlier his lunch used to include nachos, cheese and ham subs and orange soda and for dinner, he used to have pizza. But, now he follows a strict diet and he wouldn’t even dream of suggesting such unhealthy eating habit to anybody. Tom Brady is not a night person, so you will find him in tucked in his bed by 8.30 pm. Till date, he has lost to the only team and that is Broncos 7 to 9. In his long career, no other team has been able to defeat this supremely talented quarterback. Tom Brady’s fans make sure that they have their favorite star’s jersey with them. There are several online portals that have his jersey on sale. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen used to stay in an 18000 sq. foot mansion that they sold to Dr. Dre for $40 million. Originally, they purchased the mansion for only $11.75 million. Now, looking at the figure you can pretty well guess who had the last laugh. Tom Brady was one of the few players who have achieved the feat of winning a Super Bowls in the second season. But, what makes it even more special is that Tom Brady was on the bench and played only once during the first season.