Jennifer Lawrence Wiki: Everything To Know About ‘The Hunger Games’ Actress

‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Red Sparrow’ and ‘X-men: Dark Phoenix’ actress Jennifer Lawrence and her overall net worth! Here is everything you NEED to know about this amazing woman.

Hunger Games Actress Jennifer Lawrence

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Who is Jennifer Lawrence?

Over the course of the last decade, there have been a slew of actors and actresses that have flourished and arguably, the most popular genre of the last decade has been that of Superhero and Superheroine films. Movies like ‘The Hunger Games,’ Marvel’s ‘Avengers,’ and the upcoming ‘X-men: Dark Phoenix’ due out this Thanksgiving season, have all eyes in Hollywood locked in on one woman in particular. Our star actress of our discussion today is the lovely ‘Red Sparrow,’ Katniss Everdeen of The ‘Hunger Games’ Trilogy herself: Actress Jennifer Lawrence. Born Jennifer Shrader Lawrence to parents Karen and Gary Lawrence, she was born on August 15th, 1990, which means at the time of this post she is twenty-seven years of age. She was born in the Bluegrass state, Kentucky, in the city Indian Hills and she has two siblings, Ben and Blaine Lawrence. She is the youngest of the three siblings and by having two older brothers she was molded by tough experiences. She grew up with the tomboy personality we’re familiar with in films such as ‘The Hunger Games.’ Jennifer’s mother Karen didn’t sanction Jennifer to horseplay with her female classmates as she felt her daughter may have been a tad bit too rough for them. Her father worked in construction while her mother worked seasonally as a Summer Camp Manager.

The Early Net Worth of the future ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Star

Prior to becoming the ‘American Hustle’ actress we all know and love, Jennifer Lawrence’s net worth was not all that high. This was pretty typical for someone not yet famous in Hollywood but watch out because Lawrence is one woman who is about to break the Hollywood Glass Ceiling. In fact, her net worth wasn’t gathered until 2008, two whole years after starring in her first credited role. Even at that time, according to ‘Money Nation,’ her net worth was listed as ZERO dollars, which may or may not be true for this Hollywood actor but be sure to stay tuned as her overall net worth is surely on the rise.

The Discovery of Actress Jennifer Lawrence

In 2004, Jennifer Lawrence and her family took a trip to New York City, New York as nice getaway from the rustic scenery of Indian Hills, Kentucky. An acting scout would be responsible for recognizing the actress Lawrence would be and he would provide her with a chance to shine at an audition featuring other agents. Her mother Karen was not initially open to the idea of her daughter being an actress but luckily for Jennifer and her future, her mom was open to her daughter auditioning. This was a first for the young future ‘Red Sparrow’ actress. Prior to the cold reading, or the process of reading and acting with minimal practice, she had secured a role as a Jezebel at the age of nine. Yes, her earliest acting gig is of her playing a young prostitute. However, this would be the last role for Jennifer Lawrence as such. The audition went so well, it landed her a deal with the talent agency responsible for the audition. With the agency being based in Los Angeles, California, the successful audition would lead her parents to relocate to California in order for their daughter to secure her future in acting. Karen lobbied for Jennifer to take up modeling instead but it turned out that her daughter wasn’t interested in modeling, she wanted to act instead. It’s obvious today that she made the right decision.

The Education of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence’s early discovery as an actress had a severe effect on the progress of her formal education. She attended elementary and middle school but she later chose to drop out of high school at the rebellious age of 14 to pursue her acting career. She did so without completing the requirements for her high school diploma, GED or HSE certifications but the time of this post, Jennifer Lawrence is still one of the highest paid actresses with a less than average formal education. It’s also quite shocking for her to be an A-list actress who hasn’t received any honorary degrees from any institution.

The Updated Net Worth of Jennifer Lawrence

If you were keeping up with the net worth of Jennifer Lawrence throughout this post, then you may have noticed that the starlet’s net worth was noted in 2008 as being zero dollars what so ever. Moving forward with the net worth timeline of Jennifer Lawrence, the actress’ metrics would increase to approximately $33,000 in and around 2009 and 2010. The future ‘Joy star was only worth as much as your typical public school teacher at the turn of the decade but must also note that this was before her big breakout in films such as ‘Silver Linings’ ‘Playbook’ and ‘The Hunger Games.’

The Early Appearances of Actress Jennifer Lawrence

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The ‘Red Sparrow’ and ‘X-men: Dark Phoenix’ actress has a pretty extensive resume considering she has only been on the silver screen in approximately the last decade or so. Her first notable minor role began in the 2006, starring in USA’s ‘Monk’ and the psychological crime solver ‘Medium’ in the 2007. These roles would be the stepping stone that would allow her to land a more regular role on TBS’ ‘Bill Engvall Show.’ This gig would last for approximately 3 full seasons and her breath-taking performances in the former would land her a Young Artist Award in 2009. The ‘Joy’ star would not see her first film role until the year 2008, securing the role of Tiffany in the film ‘Garden Party.’ Her role as Tiffany was that your typical troubled and rebellious teen. She would also star in another film by the same director, Guillermo Arriaga, in the same year. This film was known as ‘The Burning Plan.’ Here, she would reprise her profile as another troubled teen, a niche of Jennifer Lawrence. The Boston Globe credits Lawrence for having providing a substantial amount of depth to Arriaga’s film. Film festivals such as the Venice Film Festival and Los Angeles Film Festival. Jennifer Lawrence’s roles during the year 2008 also granted her a Premio Marcello Mastroianni award. Jennifer Lawrence’s first major role in Hollywood would be her role in Daniel Woodrell’s film adaption of the novel ‘Winter’s Bone’ in the 2010. She would play, you guessed it: a teenager, but this time with even more depth than her previous roles. The producers of the film ‘Winter’s Bone’ would receive the Grand Jury Prize courtesy of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. The actress would take home an NBRABP, or National Board of Review Award for Breakthrough Performance. Her role in ‘Winter’s Bone’ would also grant her very first Academy Award for Best Actress nomination, becoming second youngest person to achieve this feat, only behind the great Keisha Castle-Hughes.

The Net Worth of Jennifer Lawrence

The net worth of Jennifer Lawrence in, 2011 would mark the last year of being poor for the Hollywood starlet. At that time her net worth was listed at almost $800,000 dollars, In fact, that’s approximately a 1500% increase from the previous year. This is perhaps due to her growing popularity after her role as Mystique in ‘X-Men: First Class’ during the same year. ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ and the initial ‘Hunger Games’ installment were just around the corner. Keep following the timeline of her net worth to see how her most popular roles affected her net worth!

Jennifer Lawrence: Breaking out Hollywood

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The ‘Joy’ star’s role in films in the previous decade had too many things in common including the fact that she often played the role of the stern and serious teenager. She began searching for roles to make her profile more dynamic and this would lead to her being cast as the Super villain and Shape Shifter of the character Mystique in the 2011 superhero film ‘X-Men: First Class.’ Her role, as well as the film were received well over all, grossing almost $400 million dollars worldwide. The popularity of the franchise would cause her role as Mystique to be her most notable role at this time. However, most of know that the trilogy would later on be responsible for sending Jennifer Lawrence’s career as an actress into levels of those similar of a Demigoddess: ‘The Hunger Games.’ When you thing of Jennifer Lawrence these days, we may mention Mystique, we may nod at her role as the titular Joy, we gently scoff at her role in the film of ‘American Hustle,’ but we cannot deny Jennifer Lawrence as the great Katniss Everdeen in the the dystopian trilogy of ‘The Hunger Games’ in 2014. These would be the roles that captured America’s heart granting her the title of America’s Sweetheart. Her role as Katniss Everdeen in ‘The Hunger Games’ are hands down Jennifer Lawrence’s most famous role of her acting career to date and will most likely remain as such.

The Filmography of Actress Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence is recognized as being the highest paid actress in the world with her works grossing over five and a half BILLION dollars! She is also recognized as the only person, male or female to be born in the 1990’s to have secured an Oscar. The filmography of the ‘Red Sparrow’ actress is respectable and extensive for only to have worked such a short time. Her greatest hits include: ‘Mother!,’ ‘X-Men: Apocalypse,’ ‘Joy,’ ‘Passengers,’ ‘The Hunger Games,’ ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,’ ‘American Hustle,’ ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past,’ ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I and Part II,’ ‘Serena,’ ‘X-Men: First Class,’ ‘Silver Linings Playbook,’ ‘Like Crazy,’ ‘The Beaver,’ ‘Winter’s Bone,’ ‘Medium,’ ‘Garden Party,’ ‘The Burning Plain,’ ‘The Poker House,’ ‘Cold Case’ and ‘Medium.’ This type of filmography only solidifies her net worth!

Awards Secured by the ‘The Red Sparrow’ Actress

With so many great hits under her belt, the ‘Joy’ star Jennifer Lawrence has secured a slew of awards, from minor to the most prestigious of them all. Lawrence has secured the following awards from the following presenting parties respectively: One Academy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, one British Academy Film Award, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. She has also earned one Chicago Film Critics Association Award, one Austin Film Critics Award, four Critics’ Choice Movies Awards, three Fort Worth-Dallas Film Critic Awards and one Detroit Film Critics Award. Lets not forget her Denver Film Critics Award, her three Dublic Film Critics’ Circle Awards, her five Detroit Film Critics Society Awards, along with her two Florida Film Critics Circle Awards. She brought home one Houston Film Critics Society Award and two Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards. She has also received: One New York Film Critics Online Award, a stunning nine New York Film Critics Circle Awards, two National Society of Film Critics Awards, two San Diego Film Critics Society Awards, and two St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association Awards. Then there is her one San Diego Film Critics’ Circle Award, her two Toronto Film Critics Association Awards, one Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Award, and two Vancouver Film Critics Circle Awards. These are just a few of the awards that she has received as she has received many others as well. Her most unique award would be the award where she was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the highest paid actress for the years 2015 and 2016. She has also made the Forbes List of 100 Celebrities as well as Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World in the year 2013. This brings her current award total to 86 awards. The American Hustle star’s list of awards and nominations are simply not something to gawk at.

The Current Net Worth of Jennifer Lawrence

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If you have been following the subplot of this post, then you know Jennifer Lawrence’s net worth took a respectable amount of time for growth compared to her Hollywood counterparts. From $0 dollars in 2008, to $35,000 dollars in 2010, to three quarters of $1 million dollars at the turn of the decade, to her current net worth of approximately $110 Million dollars at the time of this post. This is in part due to her many successful roles, grossing almost $6 Billion dollars worldwide. How can anyone not like this woman?!

Personality of Jennifer Lawrence

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Although quite often referred to as America’s Sweetheart of the last ten or so years, Jennifer Lawrence is often credited as being quite down-to-earth, not letting her stature cloud her original Kentucky roots. With almost 100 Awards under her belt, the actress still remains as humble as the bluegrass-born queen she has been since the 1990’s. The actress is also not currently linked or rumored to be seeing anyone, she’s never been married and she has no children of her own. Her most recent love was ‘Passenger’ Co-star and Marvel Cinematic Universe ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Star Chris Pratt. The two grew close while working on the film ‘Passengers,’ but at the time of this post, little to no news has been given on the relationship status of the two. Prior to dating Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence was in a relationship with Director Darren Aronofsky in 2016. The two have since parted ways, with Lawrence suspecting Aronofsky to have something to due with the leakage of sexually explicit images of the actress in the same year. Lawrence is also an advocate for a slew of social concerns such as the right to contraception and pro-choice procedures, domestic violence and proper healthcare for less fortunate children both domestically and internationally. ‘The Hunger Games’ actress has donated roughly over $10 million dollars to schools, hospitals, nonprofits and causes alike around the world since gaining some financial stability thanks to Hollywood. How can she when she has so much work to do with her anticipated projects?

The Social Media Presence of Jennifer Lawrence

If you are wondering where these FIRE pics of Jennifer Lawrence originate from, the pics are from the official Instagram account of the ‘Joy’ Star Jennifer Lawrence. The ‘American Hustle’ actress has a social media presence and following that runs concurrent with the high-octane status that Lawrence has solidified for himself over the last decade. Jennifer Lawrence’s Instagram is creeping up on a stunning 1 million followers having reached approximately 960K followers. Her official Facebook fan page has a gargantuan 16 million likes with about 40K Facebookers talking about the star as we speak! Lawrence does not have an official twitter account at this time, but we are sure the actress will catch on the insane about of hype that Twitter can produce very soon!

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Upcoming Projects for Jennifer Lawrence

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Although her resume is longer than the rap sheet of Charlie Sheen, the highest paid actress is far from finished. Jennifer Lawrence will resume her role as Mystique this Thanksgiving in the next installment of the ‘X-Men’ franchise, ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix.’ Lawrence will also be donning the mantle of ‘Red Sparrow’ covert agent Dominika Egorova in the titular ‘Red Sparrow’ this year. Also, expect to see the ‘X-men: Dark Phoenix’ actress in another project known as ‘Bad Blood.’ We’ll have to check back in with Jennifer Lawrence to see how her work this year will affect her. We’re sure it is only to skyrocket with her projects already receiving a respectable amount of hype. Talk about an ‘American Hustle!’