Candice Crawford Wiki: Movie, Net Worth, Khushiyaan & Facts About Tony Romo’s Wife

Intrigued by Tony Romo’s wife Candice Crawford? Find out more about her net worth, movies, ‘Khushiyaan’ and other interesting facts.

Who is Candice Crawford? Get to know Tony Romo’s wife

Candice Loren Crawford was born in 1986 and raised in Dallas, Texas. Her father is a dermatologist and her mother is a teacher. Candice Crawford has an elder brother, Chace Crawford who is a renowned actor. Candice Crawford completed her high school in 2005 and later enrolled in the University of Missouri and also pursued her career in broadcast journalism in Missouri. She was a student there for four years before she got her degree in 2009. During her University days, she worked for KOMU-TV as a reporter and sports anchor. She spent two summers interning with the Dallas Cowboys. At the same time, she also worked as an on-air reporter for the CBS segment about the Cowboys called ‘The Blitz’. Candice Crawford also works for 33TV where she is required to travel each week to a featured high school game and explore the teams, cheerleaders, band members, drill teams, game day festivities and such other things. When she is not working, Crawford loves to play basketball, cook, run and hang out with friends and family. Her brother Chace Crawford appeared in the movie, ‘Gossip Girl’ in 2007 and she loves to watch him in the movie. After interning for the Dallas Cowboys, she joined TV station KDAF. She then went to host Dallas guide show ‘Up All Night’ and also co-presented the famous lifestyle show, ‘The RC Project’. These days, Crawford is working on “Hawk + Sloane,” which is a company she co-founded with her friend Holly Siglin. Hawk + Sloane produces essential oil sprays that help parents and children, whether it’s for sleeping, soothing, or just eliminating odors.

Interesting facts about Candice Crawford

Candice Crawford’s love life has been a huge topic of discussion always as she has been the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo, the NFL player, has many girlfriends in the past including Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood. Later on, he got hitched to Candice Crawford and is currently happily married to her. She is a high-profile woman being a former beauty queen and TV reporter.
Here is all that you need to know about her: * She met her husband, Tony Romo when she was a Dallas Reporter They both began dating in 2009. Candice at that time was an anchor and reporter in the CW33 in Dallas. Romo proposed to her in 2011 and then she left the station to prepare for her wedding. * Candice Crawford is a former Miss Missouri and a Miss USA contestant Candice began competing in beauty pageants as a teenager and competed in Miss Texas Teen USA pageants in 2003 and 2005. She won the Miss Missouri pageant in 2008 and also earned a bid to compete in Miss USA pageant where she finished in the top 10. * Romo proposed to Candice on her 24th birthday Romo popped the question of marriage in 2010 as Candice was celebrating her 24th birthday with her family. They got married during the NFL lockout in 2011. * Tony & Candice have 3 sons
The couple have 2 sons, Hawkins Crawford Romo born in 2012 and Rivers Romo born in 2014. She gave birth to their third son, Jones McCoy Romo born in 2017. * Candice Crawford once got into trouble with the law in 2007, when she was arrested for underage possession of alcohol in Columbia, Missouri. She was 20 at the time. * Their wedding was a lavish affair and was attended by cowboy icons Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach. Crawford got an 8 carat yellow diamond ring on her wedding from Romo. * About being a father, Tony Romo has said, “It strengthens your family values and your family and the love you have, which is already really strong. It’s been a great blessing from God to put us in this situation. We feel very honored.” * She has her own Instagram page @candiceromo where she uploads all the latest pics of her children and husband. One can check them out at her Instagram page. * During the 2008, Miss USA pageant, actor Chace Crawford who also happens to be her brother threw up his arms in the air and shouted in celebration when it was announced that she had made it to the top 10 position. * Candice Crawford has appeared in the Bollywood movie, Khushiyaan in the year 2011. Khushiyaan is a movie about an Indian family shot in Punjabi with very little English. It is about Raj, an architect who lives in New York City along with his family. Even though he has a comfortable life in the US, he longs to visit his village in Punjab and make peace with his ageing parents.

Net worth

The 31-year-old Crawford makes a decent amount from her career. She has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Candice Crawford today is blissfully married to NFL star Tony Romo. They are busy parenting their three children and also with their career. May they have many more years of health and happiness!