David Tennant: Top 10 Stunning Pics Of ‘Doctor Who’ Actor

David Tennant rules the hearts of many of his female fans. Check out 10 stunning pics of the ‘Doctor Who’ actor taken from Instagram.

David Tennant in a nutshell

David Tennant was born as David John McDonald on April 18, 1971. He is a Scottish actor and voice actor. Tennant is best known for his roles as the Tenth Doctor in the British television series ‘Doctor Who,’ Alec Hardy in ‘Broadchurch,’ Giacomo Casanova in the TV Show ‘Casanova,’ Kilgrave in ‘Jessica Jones,’ and Barty Crouch, Jr. in the film ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.’ In addition to his appearances on screen, he has also worked as a voice actor and in theater, including Prince Hamlet in a critically acclaimed 2008 stage production of ‘Hamlet.’ In January 2015, Tennant received the National Television Award for Special Recognition. Tennant appeared in ‘Jessica Jones’ as the Purple Man for which he was critically acclaimed. This Netflix original chronicles the life of one of the darker Marvel characters, the mysterious ‘Jessica Jones.’ Tennant also rendered his voice to the character of Lord Commander, the evil nemesis of Gary in ‘Final Space,’ an American adult animated science fiction TV Show for cable network TBS. Tennant gave an electrifying performance in ‘The Escape Artist’. The ‘Escape Artist’ was a British drama thriller three-part series aired in 2013 on BBC one. Fans appreciated his role as Detective Inspector Alec Hardy in ‘Broadchurch.’ In ‘Harry Potter,’ David Tennant portrayed Barty Crouch Jr in the film adaptation of ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.’ Tennant married actress Georgia Moffett on 30 December 2011. They met during the filming of the ‘Doctor Who’ episode “The Doctor’s Daughter”. They have four children, including Moffett’s child from a previous relationship whom Tennant adopted. Moffett is the daughter of Peter Davison, who played the Fifth Doctor in the 1980’s. Tennant does not discuss his personal life or relationships in interviews and likes to keep his life very private and personal. He said in an interview, “relationships are hard enough with the people you’re having them with, let alone talking about them in public”.

10 stunning pics from Instagram

David Tennant has stunning good looks, versatile acting and a huge fan following. Charm and grace comes easily to this multi-talented actor. The actor has the flooded the internet with his photos and some of them are just too good not to share. Here we have compiled his 10 best pics from Instagram:

1. A pic from his most recent photo shoot.

2. The dapper man!

3. He captioned this one “His Sorry Face.”

4. This is his all time favorite tee.

5. A still from ‘Doctor Who’

6. David and Georgia!

7. So good looking!

8. No doubt he has a huge fan following! just look at him!

9. Another one from ‘Jessica Jones.’

10. David Tennant, you make grumpy faces look sexy too!!