Fred Armisen Wiki: Net Worth & Facts About Elisabeth Moss’s Ex Husband

Take look into Fred Armisen’s life. As the ex husband of Elisabeth Moss, he gets a bad wrap. But wait until you hear about his accomplishments.

Meet Actor Fred Armisen

Fred Armisen is an American actor, comedian, voice artist, among many other things. As a baby, Armisen lived with his family in New York, but briefly lived in Brazil for a period of time in his youth. Armisen attended the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, NY before he decided to drop out and pursue a career as a rock drummer. He had wanted to be a performer since he was a child. Armisen really got his start in the entertainment business by dabbing a little into music performance, hence his aspirations to be a rock drummer. In 1988, a couple years after his first band dissolved, he moved to Chicago to play drums for a punk rock band called Trenchmouth. In the 1990s, shortly after Trenchmouth, Armisen played background drums for the famous Blue Man Group. Armisen currently is the bandleader for the 8G Band, a house band for Late Night with Seth Meyers as of February 24, 2014.

Acting Roles


We’ll start with the obvious and most popular role. Armisen was a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 2002 to 2016! He played various comedic roles on SNL from Barack Obama to Prince, depending on the topic of the skit. This TV series has been on air since 1975 and continues to thrive on televisions worldwide. Many up and coming (and successful) actors make their way to SNL eventually to dabble in a comedic flare for the small screen, such as Fred Armisen.


“Finding Your Roots” was a TV series documentary with Henry Louis Gates Jr, which included many stars in the entertainment business portraying themselves within the documentary. Armisen was among many of those guest stars. His appearance in the documentary took place recently in the year of 2017. The documentary covers the discovery of the DNA/ancestry amongst today’s celebrities.


“Big Mouth” is a TV series that Armisen starred in that only began in 2017 and is still running. It is a voice animated cast, crediting Armisen’s work in voice acting. “Big Mouth” is essentially a coming of age series and has a focal point on teenage puberty. Armisen takes on the voice roles of multiple characters, including Elliott Birch, Ghost of Antonin Scalia, and a Bus Driver. The series is apparently doing extremely well despite the show being fairly blunt with the comings of teenage years, hence the titles of the episodes (i.e. “Ejaculation”, “Girls Are Horny Too”). It’s not surprising considering the show is indeed a mature adult comedy.

Ex Husband of Elisabeth Moss // Relationship with Elisabeth Moss

Fred Armisen has a bad wrap due to his crumbling marriage with Elisabeth Moss. As the ex-husband of “The Handmaid’s Tale” actress, he’s been through the ringer with the actress in only about a year’s time. He claims that he’s the kind of guy who wants things too fast and eventually ends up getting bored. Moss has claimed that the recent movie she starred in, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” mirrors her relationship/life with Armisen to an extent. The film is essentially about religious fundamentalists running a totalitarian society where women are a property of the state. Rumor has it that because Moss favored her religion (Scientology) almost as much as her marriage (if not more), Armisen simply could not get on with it and the relationship crumbled because she refused to rock that boat. Moss does not paint Armisen in a flattering light, in addition to many other women in the entertainment world.

Fred Armisen Awards

Similar to his entertainment counterparts in the business, he, too, has been recognized and awarded for his talents and efforts in the industry. A full list of his received awards can be viewed below: WGA Award for Best Comedy/Variety – (Including Talk) Series – Television
2013 · Portlandia Peabody Award Writers Guild of America Award for Television: Comedy/Variety – Sketch Series
2017 · Saturday Night Live In addition to receiving these awards, Fred Armisen also held the honor of hosting a Golden Globe Award Show at the beginning of 2017. The actor has yet to receive a Golden Globe himself!

Fred Armisen Net Worth

Fred Armisen’s net worth is estimated to be up to $8M! His estimated salary earnings in just 2016 add up to $2,030,000. It’s evident that despite his reputation in Hollywood, Armisen has clearly racked up his accomplishments accordingly to have a net worth that substantial!

Fun Facts About Fred Armisen

He directs music videos

After becoming interested in an obscure artist named El Perro del Mar and directing one of her videos, he was asked to direct/produce a music video for the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Breaking The Girl”. This developed a long line of music video production for Armisen.

He still continues pursuing his musical dreams

As mentioned previously, he is currently the bandleader for the 8G Band on Late Night with Seth Meyers. He’s kept with this position since leaving SNL back in the days.

He has Venezuelan, Japanese, and German roots

Contrary to what one might think, Armisen has a long family lineage of Venezuelan, Japanese, and German roots. His mother was born in Venezuela and his father was born in Germany to a Japanese father and German mother. Cool!

It’s no secret that despite Armisen’s reputation in the entertainment business, he’s made quite a name for himself otherwise. People love what he has to offer on a professional level and he’s been rightfully recognized and awarded for his efforts. If you can separate Armisen’s personal life from his professional life, it’s definitely recommended so one can enjoy the stylings of Fred Armisen whether you’re in the mood for a big band show or an adult TV series.