Who Is Ben Stiller? Wiki, Movie, Net Worth, ‘Meet The Parents’ & Facts To Know

You are about to know all about Ben Stiller who is a movie actor. Below are facts about the actor that you perhaps never knew and his net worth

Ben Stiller: Movie actor and also TV show host

Some of the best actors making names for themselves in Hollywood have come from a lineage of actors, don’t be mistaken! Being an actor is a gift and not everyone can do it. It is a talent, that many children get from their parents. One of the actors who was raised in a family of actors is Ben Stiller. His parents are veteran comedians and Stiller grew in an environment where people were performing even at home while rehearsing for plays. That was an environment that would help Stiller grow into a super talented star and a sensation. Ben Stiller is an American actor, writer, comedian just like his parents and director. Just after he kick-started his acting career professionally with a play, Stiller went ahead to write several mockumentaries and as a result, he was allowed to have his own show known as “The Ben Stiller Show.” He produced and hosted the show for all its thirteen episodes. 52-year-old Ben Stiller was born in New York City and his father is comedian and actor Jerry Stiller. Stiller is from a Jewish family that came from Poland and Central Europe. Stiller’s mother is an actress and comedian just like his father and she is the late Anne Meara. She came from an Irish Catholic background, but she converted to Reform Judaism after she got married to Jerry Stiller. The family was never that much religious, but they used to celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah and Stiller even had Bar Mitzvah. His parents would go with him to the sets of their appearances, one of them being “The Mike Douglas Show” when he had just turned six. The movie actor spoke about his upbringing and said that he felt unusual. It was a show-business kind of life involving a lot of traveling, late nights and things that one couldn’t describe as tradition. Ben Stiller’s sister, Amy Stiller, has appeared in most of his productions and the movie and TV actor showed interest in filmmaking and created Super eight movies with his sister and friends. When he was just nine, he debuted on his mother’s short-lived TV show, “Kate McShane.” In the late 70s, Stiller performed with the NYC’s First All Children’s Theatre and played several roles, one of them being “Clever Jack and the Magic Beanstalk.” The movie and TV actor was then inspired by “Second City Television” when he was in high school and Stiller realized that he had an interest in sketch comedy. During his days in high school, Stiller was also the drummer of the punk band known as Capital Punishment which later released a studio album called Roadkill, back in 1982.

Where Stiller went to school and his rise to fame

Stiller went to The Cathedral School of St. John the Divine and then graduated from the Calhoun School in 1983. Shortly afterward, he began performing on the cabaret circuit as an opening act of Jadin Wong. Ben Stiller then enrolled at the University of California in Los Angeles. After studying for nine months, Stiller dropped out and moved back to New York City where he tried to make his way through classes, auditioned countless times and tried to find an agent. When he was just 15, Stiller got a small part with just one line on the TV soap operas, Guiding Light and him never thought that his performance was good. Later on, he got a role in “The House of Blues” alongside another popular actor, John Mahoney and the production garnered four Tony Awards. Stiller’s star shone from that moment and he is known for projects like “Zoolander”, “Meet The Parents”, “Meet the Fockers”, “Night at the Museum”, and “The Ben Stiller Show” and he has made quite a good net worth from that.

Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro Meet the Parents reunion on SNL

There is a running list of the best SNL Sketches of 2018, which you should check on YouTube, but right now, Ben Stiller’s time at SNL is one of the most trending ones. It’s good to say that SNL thrives on the wildly unexpected. One of them was Sam Rockwell accidentally dropping that F-Bomb or Bill Hader almost breaking the entire set with his reckless and careless wheelchair driving. But you can never get enough of SNL. Stiller and De Niro randomly became guests for a surprise “Meet the Parents” reunion. The viewers were perhaps thinking that they were getting a classic Kate McKinnon-like-Jeff Sessions sketch but the moment SNL host, Michael Cohen showed up, things took a drastic turn. Trump’s lawyer, who is usually very concerned with the show found himself the subject after he got strapped into the hot seat of De Niro. Even though the questions involved the ‘peepee’ tape, the story about Stormy Daniels, and the threats which were very questionable, the whole show recalled two scenes from popular jay Roach rom-com. SNL has two major cameos with Ben Stiller playing the role of President Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen while De Niro played the Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Ben Stiller was one of the Nantucket Film Festival’s honorees

The Nantucket Film Festival, which is the 23rd edition, is set to happen between June 20-25 and he has announced the honorees of 2018. The Screenwriter’s Tribute is meant to go to Noah Baumbach while the Special Achievement in Documentary Storytelling Award will be taken by Morgan Neville. The Screenwriters Tribute is usually a centerpiece and the festivals longtime emphasis. Another feature of the festival will be that All-Star Comedy Roundtable which will be focusing on improvements of Thomas Middleditch(Silicon Valley) and also Ben Schwartz(Parks and Recreation). The night will be presented by everyone’s favorite, and the fammer of “Zoolander”, “Meet The Parents”, “Night at the Museum”, “Meet The Fockers”, and “The Ben Stiller Show” Ben Stiller, who will be a participant in the show. Baumbach wrapped production on a film he wrote just recently and also directed. The film stars Scarlett Johanson, Adam Driver, and Laura Dern. Some of his predecessors are Oliver Stone, Tom McCarthy, David O. Russell, Nancy Meyers, Aaron Sorkin, and Steve Martin. Morgan Neville, on the other hand, has directed some films like “20 Feet from Stardom” which managed to win an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature and also “Best of Enemies” that bagged an Emmy. His other documentary, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” will be released by focus this coming June and it had its premiere at Sundance. Also at Sundance, Heckler was present with his writing as well directing debut, “Burden” which managed to win the Audience Award in the U.S. Dramatic Competition.

Ben Stiller meets Daisy

Daisy is a dog who’s social media status soared after she met the movie actor, Ben Stiller. Daisy gave Stiller a wet kiss, or let’s say a big, wet lick right on his face. The movie actor was in Westchester filming a miniseries titled “Escape from Dannemora” which starred Patricia Arquette, Benicio Del Toro, and Paul Dano. Daisy is a 7-year-old black Labrador retriever who has many Instagram followers. His handler is the Westchester County Police Detective John Peters and they were given the job of protecting the set even though that wasn’t Daisy’s usual gig. If you check her Instagram photos, she is a pretty black dog and she is an arson-detection dog. According to Peters, she is so talented at what she does. Peter said that Daisy’s skills were sharp and that the team is usually called out for as many as many as 80 fire scenes annually and he mentioned that Daisy gets morose when she doesn’t see the fire for a while. He revealed that in case they went for five days without a call, Daisy’s demeanor asks for a fire scene. Peter is the one who manages the Facebook page and Instagram for Daisy and both have photos of the fantastic animal. It was, therefore, a great day for Daisy after she met “Zoolander”, “Meet The Parents”, “Meet the Fockers”, “Night at the Museum”, “Meet the Fockers”, and “The Ben Stiller Show” actor and host.
Facts to know about the movie actor and net worth

Facts to know about the movie actor and net worth

He was married to Christine Taylor for 17 years

Taylor and Ben Stiller met when they were filming the TV show, “Heat Vision and Jack” in the late 1990s. The ex-couple wedding was held in an oceanfront ceremony in Kauai, Hawaii. Stiller said that their relationship was a gradual thing that developed over a quick period in around seven months. They were hanging together and it developed into some affection and it felt great for them. Stiller thought that he loved Taylor and it hit him out of the blue. They got divorced last year.

Stiller made only two films when he had surgery

Stiller had cancer and he didn’t talk about his diagnosis publicly back in 2014. However, he slowed his output significantly. Even though the actor is prolific, in 2014, he only appeared in two movies which are Noah Baumbach’s “While We We’re Young” and “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. In 2015, the actor was back to his busy self and appeared in episodes of “Workaholics”, “Another Period”, and “Big Time in Hollywood.”

He contributed to charity in 2001

Ben Stiller made a $32,000 worth of contributions to charity back in 2001 after the actor appeared on a celebrity edition of the US’s “Who Want To Be A Millionaire.” However, he made a fumble of himself by getting a $125,000 question wrong and lost it all. If only he could try again. But Ben Stiller proved something on the wrong run. He could give out more than he was getting.

His net worth

Ben Stiller has a net worth of $200 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He has made a net worth from his work in “Zoolander”, “Meet The Parents”, “Meet the Fockers”, “Night at the Museum”, and “The Ben Stiller Show.”

“Zoolander” was really a funny movie and we still love Ben Stiller for his funny personality. Even though he separated with his wife, Ben Stiller is a charming guy and you can follow him on Instagram.