Erdenetuya Seagal Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Steven Seagal’s Wife

Erdenetuya Seagal is the beautiful wife of famous actor/activist Steven Seagal, here are some important facts about her life.

Erdenetuya Seagal & Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal is the famous American actor of the 90s whose known for his martial arts movies. Steven Seagal was born Steven Frederic Seagal on April 10, 1952 in Michigan. Steven Seagal shares Dutch, English, and German, Russian Jew, and Siberian heritage. Steven Seagal made a move to Japan in his early adult years where he learned a variety of martial arts practices to later return to America in 1974. Steven Seagal’s movie career began in 1987, and most of his movie roles would include positions as CIA, Special Forces or Black Ops. Steven Seagal is a Reserve Deputy Chief in the Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Sheriff’s Office and had a series about his role with the Sheriff’s Office that was later cancelled. Steven Seagal has many business ventures including his partnership with an organic company called “Young Living Essential Oils”. Through the ages, Steven Seagal has been married four times and has seven children, including his current marriage to Erdenetuya Seagal.

Steven Seagal’s Wife: Erdenetuya Seagal

Erdenetuya Seagal was born in Mongolia and met Steven Seagal in 2001. Erdenetuya Seagal was working as an interpreter for Steven Seagal while he visited Mongolia. Erdenetuya Seagal worked for Steven Seagal for five years and the two were later married in 2009. Erdenetuya Seagal and Steven Seagal have one son together.

Steven Seagal: Life on Instagram

In the age of technology, Steven Seagal has taken advantage of social platforms to stay in contact with his fans. Steven Seagal’s Instagram page is filled with pictures of his family, film scores, and photos of social outings. Steven Seagal shares many photos of his outings with his wife Erdenetuya Seagal on Instagram.

Five Facts about Erdenetuya Seagal

Fact One: Erdenetuya Seagal is better known as “Elle”. Fact Two: Erdenetuya Seagal was a professional dancer. Fact Three: Erdenetuya Seagal was an interpreter helping Steven Seagal raise money for his movie “Genghis Khan”. Fact Four: Erdenetuya Seagal has two children from her prior marriage to Miyako Fujitani. Fact Five: Erdenetuya Seagal excels in ballroom dancing.

The Future of The Seagals

Steven Seagal has made a name for himself in Hollywood and has created a grand net worth of films. Over the years, Steven Seagal accumulated a personal net worth of $22M from his movies, television appears, and other business ventures. As Steven Seagal continues to work on future projects, he will only increase the net worth of his family. As Steven Seagal and wife Erdenetuya Seagal continue to enjoy their lives together, the continue to make impacts on the international world and in Hollywood.