PHOTOS: Timothée Chalamet’s 10 Best Instagram Pics

Learn more about Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated actor Timothée Chalamet and take a look at his best Instagram pics!

Who is Timothée Chalamet?

Timothée Chalamet is a 22 year old actor who recently broke onto the Hollywood scene with parts in two Oscar nominated movies, ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘Call Me By Your Name.’ He received an Oscar nomination for ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ making him the youngest nominee for Best Actor in almost 80 years. He stars as Elio, a young man who falls for older man and friend of the family, Oliver (Armie Hammer). Chalamet also received a Golden Globe nomination for his work in ‘Call Me By Your Name.’ He had a small part in the Christopher Nolan movie ‘Interstellar,’ and will star in the upcoming ‘Beautiful Boy,’ about a young man struggling with an addiction to meth.

Top 10 Best Instagram Pics

#10: Stars Out, Tongues Out

Chalamet met up with ‘Girls Trip’ star Tiffany Haddish for this silly pic in January earlier this year. It’s worth noting that the ‘Call Me By Your Name’ star has a goofy side, which isn’t usually on display in his dramatic roles.

#9: Well Read

It seems Chalamet might have picked up some tips from his ‘Lady Bird’ character, a pretentious teen. Is he really reading classic Russian literature or just pretending? Either way, he looks great doing it.

#8: Suited Up

This picture was taken for Berluti Paris, the suit designer who also made Chalamet’s Oscar look, in January 2018. Chalamet opted for the same black-on-black look at the Golden Globes, while going for white-on-white at the Oscars.

#7: Oscar Bait

Here, Chalamet stands with his mother on the red carpet of the 90th Academy Awards, where they celebrated his first Oscar nomination. When he chose his mother as his date for the event, young girls everywhere could be heard saying, “but why not me?”

#6: Nine Shades of Grey

These close-ups were taken by Romain Sellier for ‘M Magazine,’ the magazine of the French newspaper Le Monde in February 2018. No wonder Chalamet is set to star in a film called ‘Beautiful Boy’ next year.

#5: Statuesque

A gorgeous shot for the New York Times by Ryan Fluger. Not only is Chalamet’s jawline on full display, but the lighting is so soft and catches his hair just the right way. Not that it could’ve possibly been caught in a bad way, but still.

#4: Windblown

Something about this photo makes Chalamet look like he is glowing from within–maybe he picked up some alien tricks from ‘Interstellar?’ This portrait was taken for ‘Interview Magazine’ in July 2017 by Craig McDean.

#3: Too Lit

Talk about great lighting. This photo was taken by Ryan McGinley for the February 2018 edition of ‘GQ’. For those who are interested, he also did an interview for ‘GQ’s’ Dan Riley.

#2: Long Hair, Don’t Care

This tie-dye, this hair; it’s all working together to make something wonderful to look at. Also from the GQ shoot in February, this one is just one of many incredible photos from the spread. Check the rest of the pictures out on Chalamet’s instagram, @tchalamet, or in GQ.

#1: Ankles Are Back In Style

You know how in the nineteenth century it was obscene to show your ankles because they were deemed too sexy to be on display? I never understood that until I saw this picture. This photo was taken by Billy Kidd for a ‘GQ’ interview in November 2017, where Chalamet discussed ‘Call Me By Your Name.’

Watch out for more from Timothée Chalamet; he’s been compared to Daniel Day-Lewis, Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio so far, and his career is only just beginning.