Josh Bowman Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Emily VanCamp’s Fiance

Get to know about Josh Bowman, the fiancé of Emily VanCamp. Below is everything you need to know about the British actor and his net worth.

Who is Josh Bowman?

If you loved “ABC’s Revenge,” then you must be knowing Josh Bowman and his fiancé, Emily VanCamp. Bowman and VanCamp star in “ABC’s Revenge” as Daniel and Emily, respectively. Perhaps if you watched the TV series to the end, you must have seen Daniel and Emily’s wedding, even though it didn’t end well as Daniel shot Emily but she survived. Now the onscreen couple, VanCamp and Bowman are about to get married in real life and its good news to their fans. 29-year-old Josh Bowman was born in Berkshire and attended the Wellington College. Scarlett Bowman is Josh Bowman’s sister. In an interview, Bowman stated that his father is Jewish. Bowman also has a mixture of Irish, English and Italian roots. When he was 18, Bowman became a professional rugby player for Saracens F.C. but was asked to leave after he suffered two shoulder dislocations. “So Under Cover,” “Prowl,” “Time After Time,” and “The Resident,” are some of the movies he has starred in. Bowman’s fiancé, 31-year-old VanCamp, was born in Port Perry, Ontario. Her father, Robert VanCamp is an animal nutritionists and VanCamp’s first job was working for her father. VanCamp has three sisters and she is the third born of the family. Growing up in a community that spoke French and English, VanCamp is fluently bilingual.

Facts about Emily VanCamp’s fiancé

He came to New York to study acting

Bowman studied at Wellington College and according to him, he was never a typical public schoolboy and all his pals were eclectic. After Bowman left Wellington, he traveled from Britain to The States and settled in New York City. Bowman then joined The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. Bowman preferred Manhattan since it looked like his native home, London. He told the Daily Mail that he always wanted to become an actor in New York and the city was almost similar to London. According to Bowman, New York had something that LA lacked. In an interview with his school, Bowman was asked about his transition from London to Hollywood, and he stated that his first lesson was to trust nobody.

Bowman is not the first co-star Emily dated

Before Emily VanCamp started dating Josh Bowman, she broke-up with “Brothers and Sisters” co-star Dave Annable. When the TV show was starting Annable was VanCamp’s onscreen brother. But when they began falling for one another, the producers twisted the plot a little so that VanCamp and her current ex would kiss freely. VanCamp stated that it was hard for her to hide her affection and romance with a person. She also stated that she didn’t love to speak about it either, but she couldn’t stop living her life. Now that Bowman is her happiness and she loves him a lot, she is not ashamed to show it and they have been seen kissing on several occasions.

Bowman hanged out with Miley

Bowman and Miley Cyrus costarred in the movie, “So Undercover” and the way they were affectionate left their fans with more questions than answers. It was rumored that they were dating and it was in 2012. In case you are not aware, Bowman and VanCamp met and started dating in 2011. VanCamp’s fiancé denied the rumors and stated that it wasn’t a relationship but a moment for two mates who did a movie together. Bowman also added that Miley was a nice girl. However, the rumor didn’t go well with VanCamp who felt that Miley was the wrong horse in Bowman’s stable. Emily VanCamp posted on Twitter asking Miley to put her tongue back to her mouth and catch up with pop culture.

Bowman has been seen with singers

As mentioned above, there were some rumors that VanCamp’s fiancé was dating Miley Cyrus after both of them played in the same movie as a couple. Even though Josh Bowman denied the rumors, it wasn’t the only rumor about him dating a singer. Before he was even famous and prior to meeting VanCamp, Bowman was spotted with the late Amy Winehouse in 2009 vacationing at St. Lucia. When GQ inquired about the relationship, Bowman told them that he wasn’t ready to talk about it. At the time, Bowman was just auditioning for roles in New York. When The Daily Mail asked him about it, he stated that it was true to say that he was just a budding young actor, but he would rather be known for his acting rather than who he was photographed with.

His acting career has grown

VanCamp’s fiancé stars in “Prowl” a horror film with a minor role. It’s one of the movies that propelled him to fame before he got other roles. One of Bowman’s unforgettable movies is “So Undercover” that he stars with Miley Cyrus. The movie was the subject of Bowman and Miley’s dating rumors. Josh Bowman has also starred in “Time After Time,” which tells the story of Jack the Ripper, the legendary serial killer. Bowman plays the role of Jack. Another movie that he has played a supporting role is “The Resident.”

Bowman’s net worth

The actor has a net worth of $3 million while his fiancé VanCamp has a net worth of $8 million. Both of them have made their wealth from acting roles.

As we wrap up the first month of the year, Bowman’s fans hope that his wedding is around the corner. We have seen many stars get married this month alone. Probably Bowman and VanCamp will exchange vows on Valentine’s Day.