Jason Jones Wiki: ‘The Daily Show’, Net Worth, Actor & Facts About Samantha Bee’s Husband

Get to know more about Jason Jones, the husband of Samantha Bee. Both of them are the brains behind The Detour. Here are facts about him.

The comedian and actor, Jason Jones

If you know Samantha Bee, the political commentator who can say just anything, then you probably know her husband, Jason Jones. Jones is known for being “The Daily Show correspondent” before his wife. Samantha Bee. Jones also worked alongside his wife, Bee to create the TV comedy series, “The Detour.” Some of Jones popular appearances are at movies like “Hot Tub Time Machine 2,” “Pitch Perfect,” “The Art of the Steal,” and TV show, “The Detour.” The 44-year-old Jason Jones grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. Unlike his wife, Samantha Bee, Jones was raised by his both parents. He studied at Hill Park Secondary School before he moved to Ryerson Theater School, still in Toronto, where he studied acting. Jones and Bee are currently living in New York and have been married since 2001. They have three children.

Facts about Samantha Bee’s husband

He is talented in what he does

Being an actor and a comedian is not an easy thing, and Jason Jones has worked very hard to make it to the level that he is at right now. One of those hilarious movies you can see Jones is “Hot Tub Time Machine 2.” The movie is the sequel to “Hot Tub Time Machine.” Jones plays the role of Gary Winkle. Another movie that Bee’s husband appears on is the movie, “The Art of the Steal,” a Canadian comedy film. Jones stars in the movie as Agent Bick. He also appears on all “Pitch Perfect” sequels as one of the members of an acapella band. Jones has appeared on the TV show that he created with Bee known as “The Detour.”

He was a mock reporter for the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

In 2014, Bee’s husband, James Jones was in Russia to cover the Sochi Olympics as a mock reporter. In his visit, he used to lampoon on the Russian police state and culture. Another place where Jones worked in before he ever got to “The Daily Show” was in a TV show known as “Craft Corner Deathmatch,” which he hosted with a comedy troupe known as The Bobroom. Other major works by Jason Jones are appearances on a TV show, “Queen as Folk,” and a CBS show, “How I Met Your Mother.” If you watch of “Law & Order,” then you probably noticed his two appearances as Len Pewels.

Bee’s husband at The Daily Show

Jones joined The Daily Show” in 2005 and worked as a contributor. Back then when the show was trying to gain some audience, Jones co-hosted the show alongside his wife, Samantha Bee. In one of the episodes, Bee’s husband announced that he was officially an American citizen. Bee and her husband remained contributors of the show until Bee left in 2005 for family leave. After Bee’s departure, Jones was promoted from a contributor to a correspondent. Jones managed to attract a following while working at “The Daily Show” alone with his creations like Denmark cartoons, Carl Monday, and Laguna Beach. One of the popular pieces in the show is Jones’s expose of the real values of Wasilla.

Jones advised Upper West Side Parents to keep off press

In 2016, there was a discussion of moving an Upper West Side school, and there was a public hearing for the same that had lasted almost three hours when a man with a beard and glasses had his opportunity on the microphone to add his comments. Whatever he said, he might have rubbed Jones in the wrong way. Jones and his wife Bee have three children and all of them were schooling at Upper West Side school. Jones expressed his disappointment after learning that the parents were not united yet they were supposed to for the sake of their children. Bee’s husband, Jones, suggested that some parents were terrified of having the school relocate close to a housing project and so they decided to oppose the move. He, therefore, urged parents to keep off the press because it was a private matter affecting their community.

Working on De Tour

Jason and his wife, Bee created the TV show, “The Detour.” The show is serialized in a way that every show connects to a mysterious umbrella plot. The show is loosely dubbed a “family comedy” When asked if there was any dispute between them over who had the first idea of the show, Samantha Bee responded that it actually sprung out of Jason Jones’s mind and it was Jones’s baby in any possible way, but she contributed to the idea. When Jones was asked the same question, he said that he described their relationship as a chainsaw and a scalpel. If they were butchers and he was carving the meat, Bee would be the one making it edible. The TV show was a hit and was renewed for the second and third season by TBS.

His net worth

Jason Jones has a net worth of 2.5 million which he has made from his roles as a supporting actor, and TV host, and a comedian.

Jones is one of those humble actors you can ever come across. Despite having a wife who can say anything and is successful due to her fearless character, Jones is a down to earth guy who likes to make hilarious comments. It’s a busy year for him creating “The Detour.”