Eliza Dushku From ‘Dollhouse’: 10 Best Instagram Pics You Need To See

Looking for some facts and news about Eliza Dushku? Here are the facts along with some fascinating Instagram pics of the “Dollhouse” actress.

Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku is an American star and model cherished for her famous television roles. She was born on December 30, 1980. Eliza Dushku was born in Massachusetts and has three brothers. In 2003, an American teen drama film Bring it On, directed by Peyton Reed was released. Bring It On was a hit in the theaters of North America on 25th August 2000. The movie mostly had good critic reviews. Some critics praised the vivid nature and comic takes on its subject line. In 2003, an American horror movie Wrong Turn, directed by Rob Schmidt hit the theatres. Wrong Turn stars Eliza Dushku, Desmond Harrington and Jeremy Sisto and Emmanuelle Chriqui. Its estimate box-office gross was around $28.7 million with a filming budget of $12.6 million. It was the initial installment in a movie series which has spawned two sequels and three prequels. Tru Calling is a show that stars Eliza Dushku as Tru Davies who is a 20-year-old medical student. Tru Calling is an American drama cum supernatural TV show that was broadcasted on Fox Original. This show aired from October 30, 2003 to March 11, 2005. However, the last episode was aired late in the U.S. because of lower ratings.

Early Career: Eliza Dushku

After finishing high school, Eliza Dushku got back into the acting field with the character of “Faith Lehane” in the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Although at the start, it was planned that Eliza Dushku would lead a role in five episodes only, later, the role became widely accepted by the viewers and Eliza Dushku played the role for a complete season. Moreover, Eliza Dushku’s character returned in the fourth season which was showcased out as the part of season one of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Subject of ‘Allegations’

When Eliza Dushku was 12 years old, she was sexually assaulted by stunt coordinator Joel Kramer. Eliza Dushku alleged that Joel Kramer sexually attacked her while working on True Lies, a film by James Cameron.

Here’s 10 Best Instagram Pics of Eliza Dushku You Need To See

Check out Dushku’s best Instagram pics! From “Dollhouse” to Hollywood’s hotshot, Dushku has truly changed throughout the years. Look at these Instagram pics!

Echo’s character, played by Eliza Dushku

Echo was a fictional role in “Dollhouse,” beautifully depicted by Eliza Dushku. Dollhouse was a Fox science fiction show which was produced by Joss Whedon. Before her memories were wiped out, Echo was initially named as Caroline Farrell. Eliza Dushku played a central role in Dollhouse. This series centers on Echo, played by Eliza Dushku. And at the series’ conclusion, the character develops a completely formed personality, skills, and the abilities which Eliza Dushku’s character applies in her fight against the corrupt corporation which maintains the Dollhouses.