Ozzie Yue Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About The ‘Syriana’ Actor

Ozzie Yue is a famous English actor, guitarist and singer. Here are five facts about the actor, including his net worth.

Who is Ozzie Yue?

Austin J. “Ozzie” Yue was born on 12th August 1947. He is a well-known English actor, guitarist and singer. He is best known for his roles in television programs such as, Father Ted, All Quiet on the Preston Front and Coronation Street as well as for roles in films such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Syriana, Out for a Kill, Act of Grace and Nuns on the Run, the comedy series, All Quiet on the Preston Front aired in 1994 was about the everyday lives and mis-adventures of a group of friends most of whom belong to their local unit of the Territorial Army in the North of England. In the 1960’s Yue was a guitarist with Merseybeat group- the Hideaways and later became the guitarist for the 1970’s group Supercharge. Currently, Yue has his own band, “Yue Who”. In 2008, he starred in the title role in Kensuke’s Kingdom which is a theater production that has toured the UK. Yue was born and raised in Liverpool, Lancashire. His father, Jack, was quite famous in Liverpool as a restaurateur, court translator and point of contact between Liverpool’s Chinese and English communities. Ozzie Yue attended junior schools in the Wirral and Skerry’s School in Rodney Street, Liverpool. He later attended the Liverpool Institute High School for Boys as a contemporary of Paul McCartney and George Harrison, but was junior to them. Yue has admitted that he used to “flick pieces of paper” at McCartney during art classes. After an initial career as an apprentice electrician, Yue joined the Hideaways as guitarist during the Merseybeat era. He used to play at the Cavern Club more often than the Beatles. In the 1970’s, Yue joined funk, soul & RnB group, Supercharge, which managed to achieve some reputation and local success, but could not make an impression on the UK charts. The band Supercharge, did however, have a number 1 single in Australia in 1976. In the late 1970’s Yue played with Liverpool band “Joker”. Today Yue has his own RnB group playing locally called, “Yue Who”. In his teens, Yue tried his luck in acting by appearing in productions such as, The King and I and South Pacific at the Royal Court Theater, Liverpool. However, acting took a back seat during his musical career until the 1980’s. After that, he decided to again give acting a try when he was casted in British film and television, usually in stereotypical Chinese roles such as waiters and minor villains. He was first offered work by Granada TV as an extra, and of this he says, “I was one of very few oriental-looking actors at that time. A London agent saw my photograph in casting and said ‘you don’t do any more extras work from now on'”. From the beginning of the 1990’s, Yue has appeared in several productions and in 2006, he branched out into theater, starring in Kensuke’s Kingdom across the country and finally at London’s Bloomsbury Theater. In March/April 2015 he made a comeback to the Liverpool stage playing the roles of Snug and Mustardseed in the Everyman Theater production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In 2013, he played “Taxi Driver” in the BBC comedy-drama Being Eileen.

Net worth of the actor

The net worth of the actor is currently unknown.

Five facts about Ozzie Yue

There are some interesting facts about Ozzie Yue: 1. Ozzie Yue has featured in movies like Syriana, Croupier, Out for a Kill, Act of Grace and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and frequently on television. 2. He used to speak a small amount of Mandarin language before he went to school in Liverpool. But he forgot it being with the English kids. His father was an official interpreter, and spoke around seven different Chinese dialects, as well as English. At one point, he had a café and three restaurants, but he also did a lot of work for the law courts and hospitals. 3. Yue used to enjoy going to school and was a good student. Later, his father sold his café and bought another in the center of Liverpool, and sent him to Skerrys College, which was a prep school on the top floor of the commercial college where he had learnt English, and also his sweeping, picturesque handwriting. 4. He later attended the Liverpool Institute High School for Boys which was a grammar school that is now the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Paul McCartney and George Harrison were also in the Upper School when Yue was in the Lower. During his first year, Paul attended the art class during free periods and sit opposite him. Yue would flick pieces of paper at him. 5. Yue did not learn a lot of music during his schooling days. When he was 14, the director of the local operatic society, who ate at his father’s restaurant, asked if he’d like to play the Crown Prince in The King and I. It was his first foray into acting. His acting talent was praised.