Natasha Henstridge Wiki: Net Worth, Instagram & Facts To Know

Darius Campbell’s ex-wife, Natasha Henstridge currently hit the covers with her sexual harassment accusation against Weinstein and Brett Ratner.

Natasha Henstridge – personal information

This beautiful, blue-eyed blonde is a native Canadian, born and raised in Springdale, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. In several occasions, Natasha Henstridge admitted she was a tomboy as a kid. She always wanted to learn martial arts. Her wish was fulfilled when she shot “Ghosts From Mars” because she prepared for the role in martial arts boot camp for two weeks. Natasha Henstridge wanted to become a model, after she stepped on a runway for the first time, at the age of 14. At age 15, she moved to Paris where she wanted to pursue her dreams of making it in the fashion world. With its height of 5 “9.5”, she was spotted and successful. Henstridge had several cover pages for prestigious fashion magazines, recorded numerous commercials for famous brands such as Old Spice and Olay cosmetics. But she decided to change the direction of her career and to dedicate herself to acting. According to her Instagram account, she is very dedicated to her two sons, Asher and Tristan. Darius Campbell’s ex-wife is very active on social networks, especially when her accusations about raping were published.

The love life of Natasha Henstridge

Although she was (and still is) among the most desirable actresses in Hollywood, Natasha Henstridge is not known for her affair and a turbulent love life. Although she was married twice, she got her two children from a relationship with fellow actor, Liam White. White and Henstridge appeared together in 2001 in the sci-fi movie “The Ghosts Of Mars”. This film was declared as one of the box office bombs, considering it earned almost twice less as invested. The couple broke up in 2004, and Henstridge got a lot of custody over the sons, the post couple was not married.

Dating, marriage, break up and reconciliation with David Campbell

After the break up with White, Natasha Henstridge found her comfort with seven years younger singer from Scotland, Darius Campbell. After two years of relationship, the couple engaged in 2007. They broke up in 2010, but soon realized they couldn’t go one without another, so they got back together. Henstridge and Campbell married in 2011, at a secret ceremony, with attendance of Henstridge’s sons only, but the marriage didn’t last. After certain conflicts, she and Campbell signed divorce papers in 2013. Four years later, the final judgment about divorce hasn’t been made yet, so this pair confirmed their reconciliation this year since in August 2016 they were spotted kissing each other. Unfortunately, the divorce was finalized this year and Cambell stated that Henstridge has his full support, no matter what.



Natasha Henstridge – career and net worth

She has many successful projects behind her, but also many box office bombs. The rule in Hollywood is that the sequel almost never reached the glory of the original. So it was with the movie “Species,” recorded in 1996. Henstridge played the role of Sil, a sexy alien creature with bad intentions. After her escape from the lab, the team of scientists tries to stop her before she begins to reproduce. The first sequel was recorded in 1998 and the second one in 2004 when she started her relationship with Darius Campbell. But both sequels weren’t even close to the success of the original movie.

The movie “The Whole Nine Yard” is considered as another successful movie Henstridge shot. Although the critics were very harsh about the movie where Henstridge acted with Bruce Willis and Mathew Perry, success at the box office was very good. His sequel, “The Whole Ten Yards” was a box office bomb too, and rated as a pale copy of the original film. Because of her love of martial arts, Darius Campbell’s wife agreed to take part in the expansion set to the video game “Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.” After her brief try in the world of video games and after shooting “Command & Conquer,” she returned to big screen roles in several successful series, such as “Eli Stone” and “CSI: Miami.” Her current net worth is nearly $14.5 million.

Natasha Henstridge was a victim of sexual harassment

Natasha Henstridge is currently best known for her sexual harassment charges, but for her roles. Earlier this year, in the show, “Today,” she said producer Brett Ratner raped her when she was only 19. Ratner defended himself claiming that they had a relationship on a voluntary basis, but she accused him of forcing her to oral sex. Natasha Henstridge is also one of the victims of Harvey Weinstein, who was charged with this year for the same thing as Rattner. Campbell’s wife claims that Weinstein has masturbated in front of her, telling her some nasty words. Here’s what she posts on Instagram on the day of announcing that she was a victim of sexual harassment:

This post has come up with a lot of comments on support. Darius Campbell admitted how hard for him is that his former wife was going through something like this, but that he will always be there for her.