Alasdhair Willis Wiki: Net Worth, Instagram, Job & Facts About Stella McCartney’s Husband

Alasdhair Willis is the husband of famous fashion designer Stella McCartney. Here’s everything you need to know about him, including his job, net worth & more.

Alasdhair Willis Wiki: Net Worth, Instagram and More

Top Facts About Stella McCartney’s Husband

Alasdhair Willis is a forty-seven year old creative director, currently working for the shoe brand Hunter. He’s an extremely creative man, with a very specific vision and the determination to see that vision through. Despite his age he knows the value of social media and how the internet has changed the way people consume things, everything from fashion to literature. Willis is most well-known for being the husband of Stella McCartney, but he’s a success in his own right. In this article you’ll find everything you need to know about Willis, who is a brilliant mind and business extraordinaire.

Falling for Stella

Willis and McCartney’s love story is a perfect example of mixing business with pleasure. The two met through work, when Willis came in as a consultant to help her with a new business venture. They had a breakfast meeting together and the rest is history. Willis took a leap of faith and called McCartney that afternoon, a risk he wouldn’t usually take with a client, but it absolutely paid off. In 2003, Willis married McCartney at the Mount Stuart House on the east coast of the Isle of Bute. McCartney wore an updated version of her mother’s wedding dress during the ceremony, as a way of honoring her memory and having her there. Willis calls McCartney his best friend and biggest supporter; the couple consistently cheers one another on, no matter what they’re doing. Willis was front and center at every one of McCartney’s catwalk shows during Fashion Week, and when Willis’ brand starting appearing in them, she gladly returned the favor. Their bond is built on mutual love and respect, making them a pair other couples should aspire to be. From their first meeting to their wedding, Willis and McCartney are the ultimate couple goal.


Building the Brand

Willis’ biggest job yet has been his work with Hunter and he’s loving every second of it. When he started working with Hunter his goal was clear; bring the classic Wellington boot into the 21st century and give a modern spin to an old brand. Willis gladly took on the challenge and so far he’s passed with flying colors. Willis has succeeded in transforming the 160 year old brand into a fashion powerhouse. While keeping the spirit of the brand fully intact, Willis was able to give people something innovative and unique that they weren’t expecting.

What really sets Willis apart from the rest is his knowledge of business, Hunter isn’t only for the fashion world. Willis recognizes the way things are consumed in this day and age, and took advantage of sites like Instagram to really get his products out there and push the brand to the next level. Willis believes exploration is key, and that finding new ways to make fashion shows accessible, whether it’s by streaming live or something else entirely, is the key to creating something more. Willis wants to reach a broader audience, he wants to extend Hunter to more than just the fashion world, and since he’s been working as creative direction he’s been able to accomplish just that.

Best Dressed

With his wife being a successful fashion designer and his own career, it’s no surprise that Willis is often thought to be one of the best dressed men in the United Kingdom. His confidence paired with his ability to pull off just about anything makes him a style icon for men of all ages. In 2015 Willis was named one of GQ’s 50 best dressed British men. His reputation of being a sharp dressed men in all kinds of weather is what led to his job at Hunter. They knew there was no one better to take on the task of bringing the iconic Wellington boot into the new age and making it a must-have item in everyone’s wardrobe.

Children and Family

When he’s not taking over the world of fashion, Willis is a dedicated father and husband. Together Willis and McCartney brought four beautiful children into the world; two boys and two girls. Their children, Miller Alasdhair James Willis, Beckett Robert Lee Willis, Bailey Linda Olwyn Willis and Reiley Dilys Stella Willis, are the apples of their eyes. Like McCartney was raised, she and Willis are trying to give their children normal childhoods. It’s not easy to live an average life when your parents are superstars in the fashion world, but Willis and McCartney don’t want their kids to miss out on a normal upbringing or be exposed to a celebrity life at a young age.

Willis: A Rising Star

With the last name McCartney his wife is bound to overshadow him, but Willis is on his way to becoming a household name himself. In the United Kingdom, especially London, Alasdhair Willis is already a recognized name, synonymous with style, class and elegance – it’s only a matter of time before it’s known worldwide. Willis’ hardwork, passion and incredible talent is something to envy, and if you don’t know his name now, you will soon.