Kobe Bryant Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About This Basketball Player

Get to know more about Kobe Bryant, who is a retired basketball player and a legend. Below are facts about him, including his net worth.

Kobe Bryant: Basketball legend

Who couldn’t help notice that Kobe Bryant was playing so well? Whenever Bryant got that basketball, people would turn their eyes to the net waiting for the ball to go through. They were not just hopeful that Bryant was going to score, but also expecting him to do so. Kobe Bryant never disappointed them except in a few cases which can be counted, and so Bryant became a legend following the footsteps of Michael Jordan. By the time he was retiring as a Lakers player and removing his jersey, he had achieved all his basketball dreams and set up his business. You need a brief description of him before and after he became famous? 39-year-old Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia and he is the last born in his family and the only son of Joe Bryant, a former NBA player, and Pamela Cox. Bryant is also the nephew of John “Chubby” Cox, another famous basketball player. His parent’s got his first name “Kobe: from a restaurant menu and it’s the name of famous Japanese beef. Bryant was raised a Roman Catholic. His father retired from active basketball when little Bryant was only six and moved his family to Rieti in Italy where he started playing basketball at a lower level.

He learned to play soccer while in Italy

While in Italy, Bryant got used to his new lifestyle and even learned some fluent Italian and he would go to the US in the summers to play in basketball summer league games. Bryant held the ball first when he was just three years old and his favorite team was the Lakers. Bryant’s grandpa would send him videos of NBA games which he would study and he also learned to play soccer and supported A.C. Milan. His father, Joe Bryant retired completely from basketball in 1991 and the family relocated back to the United States. Bryant’s talent was noted why he was at Lower Merion High School. He was very successful and even won many awards as a result. Bryant became the first guard ever to be drafted by NBA directly from High School and he went straight to Charlotte Hornets. He joined Los Angeles Lakers after turning 18. Bryant has won five championships with Lakers and he is an 18-time All-Star. Moreover, he has been a 15-time member of the All-NBA Team and has also been the all-defense team 12 times. He has inspired shoe designs and collaborated with Adidas and Nike. Bryant also has his own businesses including Kobe Inc which makes jerseys and shoes, and Bryant-Stibel that deals in different businesses which have helped him gather a good net worth.

Bryant was nominated for an Oscar in 2018

Retired basketball player, Kobe Bryant was nominated for the short “Dear Basketball” animation alongside the animator of the film, Glen Keane for an Oscar 2018. The six-minute animation film is based on a letter written by Bryant announcing his retirement as a basketball player. The film also shows the images of Bryant as a young boy rolling his dad’s socks to make a makeshift basketball. Keane and his son, the producer, and teamed with Bryant to watch the video of his games playing for the Lakers. Bryant said that he remembered the little details that he heard studied from game films.

The nomination was petitioned

A petition with over 12, 000 signatures has been made to ask the Oscar 2018 to rescind “Dear Basketball” nominations for the best film due to the past sexual misconduct accusations that faced Kobe Bryant some years back. The petition referred to a 2003 incident when the basketball player, Bryant was accused of raping a 19-year-old lodge employee. At the time, Bryant was staying at The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera in Colorado awaiting surgery. Bryant was arrested, but charges were dropped after his accuser refused to testify. Bryant apologized to the woman though and settled the case by paying the woman an unknown sum of money.

Quick facts to know about the basketball player

Bryant has tried raping

If Kobe Bryant hadn’t been a basketball player, he would have been a rapper most probably. He made a single “K.O.B.E.” but never released. The single was directed by Hype Williams himself. Bryant released a mix known as “It’s My Time.” “It’s My Time” shows some of his best shots in HD.

Bryant plays piano

Bryant is a talented piano player and a classical genius. He taught himself to do so because he wanted to play for his wife. Bryant also wanted to challenge himself that sitting down and being taught was easy, so he had to train himself, and he did.

He beat his father on the court after turning 16

Bryant never beat his father in any one-one-one game that they played until he reached 16. Bryant said that his father would get physical with him on the court and they use to elbow one another frequently.

Bryant was on a date with Brandy

Bryant took Brandy, the singer, to his senior prom. Later on, Bryant played the role of a basketball star at Brandy’s show, “Moesha.” Don’t get it wrong though, Brandy and Bryant were not lovers but friends.

His net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kobe Bryant has a net worth of $320 million. The basketball player has made his net worth from endorsements, his basketball career, and his investments.

Kobe Bryant is a legend and he deserved the Oscar 2018 for the short film which inspires the little kids who want to become basketball stars. Bryant’s past mistakes should not be used to stop him.