Seth Meyers’s Wife Wiki: 4 Facts To Know About Alexi Ashe

Alexi Ashe is the wife of Seth Meyers. Being active on social media, she and her husband shows life of their family to others.

Who is Alexi Ashe

Despite the fact that Seth Meyers is known for speaking out about almost every topic, his personal life is still always kept a secret quiet. He keeps this secret to the point that just a few people know who Seth Meyers is married to. Alexi Ashe got married to Seth Meyers at Chickemoo Farm in Martha’s Vineyard. Ashe wore a beautiful custom lace wedding dress designed by Carolina Herrera. The wedding dress was at that time the talk of the town. Alexi Ashe is also a graduate of Southwestern University who presently works as a human rights lawyer.

Below Are Some Facts About Meyers Wife

Ashe Is Just Like Her Husband

Alexi Ashe also avoids the limelight just as much as her husband courts it! The actual story of how Meyers and Ashe met is more of a rom-com instead of real life. Meyer met Ashe at a wedding, and the two hit it off instantly. Meyers said in an interview that he met his wife (Ashe) at Chris Kattan’s wedding. He also mentioned that his wife’s sister worked in the set design department of Saturday Night Live. All we know for now is that Meyers is truly in love with his wife because they are always seen together having fun.

Ashe Has a Baby Boy

The Saturday Late Night Live alum and his wife Alexi Ashe welcomed a baby boy. Ashe gave birth to a healthy baby boy just few years after their marriage, and the couple named their son Ashe Olson Meyers. While Ashe was pregnant, her husband Meyers asked actress Jennifer Garner for a little advice on what to expect during the tough time. It was reported that Garner told Meyers not to follow the words of a book or take anyone’s advice. Garner told Meyers not to worry and just go through the struggle like everyone else.

Ashe Is Always Seen Together With Meyers

When you go through Alexi Ashe’s Instagram account, you’ll notice that her page is filled with pictures taken together with Meyers and their son. Despite the nature of his job, Meyers is still always seen everywhere around his loving wife Alexi Ashe. Their relationship turned into a strong one, thanks to the fateful first meeting between Ashe and Meyers at Chris Kattan’s wedding.

Alexi Ashe Is Active On Social Media

Even when we know a lot about Seth Meyers and have seen him in many movies, we still don’t know much about Ashe. But it is widely known that Ashe is definitely not Hollywood, despite having a very popular husband and that movie-star look.

Ashe uses this platform to share her child’s photo. She also actively makes use of her Twitter account as a human rights lawyer to tweet about human rights issues. Ashe takes her job very seriously despite the fact that she may be married to one of the funniest person in Hollywood. Seth Meyers has made a great and proficient career in late night television show, but Ashe’s occupation is also helping other people to solve their problems.