Rick Ross Wiki: Rapper, Net Worth, Purple Lamborghini & Facts To Know

Check out everything you NEED to know about the rapper, hip-hop mogul and entrepreneur Rick Ross, including his net worth!

Who Is Rick Ross?

If you are familiar with the faces of hip-hop over the course of the last two decades, then chances are you know rapper Rick Ross. Born William Leonard Roberts the 2nd, Rick Ross is a rapper, actor, and entrepreneur. He was born on January 28, 1976, in Clarksdale, Mississippi, but Ross calls Florida home. Rick Ross often represents the Miami-Dade county area since his inception in rap. Ross adopted his stage name from the infamous drug kingpin ‘Freeway Ricky Ross,’ a former convicted drug lord. Rapper Rick Ross, however, is far from the moniker he has chosen for his musical career. In fact, Roberts’ final ‘regular’ occupation before becoming a successful rapper and entrepreneur was that of a correctional officer for a Florida jail.

The Driving Force of Maybach Music Group (MMG)

Before founding his own label, Rick Ross signed to Slip-N-Slide Records, a label founded by Florida artist Trick Daddy. Rick Ross would eventually end up on the label Def Jam, who was responsible for his release of the albums ‘Port of Miami’ and ‘Teflon Don.’ His success led to Def Jam allowing him to create an imprint: Maybach Music Group. Maybach Music Group, or ‘MMG’, is a label founded by Rick Ross in 2009. Rick Ross’ successes from early 2000 hits such as ‘Hustlin’ featured on his debut album ‘Port of Miami’ solidified him in the rap game, allowing for the foundation of Maybach Music Group down the line. MMG’s roster currently consists of Rick Ross, the controversially incarcerated Meek Mill, Washington D.C. talents Wale and Fat Trel, Florida’s Gunplay and Chicago artist Rockie Fresh. Despite hosting a slew of talent at the label, Rick Ross’ projects have been undoubtedly the most successful. Although the albums ‘Port of Miami’ and ‘Trilla’ were not released under MMG, other projects such as ‘Deeper than Rap,’ ‘Mastermind,’ ‘God Forgives, I Don’t,’ ‘Hood Billionaire,’ ‘Black Market,’ and his most recent release ‘Rather You Than Me’ came out under the rapper’s label. Between all of the projects of Rick Ross, he has gained one platinum album and three certified gold albums. It is without a doubt the Rick Ross is a driving force in the rap game today. He continues to pave the way for his label-mates to be just as successful as the Teflon Don himself.

Rapper and Hip-Hop Mogul Ricky Rozay

Rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross has had a slew of success in music as well as entrepreneurship. His single ‘Aston Martin Music’ featuring another big Hip-Hop name, Drake, is a certified Platinum hit. The success of ‘Aston Martin Music’ is credited to both the huge statuses of Rick Ross and Drake, as well as its cruising vibe. In fact, tracks such as ‘Aston Martin Music’ and ‘Hustlin’ have coined a genre of rap Rick Ross represents known as ‘Luxury Trap Music.’ Luxury trap music can be defined as the elegance that is a Don smoking a premium Cuban cigar contemplating the balance of the street life and a lust for the finer things in life. His recent album ‘Rather You Than Me’ is on its way to going gold. Rick Ross has also crossed over into the electronic dance music genre with single ‘Purple Lamborghini’ featuring larger than life EDM DJ Skrillex. ‘Purple Lamborghini’ is currently spinning across Youtube, radio waves, and all other relevant streaming services.

Rick Ross Hospitalized after being Found Unresponsive by Manager

Last week, Rick Ross was hospitalized after being found unresponsive by his manager. His manager made the 911 call that potentially saved Rick Ross’ life. The manager told the dispatcher that Rick Ross had collapsed, was breathing shallowly and coughing up what his manager described as blood. At the time of the incident, the internet had a scary field day at the expense of Rick Ross’ health. Initially, numerous reports on what led to his collapse were coming in, ranging from heart attacks, opioid overdoses, and even Rick Ross fainting from too much partying with exotic dancers. The actual reason for Rick Ross being hospitalized has still not been made public, but via an Instagram post, we know Rick Ross is home safe and sound.

The Net Worth of Rick Ross

The estimated net worth of Rick Ross as of 2018 is approximately a whopping $35 million. This is due to a combination of successful albums such as ‘Mastermind,’ ‘Dreamchasers’ (an album by label-mate Meek Mill), and Rick Ross’ ventures in establishments such as Wing Stop. You might find yourself eating in one of Ross’ franchises – either Wing Stop, Checker’s, or Rally’s, depending on where you live and other eateries in Florida. Rick Ross has followed the lead of successful hip-hop moguls such as Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, and Diddy. In fact, Rick Ross was at one point was signed to Diddy’s Ciroc venture. If albums such as ‘Rather You Than Me’ and ‘Mastermind’ do not show the return Ross was looking for, he can surely count on his Lemon Pepper Wings from Wing Stop to show some returns on investment and sustain his net worth.