Tye Sheridan: Top 10 Stunning Pics Of ‘X‑Men: Apocalypse’ Actor

Since seeing actor Tye Sheridan in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse,’ we just can’t get enough of him. So, we’ve scoured Instagram for the 10 hottest pics of this young actor who’s also starred in ‘The Tree of Life,’ and ‘Ready Player One.’

Who is Tye Sheridan?

Tye Sheridan is a 21-year-old, up-and-coming actor. He had his first big break at fourteen with a role in the movie ‘The Tree of Life.’ Sheridan played the character ‘Steve O’Brien’ in ‘The Tree of Life’ and, although it wasn’t a starring role, the job certainly helped him to break into the industry. Tye Sheridan’s first starring role was in the film ‘Mud,’ which came out in 2012. In ‘Mud,’ Sheridan played the lead role of ‘Ellis.’ Following the success of these two films, Sheridan was able to score even bigger roles such as that in ‘Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.’ ‘Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse’ is a horror comedy film in which Sheridan played the lead role of ‘Ben Goudy.’ Today, Tye Sheridan is perhaps best known for playing Scott Summers, as well as Summers’ mutant identity Cyclops, in 2016’s ‘X-Men: Apocalypse.’ This project was certainly what most helped Sheridan amass his impressive net worth. Sheridan will be revisiting his character from ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ soon in the upcoming sequel ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix.’ ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ currently has a release date of February 2019. If you’re craving more of Tye Sheridan and want to see him on the big screen, his new movie ‘Ready Player One,’ in which Sheridan plays the lead role of Wade Watts, is in theaters now. ‘Ready Player One’ is an exciting science fiction flick, packed with fun eighties references, and Sheridan is a perfect fit for the leading man.

Tye Sheridan’s 10 Best Instagram Pics

This is what you came here for. Here are the 10 best pics of Tye Sheridan that we could find on Instagram.

1. Tye Sheridan as Wade Watts

Sheridan sure is a cutie! Here he is as the lead character, Wade Watts, in his newest movie, ‘Ready Player One.’

2. Beautiful in Black & White

Sheridan’s giving us his best pout in this black & white pic and it definitely is making us feel some type of way!

3. Pop!

We all love a man who has a good sense of fashion. Sheridan is looking cool and sexy in this red and black striped blazer.

4. Angel Baby

In this pic of Sheridan at a red carpet premiere, the lighting helps to highlight his angelic face.

5. Goofing Around

Sheridan’s goofy side was captured in this pic taken during a promotional interview for ‘Ready Player One.’

6. Pensive

Sheridan looks pensive in another black and white photo.

7. Businessman

Sheridan at work while drinking a cup of coffee. Here you see his somewhat serious frown. Still an eye-candy.

8. Fashion Icon

Sheridan again shows off his superior style in this pic. We love the striped shirt and the way he cuffed his jeans. Tye looks both cool and put together.

9. Sheridan And His Co-Stars

Sheridan is looking very dapper in this simple black suit as he poses for a pic with his ‘Ready Player One’ Co-Star, Olivia Cook, and Director, Steven Spielberg.

10. Photo Shoot with ‘Short List’ Magazine

This just might be our personal favorite pic of Sheridan. We love the creative set and the wardrobe chose by ‘Short List Magazine.’ Plus, Sheridan looks great, of course. So, there you have it. These are our top 10 pics of Tye Sheridan. We hope you enjoyed them all!

Sheridan’s Net Worth

One last thing before we go, if you’re at all curious about Sheridan’s net worth, look no further. We have the inside scoop on all the details of this young actor’s net worth. While working on ‘X-Men: Apocalypse,’ Sheridan amassed a net worth of $4 million dollars. With all his current and upcoming projects, we feel certain that Sheridan will be increasing that net worth very soon.