Nancy Lasseter Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About John Lasseter’s Wife

Nancy Lasseter is the wife of John Lasseter is an actress mother and busy owner of the Lasseter Family Winery. Let’s get to know this remarkable woman.

Nancy Lasseter & John Lasseter: Getting to Know You

Nancy Lasseter and John Lasseter each have remarkable careers in Hollywood in the graphics department. Nancy Lasseter began her life on September 14, 1967. Nancy Lasseter having a computer graphics background met John Lasseter at a conference and the two were an instant match made in heaven. Nancy Lasseter and John Lasseter began their courtship and were immediately married in 1988. John Lasseter and Nancy Lasseter share five children, all of which are born between the years of 1989 and 1997. Nancy Lasseter and John Lasseter purchased the Lasseter Family Winery in 1993 and have resided on the property since.

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John Lasseter & Nancy Lasseter: Career Moves

As Nancy Lasseter and John Lasseter began their lives as a couple they also continued their career goals. Nancy Lasseter was a computer graphics engineer, while John Lasseter worked as an animator for Disney. John Lasseter worked for Disney for a total of five years when he was terminated from his position for the company. Continuing his career, John Lasseter joined the company LucasFilm and began working on his most notable work in CGI graphics. From this point, John Lasseter’s employer LucasFilm experienced a buy-out from Apple and John Lasseter became the employee of Steve Jobs under the new company Pixar. While John Lasseter was experiencing his many career changes, his wife Nancy Lasseter worked for Apple Computers as a computer graphics engineer. It would seem that faith would not allow John Lasseter to separate from Disney for too long, for in 2006, Disney purchased Pixar and John Lasseter once again became an employee of his former employer Disney.

Lasseter Life: Family, Husband, Wife, and Wine

John Lasseter and Nancy Lasseter made a personal move to a small town of Sonoma with the deep interest in winemaking. John Lasseter and Nancy Lasseter purchased land and a home of which they would pursue their passion of winery. John Lasseter and Nancy Lasseter named their property for the family as “Lasseter Family Winery” incorporating their five children and other family members as a part of the employees for the winery. Their youngest son overlooks the bee colony located on the property.

Taking After Mom & Dad: Off to Hollywood

Of the five children, Bennett Lasseter and Sam Lasseter seem to have taken after their parents the most. Bennett Lasseter is a Hollywood director who recently graduated from the American Film Institute with an MFA hopes to create storylines and characters that audiences can fall in love with. Bennett Lasseter is currently working in Los Angeles. Sam Lasseter is a puppet master and graduates from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA. Sam Lasseter has held the passion for puppetry since childhood and hopes to bring the joy of his passion to a variety of audiences.

The Lasseter Family Matters

John Lasseter and Nancy Lasseter hold a net worth of $100M from his work in film and television director, producer and screenwriter. The Lasseters continue to increase their net worth with the winery and many other projects.

5 Fun Lasseter Facts

I. John and Nancy Lasseter are known as the Winery Couple of Sonoma. II. John and Nancy Lasseter participates in the Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival annually. III. John and wife Nancy Lasseter have an affinity for French blend wine. IV. John and Nancy Lasseter took inspiration from “The Adventures of Andre and Wally B” when designing their label for their wine bottle. V. The Lasseter Family Winery is eco-friendly.