John Hillerman Net Worth: Just How Rich Was The ‘Magnum Pl’ Actor?

The American actor, John Hillerman, lived up to the age of 85 before he died. His years of acting saw him become rich and this article reveals his net worth

The American Actor, John Hillerman’s Age And Net Worth

John Hillerman, the American actor, was born on 20 December 1932 and died on 9 November 2017. He was an actor well known for the different roles he has played in movies. His role in Magnum Pl, a television show, has been a major role people far and wide knew him for. The television show was shown from the year 1980 to the year 1988. He has won several awards for just the role he played in this film. The net worth of John Hillerman as at his time of death on November 9 was calculated to be 5million dollars. Details about the sponsorships or endorsements of Hillerman is not known. Many people are amazed how he was worth up to 5million dollars. This article will describe his life from his childhood to his retirement age. Also, what he got engaged in before his demise would be described too.

His Childhood Experiences

Hillerman grandparents were known to be European immigrants, thereby making Hillerman of Austrian, German and French accent. He was born to the family of Christopher Hillerman and Joan Lenova in Denison at Texas, USA. They were both owners of a gas station and beauty parlor respectively. John Hillerman started to have a deep interest in Opera at the age of 10. His parents supported him in this line. They gave him the freedom of making trips from their house to Dallas alone from 12 years of age. He always went there to watch the productions of Metropolitan Opera. Even though he was in love with Opera, John Hillerman made sure he completed his education. He studied Journalism at the University of Texas in Austin.

His Experience with The United States Air Force

He joined the Air force of the United States in the year 1953. He started in the maintenance section of the Strategic Air Command. John later became a Sergeant in 1957. For four years he lived a disciplined life but he decided to change his course of a career to that of an actor. John’s motive of becoming an actor was not because he loved acting but because he always wanted to meet new people every day. To this extent, even while in the Airforce, he joined the theatrical group. From the Airforce in 1957, John Hillerman left and relocated to New York. He was acting and performing for almost 12 years in New York without living comfortably. He couldn’t make ends meet. He performed in film productions like King Henry IV, Great God Brown, Little Foxes, Lion in Winter, One Day At A Time, Blazing Saddles, Death of Salesman and many others during these 12 years.

His Career Life

He started his career in Hollywood as a spear-carrier in Othello production from where he got to know Peter Bogdanovich who later became his director. His director gave him a role in a movie titled The Last Picture Show which eventually marked his ascension to stardom. Hillerman performed the role of Simon Burner as a radio detective in Ellery Queen. He played the role of trying to outsmart Jin Hutton, the title character. He continued his acting with his significant role in One Day at a Time, where he acted as Mr. Conners. In The Betty White Show, he co-starred as estranged husband of Betty White. The film was shown from 1977 to 1978 on the Television series program. This talented actor would be fondly remembered for his role in Magnum Pl where he acted as Jonathan Higgins. Hillerman himself loved this particular role so much than any of his other roles in movies. In one of his interviews, he described this role as the only sane role and considered other roles as stark raving mad roles.

The Actor’s Financial Struggles

John Hillerman started his acting career in Hollywood with about 700 dollars only. Unfortunately for him, in a few years of acting, He ended up with a huge debt of 10,000 dollars. Not deterred by this setback, he continued in his acting job. As fortune or if you like, luck would have it, he was featured in Magnum Pl which changed his financial story for good and made him rich and wealthy. He was famous too and he won a Golden Globe and an Emmy award. He finally retired in the year 1990. Towards the close of his career and perhaps life, he bought a house worth over 3 million dollars in Lake Arrowhead because to him, life there was great. In Lake Arrowhead, Hillerman enjoyed himself with his boat which he often had fun with on the lake.

Other Movies Where He Was Featured

Some of the other films he was featured in that have not been mentioned earlier are listed below:
• Lawman (1971)
• Honky (1971)
• Skyjacked (1972)
• Paper Moon (1973)
• Chinatown (1974)
• Blazing Saddles (1974)
• Lucky Lady (1975)
• Sunburn (1979)

Nominations And Awards

John Hillerman has been an outstanding actor and as such, has been nominated for several awards. For the category of Primetime Emmy Award, he was nominated in the years 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987 as the Outstanding Supporting Actor for the role performed in Magnum Pl. Likewise, for the Golden Globe Award category, he was nominated as the Best Supporting Actor for the role he performed in Magnum P. I. He was nominated in the year 1982, 1983, 1985, 1987 and 1988 for this position and he eventually won the award in 1982.

John Hillerman’s Retirement And Death


Talk of a man with vision and vigor and John Hillerman’s name would easily pop up. He gave the acting profession all he had until his rather mysterious death. It remains unclear if he ever got involved in any relationship as no child claimed him as his/her father and the only relation known about him are his sisters and her children. May his soul rest in peace. R.I.P.