Who Is Stormi Bree? Wiki, Singer, Net Worth, ‘Americal Idol’ & Facts To Know

Get to know more about Stormi Bree who is a singer, actress, and model. below are the facts about her that you need to know, including her net worth.

Who is Stormi Bree?

Some celebrities can do just anything that is part of the entertainment industry. One of them is Stormi Bree. Bree is a singer, model, actress, and beauty queen. She won a pageant, Miss Tennessee teen USA after competing for her first time. Bree went ahead to represent Tennessee in the Miss Teen USA 2009 pageant that was going down at Nassau, Bahamas and she was crowned by the outgoing titleholder Stevi Perry. Sometimes, what one is really is shows out early in one’s life and winning the pageant just opened the doors to Bree’s modeling career. But where did she come from? The 27-year-old Stormi Bree was born in Crossville, Tennessee and is Kip and Sissi Henley’s daughter. The singer has a sister known as Darbi. An apple doesn’t fall away from the tree because Bree was following the footsteps of her father. Kip was the winner of The Golf Channel’s “The Big Break II” reality TV competition. Bree graduated from Cumberland County High School in 2009 and she used to represent the school at regional golf competitions. She auditioned for American Idol season 10 and got the Golden Ticket. Unfortunately, the American Idol judges sent her packing in the first Hollywood Week. The singer went ahead to join U.G.L.Y. and got signed to Chris Brown’s label CBE. The group also comprised of other singers namely, Braxton Olita and Barry “Mijo” Bradford. Apart from being a singer, Bree is also an actress who has starred in movies such as “2307: Winter’s Dream” and “Midland.” She has made her net worth modeling to singing and acting, and she is active on Snapchat and of course Instagram.

Stormi Bree on Kylie Jenner’s daughter

There wouldn’t be enough news from the Kardashian clan if people didn’t make some up. In the first week of February, Stormi Bee found herself entangled with a fictional feud with Kylie Jenner just because she shared her first name with Stormi Webster, Kylie Jenner’s daughter. What the gossipers and fake news creators forgot was that Bree herself is an adult raising her own baby and has no time to pick internet fights with infants. Besides, some people happen to share names with millions of people, and they don’t climb on the White House’s roof and shout it. For sure, Bree might be the only one on the public eye with that name, but there must be a lot of persons who have the same name out there. Jenner had posted the name of her baby on Instagram. Bree then posted a black-and-white photo of herself on Instagram and was seen wearing the same on Snapchat. Soon, headlines started making rounds about a perceived drama. Things heated so fast that Bree had to edit her caption. People would not have reacted that way just because Bree posted a selfie just after Kylie Jenner announced her baby’s name. Bree posts selfie on Instagram on most days, and that wasn’t a different one. Besides, she is very busy going about with her daily life and doesn’t have time to pick fights on social media. The singer also has the responsibility of raising her daughter alongside her boyfriend, Lucky Blue Smith.

Facts about the singer

Bree is a cougar

Stormi Bree is older than her boyfriend, Lucky Smith. Bree is currently at the age of 27. Her partner, who is also a singer, is aged 19. Their age difference is about eight years, and that apparently portrays Bree as a cougar. But she is not the only one in the industry! The likes of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are dating younger guys. Some of the working relationships in Hollywood are characterized by younger men than their women. Bree and her boyfriend Lucky once walked the catwalk together for Dolce & Gabbana and proved that their age difference meant nothing.

Bree and her boyfriend got big breaks when young

Lucky made his modeling debut after he was photographed for Vogue Homme Japan when he was just 12 and since then, he has been on the frontline racking up campaigns and had a lot of social media followers. He has modeled for renowned brands like Tom Ford and Calvin Klein, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana Marc Jobs. He currently has 3 million Instagram followers. It was the same case for Bree who gained fame after she was made the Miss Teen USA when she was just 18 years older. Right now, she is successful in modeling just like her husband.

Bree is serious about songwriting

Even though Bree left the group that she was signed to, the singer still writes songs. In an interview with Galore magazine, she stated that she liked to write in metaphors. For her, it was all about being in an alley and surprise people. She does a metaphor or relationships. She stated that she liked writing metaphors because she could express emotion without being overloaded.

Her net worth

According to Net Worth Post, Stormi Bree has a net worth of $350,000, and she has made much of her net worth from being a singer, model and actress in “2307: Winter’s Dream” and “Midland.”

Despite being older than her model boyfriend, Bree seems happy with the relationship and they even have a baby as a symbol of their affection. You can’t stop admiring the couple.