Mary Elizabeth Ellis Wiki: Everything To Know About Charlie Day’s Wife

Get to know more about Mary Elizabeth Ellis, who is Charlie Day’s wife. Below are facts about her, including her net worth.

Mary Elizabeth Ellis: Charlie Day’s wife

“Pacific Rim Uprising” is trending and people all over the world are flocking the cinemas to watch the science fiction movie. People who have watched the previous “Pacific Rim” understand how the experience of watching the movie is. There are some characters that are also in the sequel. One of those actors is Charlie Day and everyone is excited about him and his fellow cast members. The love fans feel for Day extends to his family, which consists of his wife Mary Elizabeth Ellis and their only child, Russell Wallace Day. It’s perhaps heartbreaking that Charlie Day is already taken, but if you look at his wife, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, you will notice that Day got a very beautiful wife. So what about Ellis? 38-year-old Mary Elizabeth Ellis was born in Laurel, Mississippi and she is an American actress. Ellis’ father is known as Steve Ellis while her mother is known as Judy Ellis, and they encouraged Ellis to follow her passion. She grew up interested in acting, and after high school, Ellis went to Southern Methodist University and graduated in 2002. Day’s wife is mostly known for her role on the sitcom “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” where she stars as The Waitress. Ellis has also starred in the NBC sitcom, “Perfect Couples,” and “The Grinder,” which is a Fox sitcom. She has played a couple of roles that propelled her to fame including the movie “Mastermind” and TV shows like “Santa Clarita Diet”, and many others.

Being TV’s most beloved nameless character

Charlie Day’s wife, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, might not have a name on the comedy show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, but she probably has the most calibrated moral compass on the show and her’s is not a bad role either. In “The Grinder”, which is cleverly set in a suburban environment, Ellis never disappoints with her grounded humor. She spoke to GQ about her roles, a creative marriage to her hubby, Charlie Day, and laughing in church. When the actress was asked if she and her husband mix work and their life or separate them to some extent, Ellis stated that they usually speak a lot about work while at home. Day’s wife stated that it’s beautiful and exciting every time they talk about work. Ellis added that she couldn’t imagine a life as an actress without someone to speak to about the whole process, and it’s enriching for her to have Day around and speak about everything related to their acting careers. Ellis’ humor in “It’s Always Sunny” has made her every viewer’s favorite despite being just The Waitress, and even fans have been asking if she has ever worked as a waitress. The actress also served as a hostess at the Olive Garden in Burbank, and it somehow helped her be comfortable with the role. Working at mitzvahs was a like a wedding for her, and she would see how drunk brides and the parents of the young men and women going through mitzvah could get.

Facts to know about Charlie Day’s wife

She prepares for an audition by memorizing scripts a day before

Whenever there is a pilot season and Ellis has to go to an audition the next day, she gets some pages to memorize and she masters the script for the upcoming auditions. If by chance Ellis has got a movie to audition for, she gets some time to work on other stuff before she reads the script. As a former student at a drama college, Ellis knows how to prepare for a role by understanding her character, what she wants, and what to expect from the scene. Ellis is aware some people in TV and theatre sometimes get confused by their roles and she tries not to get confused herself.

She worked at the Olive Garden in Burbank

Day’s wife, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, used to work at the Olive Garden in Burbank before she became famous, and working there was pretty soul-crushing according to her. Once, Ellis and her husband had their little boy’s birthday, so they hired people who played pirates to come and amuse the boy and his young friends. The people at the party loved them and thought they were terrific. When they asked Ellis where she got them from, she told them that she used to be a sword-fighting pirate working at Olive Garden and that she performed at children’s birthday parties, so all Ellis did was to call the company. At least she loved the job.

Her celebrity crush is Laurie Metcalf

Ellis romantic crush is Day, of course, her husband comes first, but when it comes to her celebrity crush, she admires Laurie Metcalf. Ellis once got the chance to do a play with her, During the play, Laurie had to keep telling Ellis that it was her turn for the lines, and Ellis would be sorry because she was actually mesmerized by Laurie.

Her net worth

Mary Elizabeth Ellis has a net worth of $6 million. Day’s wife has built her net worth by playing roles in movies and TV shows like “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “The Grinder,” “Perfect Couples,” “Santa Clarita Diet,” and “Mastermind.”

Ellis is a happy woman. Just by looking at that, it seems she is satisfied with her family and her job, and she also knows how to make people laugh.