Theo Green Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About The ‘The Gambler’ Film Composer

Film composer Theo Green has done incredible work in the films like ‘The Gambler’. Read more about him including his overall net worth.

Who is Theo Green?

Theo Green is an award-winning film composer and sound designer who shot to fame with his music in films like ‘The Gambler’, ‘House at the End of the Street’, ‘Blade Runner 2049’ and many others. Theo Green was born in Oxford, England but he currently resides in Los Angeles and he’s an electronic and orchestral composer. His film ‘Blade Runner 2049′ has been nominated for Best Film Score at Oscar 2018. Oscar 2018 will be held in March 4th, 2018. He was chosen to work as the sound designer of the film because of his ambient and industrial music background. Paramount Pictures’ ‘The Gambler,’ Relativity Media’s ‘House at the End of the Street’, ‘Dread’, and ‘Honour’ are recent feature releases with a score composed by Green. Green was in the New College Choir as a chorister of New College School in Oxford and he later studied at Abingdon School and also at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London. The British film composer is best known for his music for British and American thrillers such as ‘Hush,’ ‘Dread’ and other horror films. He has also worked on comedy, documentary and drama films. His sound design and additional music is also found in films like ‘The Escapist’ and ‘Harry Brown.’

Career and awards of the film composer

Theo Green won the 2008 BAFTA and BIFA for the film ‘The Escapist’ in 2008. It was his first feature as sound designer and additional composer. He also collaborated with director Rupert Wyatt on the short film, ‘Get the Picture’. In 2009, Green wrote the film score for Warp Films’ thriller, ‘Hush’. It was directed by Mark Tonderai. Later in 2012, Green teamed up with Toneri once again for for the film, ‘House at the End of the Street’ starring Jennifer Lawrence. He created a score that was awarded the ASCAP PRS film award. The film went on to be a big hit making over $45 million dollars from a shoe string budget of under $7 million dollars at the US Box Office. Green has also composed the score for the films ‘Outpost 37’ and ‘Outpost: Black Sun’. ‘Outpost 37’ is a 2014 science fiction action thriller film. The film follows a documentary crew sent to record the daily lives of the soldiers of Outpost 37, 12 years after the initial alien invasion. ‘Outpost: Black Sun’ Outpost: Black Sun, also known as ‘Outpost 2,’ is a 2012 British horror film that was directed by Steve Barker, based on a script written by himself and Rae Brunton. It is a sequel to Barker’s 2008 film Outpost. He also composed excellent music score for Shan Khan’s film, ‘Honor’ starring Paddy Constine. Green and Rupert Wyatt are a great combination in the Hollywood film industry. They teamed up him for the third time for the film, ‘The Gambler’ starring Mark Wahlberg, John Goodman, Brie Larson and Jessica Lange. Theo Green is represented by Fortress Talent Management. Green’s score for ‘House at the End of the Street’ was awarded the ASCAP PRS Film Award in 2013.

Net worth of Theo Green

Theo Green has a net worth of $100,000 dollars.

An interview with the master music composer

In an interview with Theo Green on his film, ‘House at the End of the Street’, he talks about ‘scoring horror’ for the horror genre of the film. “Films that play effectively on fears are a fascinating, frightening experience,” says composer, Theo Green. “Audiences get these very real physical reactions from the tension, shocks and fear when watching movies like that. More so than they do on a rollercoaster where they really are being physically thrown about. And the music has the instant ability to connect a viewer emotionally to a scene or a character, which is a part of producing those reactions. So that’s a big appeal, to be able to connect to an audience in such a visceral way,” he added. Theo Green is particularly fond of scoring horror music. He has done work for horror films like ‘Dread’ (2000), ‘Prowl’ (2010), and a previous collaboration with ‘House at the End of the Street’s’ director, Mark Tonderai, with 2008’s film ‘Hush.’ When asked about what particularly draws him to horror genre of films he replied, “Well, I love all kinds of movies and genres, but most of all I love it when films have the power to truly shock—I don’t mean jumps and scares, but deep emotional shocks that take days of thought to fully process. I think that can be a healthy, cathartic thing.” Green went on to say “I’ve always been in awe of 70’s films like ‘THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE’ (1974), Italian Giallo films, and also oddities like ‘THE WICKER MAN’ (1973), since way back when I was too young really! Maybe for that reason it’s hard to find films that have much surprise for me anymore. The scenes and ideas that get me most scared these days are often not in genre horror films.”

The man with a ear for music has the capability to scare the hell out of us with his eerie and scary music. It takes a lot of talent to be able to scare someone just with music and Theo Green is a man custom made for such work!