Tammy Grimes Wiki: Age, Song, Death & Everything To Know

Intrigued by the life of Tammy Grimes? Find out everything you need about Tammy Grimes – her age, song, death and more.

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

1960 gave us a memorable musical comedy called ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown’. The actress Tammy Grimes played the indomitable role of a Titanic-surviving woman and also won a Tony Award for her role. This sensational role of hers was followed by another play in 163, ‘The Rattle of a Simple Man’. Fondly remembered for her portrayal in ‘Four for Tonight’, ‘Hollywood Sings’, ‘The Datchet Diamonds’ and ‘Archie and Mehitabel, the actress was a sensation in the 60s. Tammy Grimes played the role of a woman who survived the Titanic in a film in 1960 which won her the name of ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown’. She had a gritty voice and an identifiable charm about her which let the masses awestruck. She went on ahead to star in a lot of Broadway productions after Molly Brown, like ‘Rattle of a simple man, ‘ High Spirits’ and ‘ The Only Game in Town’. The revival of Noel Coward’s ‘Private Lives’ also won her her second Tony Award.

Tammy Grimes

Tammy Grimes had a mop of blond-red hair, a wide mouth, a pointed chin and a sloping nose. These features gave her a distinctive look.

“I never looked like an ingénue,” Ms. Grimes acknowledged in a 1960 interview with The New York Times Magazine. But that didn’t matter to her, she said, because “I don’t want to be America’s Sweetheart; I’d rather be something they don’t quite understand.”

She did not care about her looks; she wanted to win the hearts of the Americans with her acting skills. She was born in 1934 to Luther Nichols Grimes and was the second child of three. She had a mid-Atlantic accent which she got owing to her finishing-school education. She completed her Drama Program from Stephen’s College in Missouri and then went ahead to learn acting from Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. It was here that she grabbed the title role of ‘The Amazing Adele’.

The Tammy Grimes Show

Tammy Grimes acted in her own ABC television series in 1966 named as ‘The Tammy Grimes Show’. The show received poor critical reviews and poor ratings and hence had to be pulled off air within a month even though 6 episodes had already been recorded. The actress played the role of a rich and spoilt modern-day heiress who spent a lot of money.

Tammy Grimes death

Broadway’s Unsinkable star died at the age of 82. She died in Englewood, New Jersey in 2016. Critics always loved her. She had a certain aura of class and sophistication thanks to her finishing-school education. Her love for stage took her really far in her acting career. Her whiskey-like raspy voice was much well-known. She even won two Tony Awards and was known for her Off-Broadway career spanning more than half a century. She died due to natural causes and is survived by her brother and her daughter Amanda Plummer who is an actress.

Tammy Grimes – singer and actress

Her Off-Broadway debut, ‘The Littlest Revue’ in 1956 garnered her critical acclaim. She was often called as the ‘Stormy Force of Nature’ by Walter Kerr who finds everything about her face thunderously funny. She later appeared in many movies and television series. She considered the stage as her first home. As a singer, she had a very throaty voice. in 1960, she acted and sang as Mehitabel in the musical, ‘Archy and Mehitabel’. She has rendered her voice in various New York City night clubs and has also recorded various albums and poetries.

Tammy Grimes song

The actress and throaty voice singer has sung many famous songs. The song ‘You are getting to be a habit with me’ and ‘Getting out of town’ are both from the album ’42nd Street’ released in 1980. Her famous song ‘Toot, Toot, Tootsie’ from ‘The Unmistakable Tammy Grimes – 2013’ won her oodles of fame and appreciation. Her song, ‘Nobody needs your love like I do’ was also on the charts for quite some time. These and many more were some of her most hummable songs. She also gave the narration for the rebroadcast of BBC’s ‘Lord of the Rings’. She has recorded a lot of albums for kids too.

Tammy Grimes personal life

In 1956, Tammy Grimes married Christopher Plummer in August. She has a daughter named Amanda Plummer with him. The couple later divorced in 1960. She then married actor Jeremy Slate in the year 1966 but divorced him a year later. She again married the third time to composer Richard Bell in 1971. The couple was together till Richard died in 2005. The actress made headlines in the year 1965, after being reportedly beaten and injured by ‘white racists’. She clarified that she was hurt because of her association with many black people.

Main accomplishments

The California Suite, a Broadway production had her playing the role of Diana. The role was later played in the film by Maggie Smith. Tammy Grimes also played the role of Elmire in the 1978 Broadway Tartuffe. Like this, she originally played many roles in works by Noel Coward. Her work in High Spirits as ‘Elvira’ and in Look after Lulu as ‘Lulu’ were quite famous. Her cabaret acts also won her a lot of praise and appreciation. The American Theater Hall of Fame inducted her in 2003.