Becca Kufrin Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About The ‘New Bachelorette’

You is everything you need know about about The Bachelor winner, Becca Kufrin who is a publicist. Below are facts about her, however, her net worth has yet to be revealed.

Becca Kufrin: Publicist and winner of ‘The Bachelor’

Most lovers of ‘The Bachelor’ television show followed their favorite ladies from January until recently when a winner was given a rose and this season of the show came to an end. Some of the contestants, like Bekah had a good chance of winning Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s heart from the moment the show started and most fans thought it was either her or Becca Kufrin who would win his heart. The show had so many women named Lauren as contestants, but nobody could predict which one would fall in love with Arie Luyendyk Jr. but what can we say? The show really played with our minds this season. Becca won, but the bachelor changed his mind, apologized to Becca and proposed to the first runner-up, Lauren. Becca was then named to be on the ‘Bachelorette’ the sister show. But who is Becca Kufrin? Twenty-seven year old Becca Kufrin was born in Prior Lake, Minnesota and she studied at Minnesota State University where the publicist graduated with a degree in mass communication and public relations in 2012. Kufrin described herself on her ABC profile as a loyal, honest and charismatic woman. The bachelorette also has three tattoos, one on her hand, another one on her wrist and the last one on her right foot. Kufrin can’t live without stamps, popcorn, face cream, bobby pins, and lip balms, which right there is proof enough proof she’s a girly girl. According to her LinkedIn profile, Kufrin works as an account executive at Skyya Communications, a position she has held since September 2012. The company’s website states that it’s an agency which serves all communication needs of upcoming companies as well-established ones all over the world. In a summary section under Kufrin’s LinkedIn page, she explains that her role in the company is to maintain standing relationships with customers, their lifestyle, businesses, travel and also focus on broadcast and niche press. Kufrin also does a secured media placement on behalf of the company’s clients in several top-tier outlets like Fox News, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNBC, Huffington Post, Men’s Health, and Martha Stewart Living. The publicist also shares some of the clients she has worked with and the list looks so awesome. One of the companies that Becca Kufrin has worked with is PangeaBed which is a company that mainly deals with mattresses and also pillows, according to the company’s website. Another client of the publicist is OddLot Labs which believes that backpacks can be made in a better way that is environmentally friendly. Becca Kufrin has made quite a net worth as a publicist.

She sensed that something was not right

Becca Kufrin is the winner of this year’s ‘The Bachelor’ and the next ‘The Bachelorette.’ Beating all the girls to win the show meant that she would the prize, Ari Luyendyk Jr.’s heart, and she had done so already. According to Kufrin however, she suspected the former bachelor might not be right for her before he even ended his engagement to her. The publicist told People that she noticed something was not right when Arie Luyendyk Jr. arrived in L.A. for their planned “romantic weekend.” The night before, Arie switched out his phone and Kufrin thought it was pretty strange when he walked into the house without his suitcase. Kufrin said she was beginning to wonder what was going on. Luyendyk had dumped Lauren Burnham on the season’s finale and gone with Becca Kufrin. To everyone’s surprise, the tables turned and Luyendyk broke off the engagement with Kufrin to go back to Lauren. ABC aired the whole unedited breakup on their channel and fans of ‘The Bachelor’ were angry at Luyendyk for agreeing to film it. They believed it was all done in poor taste and they were upset that he proposed to Lauren on a special live show on the Tuesday after the show was over. Kufrin said that a breakup is hard and to film it and allow people to watch her get heartbroken was embarrassing and like a slap in the face to her. Kufrin added that checking on his Facebook and Instagram account, it was evident that Arie was still in love with Burnham. Before she even checked on her Facebook, she saw that Arie had liked some Instagram photos of Lauren. They talked about it and he told Kufrin that he would just apologize to Lauren because he felt guilty of how he ended things with her. That made Kufrin upset and angry, but she thought that he was trying to work through his emotions and thought later the storm would calm down. When the publicist started seeing things on Instagram and Facebook, she felt betrayed and tried to talk through it from a relationship standpoint. But even after that, Kufrin doesn’t think he hurt her intentionally. She described him as a good person and he didn’t purposely hurt her to make her feel that way and the pain her heart was just as a result of his actions. Kufrin will have another shot in ‘The Bachelorette’ where she will be the heart breaker for a change.

Fans donated $6,000 dollars to help her deal with the breakup

After the brutal breakup aired on TV, fans of ‘The Bachelor’ were angry at Luyendyk for allowing the show to air and also ABC for humiliating Becca Kufrin. Fans donated money to her so that she could have some drinks and relax. The money amounted to $6,000 dollars and now the publicist who is an active Instagram and Facebook will use the money for a good cause. After the episode, Kufrin revealed that she received donations through Venmo, a digital payment app. Fans were sending her quirky messages talking about how Arie broke her heart and some would just tell her that she should buy herself a drink and relax but she knew she had other plans for the money instead. To her surprise, the donations amounted to $6,000 and with that amount of money she certainly could drink it all away but as we said, she already had other plans in mind. The publicist said that she loved her wine, but she couldn’t drink that much of it. She said that instead of her using the money for alcohol, she would donate it to ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ and Chris Harrison stated that the ‘Bachelor’ franchise will be with Kufrin as she gives out her donation. That made Kufrin happy stating that the situation was terrible but she would use of all it to help women suffering from cancer, a disease that took her father’s life and also affected her mother. She posted a photo of her on Instagram thanking her fans for all the love they showed her and their support, but from her gesture, it looked like she wouldn’t need any wine to mend her broken heart. The Minnesota based publicist was announced as ‘The Bachelorette’ of the next season which is supposed to air in May this year. Kufrin ended the show by meeting some of the handsome men that will be competing for her love in the next show and she will have the opportunity of hurting guys just like Arie did to her.

Facts to know about the publicist and her net worth

She was a dark horse in the show

Becca Kufrin was always appealing, but she had little screen time for most of ‘The Bachelor’ season. Much of the earlier drama before contestants were reduced to two was Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his ill-fated infatuations with the young Bekah M who despite being very popular on the TV show, appeared on the list of missing persons. Her face was circulated all over the web with the hope that she would be found safe and sound. Obviously, she was because she continued acting on the show until she was eleminated. Another contestant who managed to steal all of the attention was Krystal who was vulnerable-turned-villain fitness coach that claimed that she was raised in a bowling alley. All this time, Kufrin would appear briefly but in short, not much attention went to her and nobody thought she would win even though she lost Arie’s heart at the last minute.

Becca Kufrin comes from a duck dynasty

In one of the episodes, Kufrin took Arie to her hometown where they spent time together. Going there revealed some memorable things as well. The publicist’s father was a famous wetland and waterfowl activist in the town before he passed on in 2009. When Arie was in town, Kufrin took the opportunity to remember her father by doing the things she used to do with him when he was alive by doing that with Arie. One of the things she did with him was to go to the apple-picking area, Minnetonka Orchards where Kufrin used to go with her dad. They curved their respective initials into a tree and there was no doubt that they would end up together. Unfortunately, that was just a dream that both of them woke from. If you live around there, you can take a photo of the tree if you find it and post it on your Instagram or Facebook and become an instant star.

People are asking her ex-boyfriend to be the next bachelor

Before she was named the next bachelorette, Kufrin’s claim to ‘The Bachelor’ fame was interrupted by her ex-boyfriend who she reportedly dated for seven years. They were in an on-and-off kind of relationship and despite their breakup years back, Ross Jirgl thought that he still had a chance with Becca. Unfortunately for him, Becca didn’t have any room for him in her life anymore but he had already acquired fame. People went to his Instagram and Facebook and saw his sexy photos, one of them being of him showing his beach board. That convinced a lot of viewers that he would be a perfect pick to succeed Arie. But with Kufrin made the next ‘Bachelorette,’ there is a higher chance that he might not end up as the bachelor next year. But Jirgl can just hit on other ‘Bachelor’s’ girls if he wants to.

Her net worth

Becca Kufrin’s net worth is unknown. However, she works for a big company, and her work is no small potatoes, meaning she is making some good money and has a good net worth. Maybe with time, she will reveal just how much money she has in the bank.

Wraping it up!

Almost everyone has suffered heartbreak at some point in their life and one is lucky if they’ve never been through it. Kufrin has suffered from heartbreak several times but probably only twice that we no of so far. Let’s hope she will find someone to mend that heart in ‘The Bachelorette.’