Brittane From The Bachelor: 5 Facts To Know About The Contestant

Get to know more about Brittane, who was eliminated from the TV show The Bachelor during the first week. Her net worth is not clearly known though.

Who is Brittane Johnson?

“The Bachelor” TV show has been around for the whole of this month. If you have missed all the episodes of this month you need to catch up with the TV show on Monday. Anyway, in case you are not aware, eight contestants were eliminated on the first night. One of them was Brittane Johnson. Brittane had been in other reality TV show known as “Ex Isle” where she was with two guys. She even made out with Whaboom in the swimming pool. But fans of “The Bachelor” TV show are wondering who Brittane is and trying to find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Brittane, aged 27, lives in San Diego, California. She works as a marketing manager, a profession that has helped her make quite a net worth, and she was one of the shortest contestants on the current season of the TV show. Brittane has two tattoos that she didn’t explain their meaning. She is hoping that by the time she will be at the age of 33, she will be married, having her own wine and tapas bar and working towards having her first baby.

She was on another TV show

According to CarterMatt, it was evident even before she got to the show that Brittane wouldn’t go far on the TV show because, according to “The Bachelor’s” experience, the bachelors are somehow suspicious of girls who had been in other TV shows with the same setting. Apart from that, Brittane is totally wild, and judging by what we have witnessed in the previous seasons of the TV show, wild girls aren’t usually amongst the last five standing. Foer her, her wild personality projected itself, and it might have turned Arie off. So, it wasn’t a surprise to see her go.

One of the Rebeccas might win

So far, we already know how “The Bachelor” will end. At least we have a small clue and we comfortably place our bets on her. That makes the show pretty boring a little. A good TV show keeps its audience unaware of the next happening. Just like we knew that Brittane is not going to stay long on the TV show, we already know that it’s either Becca or Bekah who will go with Arie, more likely Becca, even though her age was quite an issue.

All the eliminated contestants

Beside’s Brittane, who slapped a sticker written ‘nice butt’ on Arie’s behind, there’re other contestants who were eliminated. One of them was Amber who has made all her net worth from blogging. She told Aerie that she had seen a lot of dicks. Another pretty contestant was Ali, who asked Arie to smell her armpit. Yet, another contestant who was so disappointed that things didn’t go her way was Jessica. Her’s was more personal, and it might have turned Arie off. Sher told him that kissing was her favorite food. Other contestants sent packing in the first week were Olivia, Lauren J, Bri, and Nysha. On week two, Valerie was eliminated. One of her achievements was buying her own house when she was 25, but she didn’t have some quality time with Arie. Jenny was also sent home and she had stated that her pleasure was lying in bed the whole day on Sundays. The last one to get kicked out on Week 2 was Lauren G, perhaps the only down to earth girl on the show. Since Brittane left, she must be watching the TV show and getting surprised. She probably thought that some of the contestants would last long. On the third week, Lauren S, Annaliese and Bibiana, went home. On Week 4, Brittany, and Caroline told the TV show goodbye.

Facts about Brittane

She loves having fun

Brittane stays in shape and spends most of her free time at the beach. She also spends a ton of her time hovering around her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and posting hot photos of herself. Brittane’s friends like to take photos of her wearing different outfits. She also loves to match her hair with her outfits meaning she visits the salon frequently.

Brittane is a family person

Brittane shares photos of her celebrating her relatives’ big days like their weddings, graduations and birthdays. She also loves spending quality time with them. Brittane’s sister, Alexis sits in a wheelchair. Alexis was involved in a car accident 17 years ago and survived, but was left paralyzed. The accident affected her and to date, she is still trying to live positively of course with the support of her family.

She likes to be treated well on dates

There was a time Brittane was invited for a date by a guy and they went to a cheap restaurant. The guy ordered for her then asked her to split the bill. After that, the guy asked if she wanted to come over and of course, she refused.

She considers herself romantic

Brittane says that she is romantic and gets impressed by the smallest things that are romantic.

Marriage means a lot to her

Marriage means everything to her and she believes her life would be complete if she had was married and having a family.

Brittane’s net worth

Brittane’s net worth is not clear, but since she is employed, her salary has helped her gather a net worth. At least we can assume she has one.

Even though she left “The Bachelor” very early, she became a little more popular. Arie wasn’t meant for her, but she will get a husband who will treasure her and have a family with her as she wishes.