Jason Clarke Wiki: Everything To Know About The Australian Actor

There is a lot that is unknown about TV show and movie actor Jason Clarke. Here are the things you’ve always wanted to know about him.

The Early Life Of Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke is a popular figure when it comes to acting. He was born in Winton, Queensland, Australia, on 17 July, 1969. His childhood was spent in his hometown. He was brought up by his father, a well-known sheep shearer. Jason Clarke graduated from the prestigious University of Melbourne. He actually finished from the Arts College of the University in the year 1994. Even though he was brought up in Australia, Jason has not for once acted a part of being an Aussie in any of the American productions. A major interesting fact about Jason Clarke is that he was born on the same day Disneyland Park celebrated the 14th year anniversary of their existence. That is a real co-incidence!

Some Personal Details Of This Movie Actor

 Jason Clarke is 1.85m tall (i.e. 6 feet 2 inches)
 Talking about age, he is 48 years old.
 Jason Clarke’s estimated net worth is about 2 million dollars
 His relationship status as at now is single. He’s been able to keep this part of his life away from the public view
 His current weight is 74 kilos

Is Jason Clarke Married?

Even though this young, vibrant and handsome actor is a public figure, his relationship status has remained a personal thing. Whatever anyone says about him being married or having a girlfriend is at best, speculative. At 48, Jason seems to be enjoying life as a bachelor and it’s not sure yet if he’ll change his status soon. Rest, all depends on that one moment where one strikes a chord!

Career Of Jason Clarke, TV Show And Movie Actor

The career of Jason Clarke started a year after he graduated from Art College at the University of Melbourne. He is well-known as a movie and TV show actor. Jason Clarke has appeared in a countless number of TV shows. One of them, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, catapulted him to stardom. In most of the movies he has featured in, he acted majorly as the antagonist or rival. Some of those movies include Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Everest, Death Race, Public Enemies, The Chicago Code, Chappaquiddick, Terminator Genisys, Zero Dark Thirty, and many others. Jason Clarke acted and played different significant roles in different movies and TV shows. He has acted as a CIA interrogator in Zero Dark Thirty. He was the Detective in the TV show titled The Chicago Code. He has played the part of a terrorist as well. He was part of those nominated for the supporting actor in the year 2012.

Jason Clarke’s Roles In Movies And TV Shows

For Movies

Jason Clarke started featuring in movies in 1997 and he is still going strong. Presently, he is featuring in a film that will be out for production in 2018. Some of the roles he has performed from 1997 are:  Role of regular guy in Dilemma (1997)
 Young cop in Twilight (1998)
 Role of Frank in Praise (1998)
 The role of Darryl Ulrich in Death Race (2008)
 Red in Public Enemies (2009)
 He was Frank in Swerve (2011)
 He acted as Anatoly Brodsky in Child 44 (2014)
 Rob Hall in Everest (2015)
 Henry McAllan in Mudbound (2016)
 He was Ted Kennedy in Chappaquiddick (2017)
 He’s to be Eric Price in Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built (To be released February 2018)

For TV Shows

Jason Clarke has been part of many TV shows. He started appearing on TV shows since the year 1995. One of the movies he has appeared in is Blue Heelers. He was in Mercury as Nathan Cohan. Other movies are All Saints, Flat Chat, Murder Call, Head Start, Wildside, Stingers, The Outsider, The Bill, and Brotherhood and so on. Jason Clarke has been able to perform different kinds of roles in all these movies.

Jason Clarke Personal Quotes

Jason Clarke seems to be more than just an actor. His words are profound and will really get you thinking. Here are some of his words.

You need mystery. You actually do. I think that is what foreign women, French women, in particular, are good at. There is still a sense that you need to keep some of the unknown because that is where the soul resides or something.

Bottom Line

Jason Clarke remains a source of inspiration for both actors of his age and others of other professions. He’s got many social media followers, some of whom are looking up to him as their role model. Granted, how he ascended to relevance in the Hollywood may not be totally clear, but then his net worth, many appearances and excellent performances in movies portray him as a very hard-working man. In his own words “That is one of the challenges of acting. You cannot expect that you are going to be successful, but you have got to put your heart and everything you have into it. Look at a guy like Ian McKellen, who is eighty or whatever, and he just loves his work and you can see that in the work. That defines what type of actor you are. And what kind of people want to work with you. And whether you can do this job for a long time.” At his age, so much still lies in stock for him in the Hollywood industry, especially if he keeps his motivation high.